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About Me


Here is some details About Me

My name is Sabir Ali Shahid from Pakistan. I am a graduate and specialist in Islamic Studies. I am a X service man. I do a small business of marketing.

Online job

For the long time I am doing some jobs online. Specially I love blogging. Since from 2008 I am working online on Google Adsense. Now a days, I am working my new blog. The subject of my blog is Diabetes and common health. In the recent time many people are suffering from Diabetes. This a very important issue for human health in the life. In the third word countries majority of the peoples do not have sufficient knowledge about Diabetes. What are the real causes and symptoms of diabetes. How to prevent from diabetes,s complications.

About My Site

On this issue I am collecting materiel on this subject. After collecting the enough materiel I started my blog. I think many people like to know about Diabetes and health information, so I decided to put these information on line. For this purpose, I decided to make a website. In this website I am going to put all these information to educate the people and give knowledge.To creating my I blog I tried my best.My blog is in your hands.

I hope you will find this blog amazing and useful.

To improvement my blog, I will be very thanks full for any good suggestion.

I have mentioned details About Me