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Double Diabetes

Double Diabetes

Sometimes both typesof diabetes develop in a person then declared Double Diabetes. Symptoms of both types appear in the patient. In this situation, it is very difficult to diagnose diabetes type to continue treatment.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

What Is Double Diabetes?

In this article we will discuss about diabetes double.

In the simpler words when symptoms of both diabetes type 1 and type 2 developed in any person called Double Diabetes or hybrid diabetes. Generally, Diabetes type 1 is referring to children while Diabetes, type 2 is referred to adult and old age. Sometimes both types develop in a person then declared Double Diabetes. Double diabetics experience symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes., so this makes it difficult to diagnose and treat the disease.

How is this possible? 

The symptoms of diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are same. We cannot recognize the type of diabetes of symptoms, but the causes of diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are different.

Symptoms of Diabetes type 2 appear generally in old age after 45 years of the age, whereas the symptoms of diabetes type 1 appear in childhood or teenage.

In the diabetes type 2 the pancreas produces insulin, but insufficient, whereas in diabetes type 1 pancreas does not produce insulin and the patient depends on insulin.

Due to body immune system’s attack on the beta cells of the pancreas, in the diabetes type 1, the pancreas stops to produce insulin.

There is another difference between type 1 and type 2 that is a condition. In diabetes type 2 the individual usually is overweight, while in diabetes type 1 there is no condition of obesity.

Double Diabetes in Children

A child or teenager with diabetes type 1 and later on after some years becomes obese and develops the basic feature of diabetes type 2 and obesity, the body becomes resistant to insulin. The patient depends on insulin, but the insulin does not utilize the glucose properly and the body becomes resistant to insulin. Its mean the individual has both, the conditions, of diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Diabetes type, 1 with obesity and diabetes type 2 in the childhood or in the teenage, it is called Double Diabetes.

A person with diabetes type 2 diagnosed and taking medicine of diabetes type 2. His pancreas producing insufficient insulin and he depends on medication. For treatment individual continuing medication, sudden some changes develop in the body and due to any unknown cause, immune system attacks on pancreas or due to heredity, any cardinal features of diabetes type 1 appear in the individual. His pancreas stopped to producing insulin and individual has to depend on insulin, this also condition called Double Diabetes.

Difference Between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2

It is observed that a lot of people having diabetes type 1 are also developing features diabetes type 2. After type 1, suffering from type 2 diabetes, Most often, it occurs where the diabetes family history is present. Symptoms diabetes 2 usually appear in people who are overweight, obese and inactive.

A few obese youths with type 2 diabetes have evidence of islet cell autoimmunity with autoantibodies toward ß-cells typical of type 1 diabetes defining what is called “double diabetes” (DD).

The inexorably “obesogenic” condition that favors insulin resistance could represent the advancement of islet cell autoimmunity through various systems. Along these lines, arising the extra weight trend appears to have a job (in relationship with another ecological components) in the expanding rate and the changing phenotype of type 1 diabetes in youth.

Obesity in children and double diabetes

Obesity is a big health problem for human life. It is a main cause for many diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.

Diabetes in children, There many factors to develop diabetes in children. The obesity is a common, special reason and quite health challenge of the modern age. Due to luxury lifestyle, market foods and less physical activities, the great number of children is overweight and obese.

The world is in great health problems, all over the world, big number of children and teenager,s is suffering from many diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

What are the reasons of obesity in the children?

Elements of obesity in children:-

Sugary beverages 
Snack foods
Portion size
Environmental factors
Family factors
Basal metabolic
Lack of physical activities

Rates of childhood obesity have increased greatly for the last 20 years Currently, It is estimated that about 10% of children all over the world are obese

In some areas of the world the obesity in children is in large scale and in the other areas this trend is increasing.

It is observed that the majority of persons suffering from diabetes are overweight or obese, great relation between obesity and diabetes. The obesity and diabetes are concerned, this is one of the main cause of diabetes.

A child with type 1 diabetes becomes overweight and obese later than due to obesity or genetic factor sometimes the basic features of diabetes type 2 developed in the child, the body becomes resistant to insulin, this condition, called diabetes double

According the accelerator hypothesis theory

There are two accelerators of ß-cell loss

As the cause of double diabetes is concerned, the causes of double diabetes are still unknown completely. It is a very complicated matter. There is a new theory, called Accelerator Hypothesis Theory to explain about weight gain, the cause of double diabetes. According the accelerator hypothesis theory there are two accelerators of ß-cell loss.

