Cloves Benefits For Acidity

Cloves good for acidity

Cloves are useful to release acidity and heartburn symptoms, due to carminative effect that increases hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This acid not only provides relief from acidity but also helps aiding digestion. In case of heartburn or acidity, any time, 3 to 5 cloves keep in the mouth and chew them until the juice is released into your digestive tract. It is a home herb treatment to get rid of acidity. In this article, we will mention about Cloves Benefits For Acidity.

Cloves Benefits For Acidity
Cloves Benefits For Acidity

Whenever, any person feel illness, he think about some medicine to get cure or relief from that illness. Some people go to doctor to get treatment to get relief from illness or any other problem. Some person consult to the herb specialist to get herbal treatment. There are many herbal who can provide relief from problems who are already present in our home. Where the acidity is concern, there are many herbs or spices in our home who are useful and beneficial to provide relief to us and cloves is one of them. Cloves is the herb who can provide instant relief from many types of pain and acidity as well.

Symptoms of acidity

There are some following symptoms of acidity

Burning sensation in the throat and heart


Burning sensation in the stomach

Prolonged sour taste in the mouth

Bad breath




Acidic Condition And Feeling

When your body is high in acid. In this case, the burning sensation starts from stomach to the chest, it is called acidity. Whenever, the acidity develop in the stomach, it create severe discomfort and also make the person uncomfortable.

During this time, the patient feels a little restless. Some of the main causes of acidity include spicy foods, lack of physical exercise, excessive tea drinking and stress. In the acidity ,mostly the anticids are suggested to get relief. But it is observed that antacids may be helpful in some cases tamprary relief but mstly this antisids drugs do not provide relief well for the patient.

Clove is a traditional spice that is found in every kitchen, clove is used as an important ingredient in the cuisine of all Asian countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, East Africa and India.

Clove Health Benefits

Clove is mainly known to treat a number of health problems such as headaches, cancer, diabetes, bone pain and colds. It also helps boost the immune system, protects the liver and protects bones. Improves strength. Clove is widely used as an antiseptic for oral hygiene as well as for the treatment of bad breath.
From the long time, the people are using cloves to treat acidity and to prevent flatulence. Additional natural properties in cloves improve saliva production, in digestion.

Clove helps in relieving swelling and abdominal pain. Therefore, the cloves provide relief from heartburn, acidity and indigestion.

Clove has alkaline and carcinogenic properties that help prevent the effects of excess acid produced in the stomach and stomach.

How To Take Cloves

You cut the cloves and then put it in your mouth for a while.

By doing and chewing so will slowly release the clove juice and when it enters the stomach it will immediately reduce the flow of acid and give you some relief, you can eat to reduce the discomfort caused by acid you can also chew a piece of clove.

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