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Carrot ( Carrot and Diabetes)

Carrot and Diabetes

Carrot and diabetes

Carrot is a famous vegetable. This is a fibrous and a low Glycemic Index vegetable. It is not only useful in common condition but in diabetes. In this article we will mention carrot and diabetes.

Carrot ( Carrot and Diabetes)

There are about twelve types of diabetes. Although the causes and symptoms are different, but one thing is common that the persons having diabetes must avoid much sugar and sweet products. He should keep low carbs foods in his daily diet. Low carbs vegetables and fruits is a good diet for diabetic persons. Diet contain carbs, low carbohydrate, vitamins and low fat is an ideal diet.

The diabetes specialists advice to diabetic persons to strictly avoid to refined foods and all types of sweet. The foods contain too much carbs, having metabolize too fast, this process pushes the blood sugar high. Foods who are rich in carbs, sweet and fats, are harmful for health. Further, soft drinks and other sweetly drinks having a high rate of calories also create Damage to the diabetic persons.

The vegetables, fruits and foods having lake of fiber and liquid calories, make it worse to manage your sugar levels. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and low in GIycemic Index are good for diabetic persons.

There is a Scale to measure the carbohydrate in foods called Glycemic Index (GI). The foods having low carbs with low Glycemic Index (GI) (55 or less) are good for diabetic persons. These foods digest and absorb slowly. Due to these reasons and having a low glycemic index the blood sugar level rise very slowly. Various vegetables and fruits have different glycemic index. The fruits and vegetables contain a lot of Carbohydrates, having glycemic index more than 70 can cause of the increase of blood glucose levels.

The diabetic persons must include the foods in their daily meals who have low glycemic index.

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Carrot and Diabetes


A food is good for diabetes or bad, it depends on numeration of food. What the rate of carbohydrates and calories it has and its what is its Glycemic Index. Food who is low in carbohydrates and calories and naturally rich in nutrients with healthy fats in moderation is ideal for a person with diabetes.

As the carrot is concern the carrot, per cup of raw carrot only 50 calories, contain but on the other hand carrot provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, including potassium and vitamins A, C and K. Carrot is one of those vegetables who have low glycemic index and also low in carbohydrates. Due to low carbs and glycemic index, after meals, it does not cause to spike the blood glucose level.

How much Carbohydrate the carrot contain ?

A cup of rawsliced carrots11.7 grams of carbohydrates
A cup of boiled and drainedsliced carrots11.7 grams of carbohydrates
A cup of cannedsliced carrots8.1 grams

According the diabetics a diabetic person can take 45 to 60 grams carbohydrates in whole day in three serving, its mean 15 grams in each serving, making carrots a good option for those watching their carbohydrate intake, because on the contrary, the carrot does not have too much calories.

Glycemic Index

Some types of the foods raise the blood sugar level rapidly and some foods effect on sugar level very whereas some foods are an effective less on blood sugar level. As example, sweets, mango and pizza, etc raises the blood sugar level and apple, orange and vegetables put effects on blood sugar level very slowly, whereas the cucumber, egg and tomato etc, are effected less on the blood sugar level. Last two groups have A low Glycemic Index. Carrot is one of those foods who effects on blood sugar level very less because carrot has low Glycemic Index.

There is a Scale to measure the carbohydrate in foods called Glycemic Index (GI). The foods having low carbs with low Glycemic Index (GI) (55 or less) are good for diabetic persons. These foods digest and absorb slowly. Due to these reasons and having a low glycemic index the blood sugar level rise very slowly. Glycemic index of carrot is very low about 16 to 49. Glycemic index in carrot depends on how they are prepared.

Glycemic Load

How we can know the glycemic load of any fruit and vegetable ? Multiply the quantity of grams of carbohydrates in fruits and glycemic index and divide the total by 100, it will be the glycemic load.

How much glycemic load is not high. It is considered that under 10 is not high, but it is a low glycemic load. The Glycemic load of carrot is 1 to 2. Because this glycemic load is low, so the carrot has very little effect on blood sugar level.

To keep the blood sugar level control, understanding of glycemic load is essential. To know the correct effects of foods on blood sugar level the glycemic load is a perfect scale. Because glycemic load it is relational to both glycemic index and amount of carbohydrate in foods. Before preparing the meals we have to know very well glycemic load to keep blood sugar level normal. Some foods are low in carbohydrate but having a high rate of glycemic index. These foods can develop much effects on blood sugar level to rise high.

Carrots For Diabetes

How Eating the carrot can help manage blood sugar levels and does not cause rise the blood sugar level. Diet having the lowest rate of calories and carbohydrate but naturally rich in nutrients is good for diabetic persons. Diets having healthy fats and rich in extra carbs are ideal for a person with diabetes.

Toss them in salads, blend them in smoothies or use them in soups, there is something about carrots that always wins our hearts. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and lycopene. They are excellent to boost eye sight. Carrots are filled with fibers that help promote digestion and weight loss. Carrot is rich in silicon who is useful for healthy skin and nails.

In normal condition, the blood glucose level remains normal in the body, but a person suffers from diabetes, then his blood glucose level remains high whereas this condition is abnormal. It has been emphasized time and again, that your diet plays a crucial role in diabetes management and can prevent it from getting any worse.

Carrot Nutrition Facts

Carrots have a low glycemic index of 41
There is very low rate of carbohydrate in carrot and is high in fiber.

fiber2.3 g
total carbs6.41 g
net carbs4.11 g

As the calories is concern the carrot is low in calories at just 27 calories per medium carrot and fat free.

Carrots have loads of valuable vitamins and minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants and polyphenols

CARROTS (1 medium raw, 61 g)

Nutrition Facts

Calories 25 g
Total Fat 0.15 g
Sat Fat0.071 g
Poly 0.009 g
Mono 5.84 g
Total Carbs 1.7 g
Fiber  4.14 g
Net Carbs 4.14 g
Proteins 0.57 g


Calcium20 mg
Iron0.18 mg
Magnesium7 mg
Phosphorus 21 mg
Potassium 195 mg


Hiamin  0.040 mg
Riboflavin  0.035 mg
Niacin  0.600 mg
Folate  12 ug
Vit B 12  0 mg
Vit A   10191 mg
Vit E  0.40 mg
Vit D  0 IU
Vit k  8.1 UG
Vit C  3.6 mg
Vit B 6  0.084 mg

As you can see, the nutrition info doesn’t change all that much for the same quantity.

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