Jhang Great Sufi Saints

Jhang is also land of sufi saints. Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana, Crori, Bukhari are a famous sufi saint of Jhang Distt. Thousands of people accepted Islam on his hands. In this article we will submit about Jhang Great Sufi Saints.

Sufi saints play a major role in the spread of Islam in Asia in general and in the region of Pakistan in particular. Many sufi saints in Asia made their homes in different places and started preaching Islam. Many people became Muslims because of their teachings. Many great saints came to Pakistan from different parts of the world, made their homes in different cities in this region and carried out the duty of preaching.

In Lahore, Hazrat Ali bin Usman ( rehmatu Alla elehe) almeroof Data Ganj Bakhsh started teaching of Islam. He died here in Lahore and buried in Lahore.

Hazrat Khawaja Ghual Fareed, almeroof Ganj Shakar (rehmatu Alla elehe) stayed in Pakpatan, (a city of Punjab region) and peer Mehr Ali in Rawalpindi region performed the duty of preaching Islam.

Jhang is also land of sufi saints. Verious sufi saints chosed different places of Jhang for their residence and provide the guidance to Muslims of this region in compliance with Islamic teachings.

List of Sufi Saints of Jhang

Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arifeen

Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari

Hazrat Abdur Rehman Hashmi Qureshi

Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Qadri of Jhang

Sultan ul Aarfeen, Hazrat Sultan Bahu choose the Garh Maharaja, Distt Jhang for his home and shower of light and manifestations .

Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari is one of the famous saints of Jhang. According to the history, Hazrat Shah Jewna was born in 895 A.H in the town of Qanuj.
Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari choose the shah jewana for Preaching of Islam. He came to sha jewana, Jhang Distt, at 960 A.D, make this town his home and started Preaching of Islam. That was the early period of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He decided to stay in this town permanently, later after his death this town was named shah jewana.

It is the good fortune of Shah Jiwana that a saint like Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari (Sufi) irrigated this area with the light and teaching of Islam. After his death he buried in Shah Jiwana, it is a great honor for the people of this region. After his death, he known as Hazrat Shah Jewna. By the virtue of Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari,s preach, the famous saint many local tribes converted to Islam.

Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari pastime

Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana used to spend his time in the worshop of Allah Almighty, his favorite pastime was recitation of the Holy Quran. He was often seen reciting the Holy Quran. Mahboob Alam Shah used to recite Surah Muzammil of the Holy Quran the most and used to take guidance from this Surah. Hazrat Mahboob Alam Shah had imbibed the ways of living from Surah Muzammil. Mahboob Alam Shah Used to do walk along with Chenab river, and during the walk, he recited verses from the Holy Quran continuously. Thousands of people impressed by his recitation abilities. Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana was very devout and stayed busy in worship of Allah till late at night. It was his general custom that he used to stayed after every prayer in the mosque, people would come to him, ask him religious questions and also ask for prayers.

The characteristic of Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana,s philosophy of Sufism is that he did not like monasticism. He always discouraged the philosophy of renunciation of this world. He always used to advise to his followers to earn for himself and their families through hard work during daytime and worship in the spare time.

Death of Hazrat Shah Jewana

He died in 971 A.H according to 1589 A.D in the time of Akbar emperor, it was the time of reign of Akbar. This was the time when Syed Abdul Wahab Bukhari was the ruler of Delhi. Another sufi saint sheikh Freed ud Din Bukhari were in Delhi in these days, both sufi saints were close in relation of Hazrat Shah Jewana. Both came to shah Jewana on his death.

Celebration of Annual Urs e Mubarak in Shah Jewana

Ever year, in the Shah Jewana city, Urs e Mubarak is calebratedin on 19 May, memory of Hazrat Shah Jewana. All over the country, people come to Shah Jewana to participate in the Urs. The main feature of this celebration is “Rasm-e-Chiragh” in which the descendants of Shah Jewna family hoist a burning oil-lamp in the presence of thousands people.

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