Jhang Sufi Saints

Jhang is also land of sufi saints. Hazrat Sultan Bahu was on the Highest grade of Sufism in sufi saints of Jhang Distt. He was the great poet in Sufiism. In this article we will submit about Jhang Sufi Saints.

Sufi saints play a major role in the spread of Islam in Asia in general and in the region of Pakistan in particular. Many Sufi saints in Asia made their homes in different places and started preaching Islam. Many people became Muslims because of their teachings. Many great saints came to Pakistan from different parts of the world, made their homes in different cities in this region and carried out the duty of preaching.

In Lahore, Hazrat Ali bin Usman (rehmatu Alla elehe) almeroof Data Ganj Bakhsh started teaching of Islam. He died here in Lahore and buried in Lahore. Hazrat Khawaja Ghual Fareed, almeroof Ganj Shakar (rehmatu Alla elehe) stayed in Pakpatan, (a city of Punjab region) and peer Mehr Ali (rehmatu Alla elehe) in Rawalpindi region, performed the duty of preaching Islam.
Jhang is also land of sufi saints. Verious sufi saints chosed different places of Jhang for their residence and provide the guidance to Muslims of this region in compliance with Islamic teachings.

List of Sufi Saints of Jhang

Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arifeen

Syed Mahboob Alam Shah Jewana Crori Bukhari

Hazrat Abdur Rehman Hashmi Qureshi

Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Qadri of Jhang

Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arifeen, (rehmatu Alla elehe) is on the Highest grade of Sufism in sufism and in the saints of Jhang Distt as well.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arifeen

Birth of Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arifeen,( rehmatu Alla elehe) was born in Garh Maharajah, shorkot, Distt Jhang, Punjab, in 1039 A.H. according to 17 January 1663 A.D.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu,s father name was Hazrat Muhammad Bazayd, who were a senior officer in the army of the Mughal Empire, and commandant of the Shor fort during the reign of Mughal emperor Shahjahan. He was a famous person of his region. His mother name was Hazrat Bibi Raasti, she was also a saint of high caliber.

According to tradition, his mother received the good news that Allah will give her a son who will be the sufi saint who will spread the tight of Islam through his mental illumination and spirituality on the earth. She was also be directed that his name will be “Baho” so he was named “Bahu”.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu,s Sect of Sufiism

He had a high position in Sufism. In Sufism, he had a separate and permanent philosophy.
He had a high position in Sufism. In Sufism, he had a separate and permanent philosophy. That is why he did not pay much attention to meditation and the acquisition of the usual mystical knowledge. Rather, he was on a search of new sect of Sufism, the main virtue of that sect is obedience to Muhammad and the love of Muhammad which is the basis of it. It is fact that he did not ignore tha love with Hazrat Muhammad (Sale Allahu Elehe Wa Aalhi Wa Sallam).

Hazrat Sultan Bahu was a great poet. His poetary contains Sufism and Islamic teachings. Although he was a great poet in Sufism, but he also wrote many books.Hazrat Sultan Bahu have authored more than 100 books. Number of his poetry and kiterary books is in Persian language. There is a famous book in punjabi, its name is Abyat e Bahu.

Examples of poetry of Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan Ul Arfeen:-

Abyat e Bahu



اللہ چمبے دی بوٹی, مرشد من وچ لائ ہو

نفی اثبات دا پانی ملیا، ہر رگے ہر جائ ہو

اندر بوٹی مشک مچایا، جاں پھلن تے آئ ہو

جیوے مرشد کامل باہو، جیں ایہ بوٹی لائ ہو

In these stanza, Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arfeen says:-

My master has planted in my heart the jasmine of Allah’s name,

Both my denial that the creation is real and my embracing of god the only reality have nourished the seeding down to its core,

When the buds of mystery unfold into the blossoms of revelation, my entire being was filled with Good’s fragrance,

May the perfect master who planted this jasmine in my heart be ever blessed o Bahu,



نہ اوہ ہندو نہ مومن نہ سسجدہ دین مسیتی ہو
دم دم دے وچ ویکھن مولا جنہاں قضا نہ کیتی ہو
آہے دانے بنے دیوانے ذات سہی ونج کتی ہو
قربان تنّا ں توں باہو جنہّاں عشق بازی چن کیتی ہو

In these stanza, Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sultan ul Arfeen says:-

Not Hindu’s no Muslims-
Free of religious ties, lovers don’t pray in temples;

But they never take a break from their devotions
And are always in communion with the Lord within.

Absorbed in the essence of the Lord,
They feign ignorance to conceal their wisdom.

I sacrifice myself to anyone, O Bahu,
Who enters the arena of love and wins its game.


Death and Shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Sultan ul Aarfeen, Hazart Sultan Bahu died in 1726 A.D according to 1102 Hijri at the age of 63. His shrine is on the banks of the river Chenab in fort of Kergan Shorkot, distt Jhang. Due to the destruction of the Chenab River, his body was twice transferred into a new shrines. In 1336 A.H his body was transferred in new shrine on present place of Mazar in Shorkot.

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