1 – Insulin resistance 

Insulin resistance with weight gain, this condition accelerates the apoptosis of beta-cells of the pancreas. By this insulin resistance the proper utilization of insulin become very hard metabolically and renders them more immunologic.

2-  Hierarchy of responsive genes 

Hierarchy of responsive genes is second accelerating, these genes put effects on beta-cells of the pancreas and in the reaction of that effects, reactivity modulates the gradient of ß-cell declining function.

In insulin resistance the body cannot utilize the insulin properly, whereas the body demands further insulin to keep the sugar level normal. Insulin resistance puts force on beta-cells to produces the extra insulin by keeping the beta-cells under pressure.

Being beta-cells under force for the long time the beta-cells become damage. This damaged happens when the body’s immune system cells attack other cells), which can lead to these cells being destroyed and to the development of type 1 diabetes, especially in persons whose are already genetically at risk.

In the insulin resistance condition, insulin resistance develops pressure on pancreas beta cells to produce extra insulin to fulfill the need. In the reaction, Stressed beta cells may can damage due to body’s immune system attack on pancreas cells and other body cells. Because of this pancreas cells damage, the development of type 1 diabetes starts with the people who are at risk of diabetes genetically.

According this theory weight gain can increase the risk of diabetes type 1 in persons who continuously keep the more healthy, fat and unbalance diet in further life and their body weight is going up instead of a reduction.

Both factors, insulin resistance and obesity can explain, why the total number of persons having diabetes type 1, is increasing. It is possible that excess weight can push the immune system to destroy the beta-cells and pancreas stopped to producing any insulin.

Causes of Double Diabetes

The scientists still unable to know the complete causes of double diabetes. Only one main cause that we have to certainly discover, it is excessive weight gaining. All specialists are agree that weight gain is the main causes of insulin resistance and it is only reason who develop the type 2 diabetes in persons having diabetes type 1. Now they are patient of diabetes double.

There are two developments may can be causes of double diabetes:

1- Obesity with diabetes type 1

An individual suffering diabetes type 1 and totally depend on insulin. During this condition his body begins gaining weight. Gaining weight by any reason his body may become resistant to insulin and with this resistant the pancreas is unable to produce any insulin. Although the individual is getting insulin injections, but due to insulin resistance the glucose is not being utilized properly.

This resistance is a cause of diabetes type 2. So due to development this symptom of diabetes type 2 the individual then develops double diabetes. In this condition individual has to take any medication alongside insulin injections, in order to control blood glucose levels.

2 – Genetics

First, we will look the condition of the child, is he obese or not and what features he collected from parent. In case of obesity, the child can be at the risk of insulin resistance, otherwise, we will consider other genetic tendency from parents. Being obese and much overweight will determine his type of diabetes, and condition of insulin resistant is moderate or severe. In case of double diabetes, due to Genetics tendency, what is the degree of insulin resistance, it will depend on a person’s degree of insulin resistance.

Since double diabetes is a new discovery, we don’t know exactly how many children it has, the exact criteria for diagnosing it, or how best to treat it.

It is fact that gene mutation is a basic factor of diabetes. Any person is gaining excessive weight, and having a family history of diabetes type 2, he is more at risk of developing insulin resistance, (diabetes type 2 ). Besides the family diabetic history, the diabetic racial and ethnic background also more likely to develop both type 1 and 2.

3 – Pancreas damage with diabetes type 2

An individual suffering diabetes type 2 and taking any kind of medicine to control the blood glucose level. In this condition his immune system’s attack on the beta cells of the pancreas and antibodies develop in the body and pancreas stops to produce insulin. 

In this development of antibodies, and the immune system’s attack and pancreas’s inability to produce insulin is a cause of diabetes type 1. So due to pancreas’s inability to produce insulin and appearing the symptoms of diabetes type 1 in the individual, double diabetes develops in the individual.

4- Family History

Family History of Diabetes type 1 or type 2 is another cause of double diabetes. An individual suffering from diabetes type 1 and depends on insulin totally but later on any symptom of diabetes type 2 appeared in him. There are many factors to develop symptoms of diabetes type 2 in him. Family diabetic history is one of that factors. There is great risk of suffering diabetes type 2 for individual suffering diabetes type 1 due to having family history of diabetes type 2.

On the other side, if any individual suffering from diabetes type 2 and taking medicine to control the blood sugar level, but later on due to immune system attack on pancreas or virus attack the pancreas stopped to produce insulin. 

