Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry

Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry
Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry and rice in the dish

Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry is a useful meal.

Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry is a delicious recipe and also is favorite to everyone. To make it healthy, the almonds are added in this recipe, because almonds have too many benefits. To make it more healthy, delicious and authentic tasting the foster farm bread is also added. the budget point of view, it is a cheap and friendly meal for all family members and also all type of age.

This recipe is easy to make and in very less time we can make it. There is another its goodness that it is free from steroid and hormone, so it does not have any bad effect. Due to almonds added, this chicken curry is a energetic diet.

As above mentioned that this recipe is easy to make, we can preserve it for the many time. Whenever, we wish to eat, we can throw the curry meal into the oven and it is ready to eat. To make this almonds chicken recipe, boon less chicken, because boon less chicken is easy to make and delicious to eat as well.

How to make Healthy Fried Almond Chicken Curry


Boneless Crispy Chicken Strips
chopped or sliced Almonds
4 tablespoons cornstarch
3 cups chicken broth
3 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons soy sauce
3 tablespoons


First wash the chicken very well in water. Separate the bones from the chicken, make the chicken boon less and cut the chicken into strips.

Pour 3 tablespoon butter and two table spoon soya sauce into a clean pan and mix both. then put the chicken broth in that mixture and fry them to simmer.

In a cup pour 3 tablespoon water and mix in it cornstarch very well, while that is getting up to simmer. Pour this mixture in the chicken broth and keep whisking.

Remember that it have to continue stirring until mixed thoroughly. After some time, the gravy will begin to thick form right way.

On the medium light keep the gravy stirring, until the gravy become thick as we desire. Some persons desire the gravy too thick, in case of a person desires to gravy more thick, he can just mix a little more cornstarch in some water and add into the gravy. Remember that medium thickness is a better choice for good taste.

Remove the frying pan from the burner, place in the plates and serve to the guests. Don’t remember to add almonds on the chicken curry.

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