Natural Ways to Lower the Blood Pressure

Natural Ways to Lower your Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a silent killer condition. In this condition, the blood pressure the blood flows in the arteries, fast and passing through the vessels with power and force. Remaining blood pressure high, for A long time develops many complications. In this article, we will explain some Natural Ways to Lower the Blood Pressure.

Regular Exercise

To lower the blood pressure, the exercise is the best option, neither expenditure nor need any special training, only walk and jogging. Regular Exercise is the best way of all Natural Ways to Lower the Blood Pressure.

The person having hypertension problem, he must make exercise as his habit. We can make our heart stronger. With regular exercise, because exercise is more effective for blood pumping for the heart and also to lower the blood pressure in the arteries.

We can continue the exercise various ways, such as walking, jogging, running into a door or out door. Walking daily about two hours, is sufficient, but in case of vigorous exercise, it needs less time than walking. Both ways are effective for lowering the blood pressure and save from heart diseases.

At least daily exercise minimum 30 minutes daily, is compulsory to lowering the blood pressure.

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Reduction of sodium (salt) intake

Reduction of sodium (salt) intake is one way from Natural Ways to Lower the Blood Pressure.

Some people are sensitive to salt, and by taking extra salt their BP becomes high. People who are not sensitive, but due to taking extra salt they can suffer from blood pressure problem. To avoid from increasing the blood pressure, it is necessary to reduce salt intake. Specially the persons with high blood pressure must Reduce sodium intake.

Is it a confirmed that every person taking salt, extra, may can suffer from hypertension, it is not clear. A lot of people, take an extra quantity of salt and they are not hypertension patient. There are patients with high blood pressure Which are sensitive to salt.

The persons having high blood pressure, they must reduce salt intake in their meals and foods. Instead of salt they must use other alternatives, such as salty herbs and spices. Now a days sodium free salt is available in the market, the people having high blood pressure must take the sodium free salt.

Lose weight

In case of overweight, while also having blood pressure problem, they must focus on losing the extra weight. To get rid of hypertension it is necessary to loss extra weight. First look at the weight chart and then keep your body weight according it. It is observed that people having overweight may can suffer from hypertension, these people can lower their BP by reducing their extra body weight.

Losing weight can help your blood vessels do a better job of expanding and contracting, making it easier for the left ventricle of the heart to pump blood.

In case of overweight, the Fat builds up in the arteries and blood vessels unable to do their job properly. Reducing extra weight helps the blood vessels to perform their job well. By this way, not only the vessels are safe from fat building, but also easy for the heart to pump blood to the body.

Eat calcium-rich foods

Calcium is a important tissue for human health, it plays vital role to maintain the general health and blood pressure. Due to lack of calcium range in the body can develop the high blood pressure problem. It is observed that people, who Suffer from calcium deficiency, often can suffer from hypertension.

People with hypertension, whenever go to the physician, for further advice, he mostly prescribes the calcium base drug. Through many experiences, it is approved that eating fruits and vegetables, rich in calcium can lower the blood pressure.

For the adult persons, calcium 1000 mg is needed per day and in the case of old age persons 1200 mg is recommended.

List of calcium rich foods:-

Soy milk
China seeds
Dried figs
Sunflower seeds
White beans
Sweet potatoes
Sesame seeds
Oranges and orange juice

It is a fact, that there is great relation between calcium and blood pressure. We can eat to control blood pressure some foods from above list.

Stop Smoking

When a person goes to the doctor with high blood pressure, the doctor advises him to quit the smoking. The people who are involved with any type of smoking, usually are suffering from hypertension. Every person Who smoke, his blood pressure increases after every puff of every type of smoking, temporary or slightly.

There is a great relation between smoking and high blood pressure. There is a chemical in the tobacco named nicotine, is a reason of increasing blood pressure high in the people. The main factor of cigarette smoke is nicotine who is the base of all problems. The heart disease and blood pressure rise due to its present. A man when start smoking, for the same time his heart rate begins to increase. The people having high blood pressure with chain smoking are at the great risk of heart disease.

To avoid from hypertension and heart disease, it is important to quit from all type of smoking.

Eat foods rich in potassium

Selection foods rich in potassium is a better way of Natural Ways to Lower the Blood Pressure. There are many minerals who are important for health, potassium is one of them. A balance is essential between sodium and potassium. Potassium must greater than Sodium. In case of Sodium greater than potassium , the blood pressure will increase, on the other side, if the potassium greater than sodium, the blood pressure will remain normal.

To control the blood pressure on normal range, we have to prefer and focus the diets rich in potassium such as whole foods.

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List of foods who are rich in Potassium:-

Dairy products, Milk and yogurt
Fishes, such as tuna and salmon
All kinds of nuts and seeds
Processed foods, such as breakfast cereals, sodas and other sweetened drinks

To keep the blood pressure on normal range we have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, Diary products, Fishes, nuts, beans and processed foods in the meals and diets

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