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foot care for diabetes mellitus.– The Diabetes and Health Guidelines

Foot care for diabetes mellitus

Foot care for diabetes mellitus

Foot care for diabetes mellitus

Foot care for diabetes mellitus is an important issue for diabetic persons. The doctors always advise to focus on foot care for diabetes mellitus. We have observed that the diabetic person having a foot problem experience a lot of problems.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Feet care very important issue, not only in general life, but also for diabetic persons. Diabetes specialists advise to feet, care for diabetes patient. All diabetes must protect their feet from any harm. In this article I will describe about the importance of feet, care for diabetic patients, and how to care the feet well.

Tips for good foot care

All around of us, we see many people with diabetes are suffering from foot complications. Some persons had lost their foot due to feet cancer. Foot Care is very basic and important issue for diabetic persons. It is very important to the persons with diabetes that they should look after their feet to avoid feet complications.

How To Take Care Of Your Feet ?

Foot care for diabetes mellitus is very basic and important issued. The patients must keep focus on this point and do all efforts on it. One thing who is very important for the gents is good pair of shoes. Not only for the good personality, but for foot protection and best care. Allah had given us feet, so we care our feet. We have to care our feet on priority base. What a need shoes without feet. To get good service from feet, it is the best care of feet.
If the feet remain dirty and unclean, the foot will find them smelly and unhealthy. Due to the unhealthy foot, persons may have to suffer some serious health problems. So we have to take some good steps to care the feet.

Keep the feet and hand healthy and clean

Whenever, you return from toilet, must wash hand with soup. In case of yours feet are dirt, clean it very well. It should be the part of life, keeping the feet clean and healthy. By this routine the people can reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that can do damage.

Diabetic person Keep their feet dry

The diabetic person must keep their feet dry. Remaining the feet wet can develop complications. This doesn’t mean that you have to take the above to the extreme, like taking your feet to the dry cleaners.

But its mean the persons have to keep feet a properly good dry after taking bath or wash. After bath and wash must clean them very well. Keep wearing the socks in the shoes is a good idea. When you clean a worktop you get rid of sitting water as this is where the bacteria thrives. Keep all body of feet clean and dry especially between your toes.

Use moisturizer

Moisturizer For Foot

Use of moisturizer is a good idea to protect the feet. Not only ladies but also for male is equal to keep feet moisturize. Before going to the bed it is good to wash the feet and after dry up apply the any moisturizer. Moisturizer is a good choice, if you wish to Keep your feet soft and feel comfortable.By using moisturizer your feet will be less hard skin.

Try on shoes later in the day

Whenever, you purchase new pair of shoes, try it later after noon. After spending full day, the foot had got natural swelling. If the shoes are fit with swelling then they will be fit at any point.

Keep the feet clean in different areas

Some time due to careless behavior some persons may can suffer from feet fungi, a very painful feet problem. It is a harmful complication. Bering a keen swimmer or using shared changing facilities, in this case the feet safety is very important. Feet care is essential, to protect from scourge of verrucas and other foot fungi. The best way to protect feet from these diseases, is keep the feet as clean as possible and also keep feet area covered with socks.

Get the right shoes for the job

The feet care is very important in every professional job specially in the field works. Right shoes for the job is essential. Don’t work in garden or in fields in casual pair of leather slippers. Doing so is putting himself in great risk of feet problems. Careless in any job can develop any problem, but the right shoes can help negate them.

Don’t wear flat shoes too much

For good fitting and comfort, mostly in shoes, a slight arch is made. These arches are good for feet. In some people, the arch of the foot deteriorates but they can improve feet arch by using the sandals or flip flops for sometime. The classic personalities select relaxed footwear but like these shoes do not have arch. So wearing these type of shoes for long time can damage the natural shape of feet. To keep the foot shape good Don’t wear flat shoes for the long time.

Change your socks regularly

Not only should you make sure your socks are high in natural fibers, such as wool or cotton, to maximize breath ability, you should also make sure you change them every day. This behavior will prevent from bacteria build-up. Changing socks not only will vanish the bad smell but also protect the harmful insect who can attack your feet.

For better feet care cut toenails

Well trimmed toenails not only looked nicer but also will be an obstacle against bacteria that they can hold. To avoid the nail digging in the toes it is necessary to keep cut the nails properly. If the nails are properly trimmed the diabetic persons can avoid the risk of nails digging into the toes. Cut your nail from every side and angles, very well. Change your socks daily regularly.

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