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Cinnamon And Diabetes

Cinnamon / Cinnamon is Good choice in Diabetes Mellitus

Cinnamon is Good choice in Diabetes Mellitus

Cinnamon is a famous herb. This herb not only used in meals but also used for medical purpose. This herb is very useful. Here we mention about cinnamon-and-diabetes. We can use it in different methods like Cinnamon tea, as spice, in herbal medicines and Allopathic Medicine.

Cinnamon as Herbal Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

With the time being, we suffer from many problems and we have to face them, but beneath all these circumstances, the heaven provides solutions of that problems. These problems and their solutions it is a heaven,s favor, but the people are unable to understand these secrets of heaven on the earth. Our ancestors had done great struggles to resolve the people,s problems of health and discovered the healing powers of all things such as plants and chemicals around us by many experiments. For the hundred of years, people are using cinnamon to treat the many diseases.

The herbal specialist say that the cinnamon tree oil is an antioxidant, immunity-boosting and antioxidant properties. There are too much benefits of Cinnamon for medical treatment purpose. According to the medical specialists, it not only can provide prevention against heart disease and also cancer but also help to prevent suffering from type 2 diabetes if start in pre-diabetes condition.

Cinnamon and Diabetes

There are too much benefits of Cinnamon in diabetes. It has special anti-diabetic effect who develops ability in patient to lower the blood sugar levels. Special Property of Cinnamon is to increase the insulin sensitivity which play vital role to keeping the blood glucose level normal.

Cinnamon herb has a vital power against alanines, it prevent it to develop bad effects on health. To the herbal specialist, the Cinnamon can play vital role to prevent the enzyme named alanines.

What is the alanines and its bad effect ? These are type of amino acid and their role is to help the glucose to absorb in the blood.

For this reason, according to the experts, that people with type 2 diabetes can experience positive effects on blood sugar levels by taking cinnamon crude or extract supplements that is available in the market and food stores.

In addition, the herb specialists say that cinnamon is not only useful to combat heart disease, but also good source to lowering the LDL cholesterol and also a protection for persons who are in pre-diabetes condition or at risk for diabetes developing.

What Does the Research Say?

According to a nutritionist, Paul Davis, he says that cinnamon helps to low the blood glucose level in pre-diabetes and diabetes, specially, for those persons, who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Journal of Medicinal Food, published a research in his meta-analysis, which combined the results of several scientific studies. In this report Davis wrote that cinnamon can lower fasting blood sugar level 3 to 5 percent.

Further, he added that people don’t focus only on those people who are suffering from diabetes and they are 25% American but also think about remaining 75 percent who can suffer. According to him, In USA, every 4th person having fasting high blood glucose level.

How Much Should You Take?

How much quantity of cinnamon dose must take to lower the blood sugar level?

Quantity of cinnamon dose is not clear. Cinnamon dose depends on situation. In initial stage its dose should be small. Small dose does not harm the individual. later according to te need quantity can increase. Some herbalist say that cinnamon dose though big does not develop any side effects on individual. Many herbalist believe that using cinnamon in controlled doses is better.

Just 1 mg a day could help to give you an idea of how much that is, half a teaspoon would contain about 3 mg of the spice. You could sprinkle it over your cereal or toast, add to you morning beverage or stir it into your hot oats. A product “Cinnamon tea” available in the general stores, is useful for respiratory system.

You can purchase the cinnamon tea in many flavors. There is another option to take cinnamon. make the powder of cinnamon in grinder and fill it capsules. You can use the cinnamon in oil form in foods.

Could Taking Cinnamon Actually Be Dangerous?

Beside the many benefits of cinnamon, it has some bad issues. It is observed that some people allergic to cinnamon, they can feel mouth or throat burns or sores after use. Further, it may can little dangerous taking its spoonful powder directly by mouth.

In the modern time, Many people like to take cinnamon powder, but it can create problems for their safety, because taking spices in dry powder form can cause throat problem. It can block the throat, especially if a clump forms.

There is also a risk of consuming too much cinnamon, causing issues with the liver, Although cinnamon is beneficial to keeping the blood sugar normal but to avoid any further complication the individual should consult with the doctor to manage health.

Any person start taking cinnamon or increase the size of dose, he must check the self condition. In case of developing any complication or appearing new symptoms, he must stop taking the cinnamon or other spice. In this case, consult the doctor. The doctor will examine and advise further to take cinnamon.

Do not stop taking your prescribed medication in favor of cinnamon. If someone does not feel any changing in the blood glucose level with taking the cinnamon as medicine, so no need to stop cinnamon and he can enjoy the spices, its aromatic and can continue in foods.

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