Ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season

Ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season

Ginger is most beneficial a plant,s root. People are using it for the longest time in various diseases. According to the herb specialist, ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season. This is useful in stomach/gastric diseases. The herb ginger develops hot effects and give benefits for winter diseases. Medical specialist often uses it a depression cure medicine.

Ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season

The main part of the ginger is Gingerol, a special useful Medicinal Properties. For the long time peoples are treating many diseases by ginger like nausea, especially morning sickness. Many types of pains can reduce by ginger like muscle pain. The Anti-Inflammatory effects can help with osteoarthritis.

Health Benefits of Ginger

For the longest time the Ginger is being used through many ways, in herbal medicines, in meals and as ginger tea

Adrak  Zanjbeel  Zanjbeel  GingiberiSondh Ginger

This sacred diet is also not only quoted in Holy Quran, but in other Inspired books. In the Quran, “Surah Daher” ginger, called Zanjbeel.

In a hadith is mentioned, that King of Rome sent to Hazrat Muhammad (Salla Allahu Aleihe Wa Sallam) a big piece of ginger as a gift. Hazrat Muhammad (Salla Allahu Aleihe Wa Sallam made many short pieces of ginger and distributed between his companions.

Let,s study this Good gift herb gives benefits to humankind in many diseases. According to the Greek physician, Jlinoos, it is useful for convulsion. According some physician the China famous herb Gin sing is a kind of Ginger.

Ginger Medical Benefits

Digestive System

The ginger is useful in stomach/gastric diseases.It is costive and  diarrhea


1/2 teaspoon fresh chopped ginger 
1 teaspoon water
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon mint juice
1 teaspoon honey

Make compound of these things and use this compound for jaundice, piles, vomiting and food poisoning. This compound is a treatment of these diseases. Ginger can use in less hunger and get rid gastric and abdomen pain.

If you wish to keep your stomach healthy, then chew a short piece of fresh ginger after every meal. 

To keep the tongue clean and the stomach safe from several diseases, the fresh piece of ginger should chew after meal regularly. In case of water in the abdomen due to hepatitis, then give ginger water to the patient. It is uremic and exhaust the whole water from abdomen. The ginger is also typhoid treatment.

Throat Diseases

Recipe No-1

Ginger juice         4    grams
Honey                  10  grams

Make a mixture these both things.This mixture is for one time dose.

Chew this mixture in Asthma and cough.This is best treatment for these diseases. Although this is casual but give relief.

Recipe No-2

Ginger juice               4  grams
Black pipers               1  gram
Garlic                          6  grams
Honey                        20 grams

Mix theses herbs and make like sauce. Chew this sauce 1 teaspoon several times daily in case of influenza specially useful in cold influenza. In case of Sore throat chew some pieces of ginger. Keep throat clean by ginger chewing occasionally.

Best treatment for Cold

Although, ginger is Basic Tonic in Every Season and we can use it in every season. Ginger has hot effects and give benefits for winter diseases. Anybody, who is allergic from cool, he should increase ginger usage in daily routine. Some people feel pain or shiver in body after bath, they should eat 4 to 6 grams ginger after bath get rid from pain and shiver. Special Ginger tea is very useful in cold influenza.

Ginger Tea Method

Some small pieces of ginger in boiling water before putting tea leaves and wait about five to eight minutes.

This tea is useful in case of cold influenza and fever.

Asthma and respiratory system


Black Greer                 6 grams
Ginger                          6 grams

Chopped them and boil them in a cup of water, add honey or sugar in this boiled water. This syrup is cure for old cough and asthma. Further chewing ginger juice with honey make throat clean and exhaust the mace  from chest.

Here is another recipe

Make a cup of Fenugreek decoration and add in it one teaspoon ginger juice and one teaspoon honey. Use this recipe in Asthma, Whooping Cough and lungs B. They will find this herb very effective. Ginger is useful to get rid from mouth bad smell, also make mouth taste good.


In case of depression and Disquiet usage of ginger make the mind calm and cool. All physicians admit this ginger quality and consider it a depression cure medicine.


Ginger juice                 20 grams.
Cow milk                   100 grams
Sugar                         due to taste

Add the ginger juice in cow milk and boil the milk until half milk dried, then add sugar due to taste. Drink this milk before go to bed at night. This mixture in depression gives the gift of calm and imperturbable sleep.

In case of hysteria attack, mix ginger and black piper after making flour and use like quid, attack will go off. Ginger also useful for memory.


Ginger          6 grams
Honey        12 grams

Make a mixture and eat 3 grams daily for increase memory. This mixture will give power to the brain.

Rheumatism and other diseases

Ginger oil is beneficial for rheumatism and other pains.


Ginger                   120 grams
Sesame oil           60 grams

Mix both oil and juice and boil this mixture until all liquid vanished and only oil remained, massage of this oil in case of pain in any body part. This massage will give A cure. Massage on forehead of this oil in case of cold headache. Not only useful for headache but in migraine.

Other surprising ginger usages

In hypertension and hypotension, usage of ginger macerate the cholesterol layers from veins and beneficial to both. Ginger is useful in early liver disorder. This herb usually used for digestion disorder.

Peoples all over the world, use the ginger to relieve nausea and morning sickness. Remember that don’t use it more than 4 days if you are taking to relief for morning sickness. We can use ginger in all season because it is Ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season.

Usage of ginger develops digestion treatment by increasing saliva and other digestive fluids, reducing the digestion disorder and also helpful to all digestive associated problems such as flatulence.


Ginger has a lot of health properties in it, especially in dried form. We can take its all nutrients advantages by using its roots in the meals in any form. It is better that remove ginger skin by any kitchen tools before using ginger in meals or as medicine.

In the powder form keep it in your kitchen and use in every meals. Blended ginger,s roots can be used with vegetable and fruit smoothies.

You can add the blended ginger in meal at the beginning of cooking to get more taste and flavor. All over the world, people use the ginger as tea, fresh ginger tea provides better enjoyment. Nutrients recommend a tea recipe of ginger, in which boil small pieces of ginger in the 2 cups of water about 20 minutes and take on warm form. You can add sweetener in little quantity if required.

The cons

How much quantity must use at a time?
According to the Herbalists, four grams of ginger can use in a day, more than 4 grams can develop minor problems. More than 4 grams can develop side effects like heartburn, nausea and bloating.

When not to take it

A person taking medicine for any disease, does not take ginger. In case of using ginger as herb medicine, consult the physician for further advice.

Ginger is a blood thinner property so persons taking aspirin or any other blood thinner drug should not take ginger in large scale.

Children under two years of the age should not have ginger.

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