Basic principals of weight loss

10 Sensible Weight-Loss Tips

Obesity and being over weight are not a good things. every obese person wants to get rid of obesity. To get rid of obesity it is necessary to know the basic principals of weight loss.

The persons with obesity and overweight, usually try various diets to weight loss like Fad diets but it is observed that Fad diets don’t work. this Fad diets do not work properly, and furthermore, but are often unhealthy, so why are going behind this unhealthy diets. After careful consideration of weight loss and proper diet, I have chosen 8 key points that will definitely be useful in weight loss.

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Basic principals of weight loss are follow :-

1-Drink More Water

Drinking a lot of water is one of the Basic principals of weight loss

In today’s modern world most people are fond of soda and sugary juices – these drinks are definitely a cause of obesity due to their high calorie content. The way to lose weight is to replace sugary juices and soda with water when you feel thirsty. This is a good idea. Excessive consumption of soda and juices causes the increase the excess calories in the body. Research has shown that people provide more calories through drinks than food.

2-Reduce or Eliminate White Food

Some foods are high in starch, such as potatoes, white bread and white rice. The human body metabolizes these foods faster than pure sugar. after being process of calories, too many calories are produced in the body which leads to obesity. To avoid the obesity and being overweight, obese persons must avoid these foods. Instead of these starchy foods, the healthy foods must choose, like wheat bread, red rice and fibric foods. Have a Smoothie for Dessert.

What is smoothie?
Smoothie is a synthetic beverage made from pureed raw fruit, vegetables, blended. Sometimes milk mixed in them. Smoothie is a liquid base beverage such as dairy products, fruit juice, yogurt, ice cream etc.

People like these beverage and it is a good delicious way to satisfy the sweet things hunger. While it is neither high in fat nor high in calories. It is a typical desserts. This is very easy to make it, just pour some milk or ice in the blender and add any your favorite thing like yogurt, raw fruit or fruit pulp, blend it and now the beverage is ready. we can variate the beverage as our choice. This is not only a healthy and fat free but also very tasty and nutrient food. We can make the Smoothie thick or thin according our choice.

3-Keep Balance In Quantity and Calories

Some times, the food quantity is too much but calories index is low as such in Yogurt, Sometimes, happens opposite it. People keep the food quantity same every day, Whether the food is low in calories or high. We have to think about calories quantity not about food quantity. Our food should not burn too many calories. So we have to avoid the food that contains the calories ratio on high.

To keep yourself fit, follow the calories and food ratio. 1st look at the nutrition facts label then divide the calories by the grams per serving. in result, if the calories quantity is less than 1 then it is ok, in the case of there the number is greater than 2 not ok. You should avoid to eat it or choose a small portion.

Note that the foods who are rich in fiber must be your choice and a lot of water because the water is calorie free and best option.

4-Know About Fats

There are three general kinds of Fats.

  • saturated
  • Unsaturated
  • Trans

Unsaturated fats are good fats and foods containing Unsaturated fats are healthy foods. Examples of Unsaturated fats are as nuts and olive oil. We must include Unsaturated fats in our foods. In case of there calories contents become too much, so there reduce its uses
Saturated fats are bad, and we should avoid foods who are containing saturated fats, or take in less quantity.

According to the nutrient the trans fats are the worst. Examples of trans fats are as Frozen pizza, refrigerated dough and fried foods. Every person must avoid to the trans fats. As we dislike the plague, we must hate the trans fat.

partially-hydrogenated foods are trans foods, must avoid these foods who are mixed with hydrogen. We must purchase brands from market which do not use partially-hydrogenated oils.

5-Daily exercise or Walk Routine

Daily exercise or walk is another principal of the Basic principals of weight loss.

It is agreed that daily exercise is beneficial for health and Essential for weight loss. Every person who wish to live fit, he must be accustomed of exercise or morning walk at least. All the physical adviser agreed that minimum walk of 1 mile daily can burn the extra calories of the body, The same benefits can be reaped from jogging.

Usually, during walking the heart rate does not goes up while in jogging it can happen. Every healthy person can do the daily morning walk. Where the morning walk is beneficial where it is more enjoyable Hobby. No need to think about any special kind of exercise, because you can do exercise even you can build up to more strenuous exercise.

6-Continue physical Activities

To remain ever fit, the physical activities are essential. People who do not keep interest in physical activities, they become obese. The persons, who work in the offices and keep sitting at their desks for hours at a time, they can gain extra weight, although, they continue exercise regularly. Sitting in one place for long periods of time or in the same position for long time is a detrimental effect on your body. Persons must keep walk around and Keep moving the arms and legs like an exercise, in case of sitting typically for long time due to work.

Beware that persons must not stay in chair or any where, in same position for long time.

7-Know About the Calorie Formula

If we burn as many calories as we get through food, then our weight will be correct and appropriate. We have to burn more calories than we get calories through foods, to lose the weight. If a person get 3000 calories in a day through foods and burn less quantity of calories, he will gain weight. burning all the calories, that’s a tough number. Even if you burn 1000 calories successfully, every day, then you also need more three and a half days to consume remaining calories to lose a single pound.

If a person wish to lose his extra weight, he should set a goal to lose minimum one pound per week, then he can lose his weight about 20 pounds, in six months and about 40 pounds, in a year, only by consuming his extra calories. To lose weight Know About the Calorie Formula is essential. At that rate, any person can lose his extra weight in require time, it is not a small feat. But we can’t get any satisfaction instantly, because human body doesn’t work like this that way. So we can get correct result by storing and conserving calories. It is better way us anyhow

These are the best principals of weight loss and body fitness Don’t hesitate to follow these instructions. Following these instructions, every person will go on a track who lead to healthy and consistent weight-loss. After become fit, every person will feel better, look better and live happy life with healthy body and body weight.

8-Portion Control

As we have mentioned above portion control plays a key role in the proper diet. Sometimes, the host presents the big portion of the foods and due to good taste, all the food portion had finished. In fact, the body has a trigger mechanism that signals to the brain that its stomach is full, this happens when the food about to finish or near to finish. Then he decides to finish the meal. Sometimes, the person neither know when his stomach is full nor he know when he had to finish the meal, so he continues to eat till portion end. That is the reason that smaller portions of foods should present in front of persons in result the person will eat small portion of meal.

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