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Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes – The Diabetes and Health Guideline

Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes

Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes Women checking her blood sugar level

Planning for a healthy pregnancy in diabetes is essential for ladies. Now a days diabetes is a common all over the world. Diabetes creates many complications in diabetic persons. Gestational diabetes is linked to the women during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes also creates many complications for the mother and baby as well. Due to this reason, Planning for a healthy pregnancy in diabetes is essential for ladies.

Planning for a healthy pregnancy

The good news is that most diabetic women can seek the help of a diabetes specialist before and during pregnancy. By this way, the women suffering from diabetes, can give birth to a healthy baby.

In women who do not have diabetes before pregnancy, the risk of baby birth complications during labor in pregnancy is nineteen out of a thousand. We can achieve this rate better in pregnant women with diabetes by planning and doing advise with specialist.

In the research it is discovered that women with diabetes, the risk of having babies birth complications in babies is four times higher.

For women who have diabetes type 1 or type 2, the best preparation for a healthy pregnancy begin with getting the right information and advice before you get pregnant.

Advice for Healthy Pregnancy in Diabetes

Women with diabetes can give birth to a healthy baby, but there are additional risks during pregnancy. With careful planning and the help of a team of medical personnel, these risks can be minimized.

As soon as you start thinking about be a pregnant and become a mother.
Make an appointment with a diabetes specialist. It is advisable to complete your diabetes and general health check-up at least three to six months before you start trying to become a mother.

Any woman if has any health or mental problem before pregnancy, she must talk to a diabetes specialist about her problems before starting your pregnancy medical plan.

Pregnancy advice

Talk to your health care team about the following points before pregnancy planning and preparation. All women need to have several general health check-up when planning to have children. Your doctor may advise you about blood tests, immunizations and the dietary supplements you need to do before pregnancy.

Blood glucose levels for Healthy pregnancy in diabetes

If your blood glucose levels are well under control before pregnancy, and in the early stages of pregnancy, you can reduce the risk of complications for your baby.

Be sure to check your blood glucose level with HbA1c test before you start trying to be a mother. And be sure that it is within the proposed range.

If you have type 1 diabetes, aim for HbA1c less than male / 53mmol ٪ .

If you have type 2 diabetes, target male /42mmol ٪ or less HbA1c.

Consult with your diabetes health care team about what your individual blood glucose goals are and how you can stay within those goals.


All medicines are not safe to use during pregnancy. Ask your doctor to check all medications you are currently taking to see if they are safe.

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