Healthy Foods For Men

Healthy foods are essential to maintain the good health and healthy life. Healthy diet meaning that foods who provide all the nutrients that our body need to maintain the health. Such foods contain carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. In this article details of Healthy Foods For Men are provided.

In the modern days, People’s health is much better. even young persons, they complain about their poor health and they are not satisfied with their health. For their good health they should follow the principles who Provide them the good health. But it is not an easy Issue to convince the youth that they must follow the healthy diet instead of fast food and junk foods.

In this time, there are so much Restaurants of fast food and junk food, out side the homes, Where young men like to eat delicious food, Even if their health deteriorates. Any young man wish to eat his Favorite foods, even if his health is ruined. They are not much worry about their health.

But is not a good and right option, which should adopt. A healthy and nutritious diet should eat with suitable portion, it is the right way to improve men’s health. Through this way not only the youth can improve his health but also can maintain a healthy weight. There are some special foods who not only can improve the men’s health but also can help stave from many diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and obesity and boost overall energy too.

Healthy Foods For Men

Building a Healthy Diet (Men, Health)

Eating right for men’s health means putting together a daily diet with these choices:
If men want to eat good and healthy food for good health, then they should follow these golden rules in their diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They should eat three times meals and two times some snakes’ with fruits and vegetables. These meals must be high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and low in calories. Continue the variation in the use of fruits and vegetables. Consider different flavors and colors, such as green, orange, yellow, red, even purple.

Be careful that do not to cook the vegetables in extra fat.

Make whole grain breads, cereals, and starchy vegetables an integral part of your daily diet at least six servings. Because Whole grains is rich in fiber who helps in keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol normal. After having this diet you will feel full and fit. Unrefined whole-grain breads and cereals are good options because these have much fiber and less starch. If your not diabetic person then select starchy vegetables include peas, corn, potatoes, and dried beans like pinto or kidney

Don’t cook the vegetables in extra fat, because this meals are with relatively few calories, then vegetables will help you full with fit. In case of any person with diabetes, he need to limit your intake of starches in general.

To maintain good health in the men, with meals please Take along two or three servings of low-fat dairy products. You can choose some quantity of fat-free or 1 percent yogurt, skim milk and low-fat cheeses to avoid extra fats. To get healthy meals you must take Two or three servings of lean meat, or chicken, little portion of fish. Avoid fried or breaded dishes.
Remember that fill the table with very little sweet products.

Further to maintain the health, avoid to the sweet products specially who are full of refined carbohydrates like pastries, other desserts, and sweetened cereals. These products contain high in calories, while having no nutritional benefit or very few.

To avoid to the risk of high blood pressure, Limit the use of sodium intake. you can use salty herbs instead of salt to season the meals and foods. Always Like to eat homemade dishes and don’t prefer the use of packaged foods. While preparing the meals and eating the foods don,t use butter, cheese and saturated fats, because these things lead to clogged arteries and heart disease.

If you live healthy life, use unsaturated fats like olive oil, canola oil and walnuts in suitable amounts. This type of oils, help raise your level of the “good” cholesterol (LDL). Good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein or HDL) provides the protection against the heart disease.

Healthy Foods For Men

Men’s Health: Healthy Diet Portions

It is an important and basic thing that how much amount of food a person normally must to eat in one serving to maintain the health. Every person must know this quantity if he wish to live healthy. A single portion of food is being submitted to general guidance.

Fresh vegetables or fruit 1 cup
Starchy vegetables or dried beans 1/2 cup
Slice of bread 1
Dry cereal or ½ cup cooked cereal 1 cup
Rice or pasta 1 cup
Low-fat milk 1 cup
Lean meat, chicken, or fish 3 ounces

This is a common amount of scale. In case of a person is losing his weight or not, the trak of calories should be kept in mind. How much food to eat to get essential calories and how many calories have to burn daily to get energy.

According to the nutrients, if the persons of the age of 25 years, is office worker, inactive then he should take about 2400 calories.

in case of, he is some active such as field worker, then he should take about 2600 calories.

3000 calories in case of very active, such as farmer or road worker etc.

The persons older than 30 years up to 50 years, ion case of inactive, 2200 calories must get daily. The active person must take at least 2400 calories, and in the case of very active person he should get 2800 calories daily.

The persons above the 50 years of age, if they are inactive, they should take 2000 calories, whereas the persons are active then they must get 2200 calories, and 2400 calories in case of ,they are very active.

Healthy Foods For Men

Men’s Health: Foods With a Purpose

Foods With a Purpose such as weakness or after illness

In case of extraordinary circumstances, few special foods may can create some additional health benefits.
The persons fighting against cancer, can get some additional essential nutrients to limit the risk of cancer and maintain the healthy weight. As example the taking tomato in foods can help to reduce the rate of lung, prostate and stomach cancer. So they cal add tomato in their meals additionally, because tomato is pay fighting power against cancer due to cancer-fighting nutrient lycopene.
Remember in the cancer point of view, our bodies process lycopene best after tomatoes cooked better.
To fight against the cancer in morning a cup of joe with green tea, is better option, because it contains important antioxidants who provides power against cancer as well

Heart health.
To get Defense force against heart diseases, we have to take some pieces of fish twice in a week. It is discovered from studies that fatty fish such as sardines, herring, salmon and trout contain Omega- 3 fatty acid, who provide the arteries clearance in the body.

Energy boosters foods.
No doubt the carbohydrates provide extra energy to the body, but remember that some simple carbohydrates like refined sugar burn fast and only provides temporary energy boosting. On the other hand ,the Complex carbohydrates such as rice, burn slowly and provide energy for the long time period.

List of complex carbohydrates:

  • Whole grain
  • breads
  • pasta
  • rice
  • potatoes
  • peas

all these foods contain complex carbohydrates.

To get energy and make the body strong, the proteins is essential so foods rich in protein must eat in daily diet, because they help control the release of energy from fats and carbs.
Taking breakfast is essential to live healthy, so don’t skip the healthy breakfast, because it is really an important start to a healthy day.

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