Sometimes, due to family history of diabetes type 1 the symptoms of diabetes type 1 appeared in individual with diabetes type 2. 

Symptoms of double diabetes

Special symptoms related to double diabetes

1-  Weight gaining 

Obesity is a main cause and symptom of diabetes type 2 but in diabetes type 1 obesity is not important. In other words, in diabetes type 1 the obesity is not a condition, patient of diabetes type 1 is usually thin in childhood or teenage.

If any individual with type 1 started to gaining weight and his blood sugar level not controlling with insulin injections then it is an important point and individual may can suffer double diabetes. The doctor will examine and advice for some further blood test to investigate other condition like double diabetes.
So, the weight gaining with diabetes type 1 is an important symptom of double diabetes.

2- Medication affect less

Individual with diabetes type 2 depends on medicine to control the blood sugar level or to utilize the insulin properly in the body. If the patient feels that the blood sugar level does not remaining normal but remaining high, although he is taking medicine very regularly. Its mean the medicine is not affecting on the patient disease and does not lowering the blood sugar level in the too.

Why the medication not lowering the blood sugar level?

The medication does not lower the blood sugar level because the pancreas is not producing insulin, for this reason the medication is not affecting.

Why the pancreas not producing insulin?

The pancreas is not producing insulin because he had suffered the diabetes type 1 due to any cause. This condition called double diabetes.
So, in double diabetes normally medicines had loosed their affection.

3 – Insulin Unaffected

Insulin is being unaffected with diabetes type 1 is a symptom of double diabetes. An individual suffering diabetes type 1 depends on insulin to keep blood sugar level under control. When a basic feature of diabetes type 2 develops in the patient then insulin does not control the blood sugar level because due to developing the features of diabetes type is risk of insulin resistance.

In double diabetes with insulin injection the medication is also has too started to utilize the insulin. If the medication does not apply in double diabetes the insulin could not putt any effect in the body and cannot lower the blood sugar level due to insulin resistance.
So, the being insulin unaffected and developing insulin resistance is a symptom of double diabetes.

4 – weight Loss

In diabetes type 2 usually the patient is obese, but when due to any cause some changes and conditions of diabetes type 1 appear on the patient, thus some changes develop in the body structure. Due to symptoms and conditions of diabetes type 1 development in the patient the complication of diabetes type 1 developed. Weight loss is one of that change.

The patient depends on medication In diabetes type 2, but due to development of double diabetes the body does not utilize the insulin properly in the body, in this condition the body consumes the extra fat in the body, In the other word, the diabetes type 1 is different than diabetes type 2 and diabetes type 1 reduce the body weight due to total insulin deficiency.

Common symptoms related to double diabetes 

Heavy thirst
Increased hunger (especially after eating)
Dry mouth
Nausea and vomiting
Pain in your belly
Frequent urination
Weight loss without any reason
Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
Blurred vision
Frequent infections of the skin, urinary tract, or vagina
Sweet breathing, fruity, or acetone odor  
Much pain feeling in the body 
Headache more often
Frequent gum disease/infection

How to prevent double diabetes

The treatment and prevention of double diabetes are complicated by the fact that both symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes have to be managed. In diabetes type 1 patient depends on insulin, but in double diabetes due to obesity and insulin resistance the body cannot utilize the insulin properly.

Prevention of Diabetes double depends on how diabetes double developed. Did diabetes double develop after diabetes type 1 or after type 2. However, taking certain Treatment, precautions and making lifestyle changes can prevent an already diabetic person from developing type 3 diabetes.

To prevent diabetes, double these steps can also help those who are with diabetes type 1 or type 2 to avoid developing the double diabetes.

Through Controlling the body weight 

In the case of where the individual is with diabetes type 1 and his body weight is growing to obesity, the individual has to try his best to control his body weight because being overweight increase the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes double.

It is the best advice to the parents whose kids are with diabetes type 1, provide their children the diet that does not help to develop the children’s body weight. They provide less fat and less carbs diet to avoid the obesity. The parents should make their child,s habit of exercise regularly, To not only prevent them from gaining excessive weight, but also increase blood flow through in the body.

Healthy balance diabetic diet

An individual has any type of diabetes, it is important for him to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

What is healthy and balance diet?

We shall call the healthy diet who contains all types of foods, include vegetable, fruits and other contents. In the diabetes point of view, foods full of fiber and having less carbs are healthy diet, we will focus on nutritious foods.

To keep the blood glucose level normal we have to focus on balance meals and suitable portion sizes of meals. The contents of a healthy diet are include fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grain.

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