Acidity, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is acidity?

When we eat any foods such as meals fruits or any foods such as fast foods etc. So this food goes into the stomach and goes through the process of digestion. In normal process when the foods digested properly, we feel good. On the contrary, when the foods do not Properly digested, then we feel heartburning and gas in the stomach, due to stomach disruption.

Due to excess gastric production the acidity in the stomach increases the foods do not digest properly and remains extra time in the stomach, therefore, the stomach fills by gas, we can called this situation acidity or gastro paresis.

Acidity, Causes, symptoms and Treatment
Acidity, Causes, symptoms and Treatment

Our body produces a acid called hydrochloric acid, who is responsible to complete the digestive system. This type of acid breaks down the food in the stomach. A gastric gland in our stomach produces the hydrochloric acid.

When the acidity occur in the stomach

Due to some habits and causes such as stress, alcohol, dehydration and any food habits, the gland produces the acid in excess quantity, so then the acidity occur and our stomach fills with gas. In the medical terminology it called acid reflux, who develop sickness in the stomach. Duty of stomach is to to help digest the food we eat. The hydrochloric acid helps to digest the foods in the stomach.

The acid in the stomach secreted by the lining of the stomach. The nervous system and hormones of the body control this secretion. This is the reason, whenever, any destruction develop in the nervous system the amount of acidity increase in the stomach. Furthermore, any unpleasant situation develop in the body the the stomach start to produce extra amount of acid.

What are the symptoms of acidity ?

Symptoms of Acidity

The nature has make the stomach with all its components a great thing with a good design and lining to withstand a high acidic environment. It is consider that all things who go into the stomach can be digested if the stomach work properly. But the oesophagus (upper part of stomach) can’t tolerate the so much amount of acidity condition, which can develops the heartburning and sensation in the chest, in case of, when the pH levels drop below to 4.

General symptoms of acidity include:-

Chest pain
Sour taste in the mouth
Burning sensation in the mouth and stomach
Feel of a presence of a lump in the throat
Indigestion and frequent hiccups or burps
Sometime Vomiting
Bad breathe

In case of acidity occur at night it may raise symptoms such as:-

Worsen asthma
Trouble in sleeping
Body pain

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