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Steroid Induced Diabetes

When anyone starts steroid to treatment but his blood sugar level begins to going high in reaction of steroid, this condition is Steroid Induced Diabetes.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. Diabetic person must control his sugar level in the body, after diagnosis the diabetes and must start treatment as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Definition of Steroid Induced Diabetes

When anyone starts any type of steroid for treatment purpose. In reflecting, his blood sugar level begins to going high in reaction of taking steroid,

We can call it the Steroid Induced Diabetes. Due to blood sugar high, the person become weak because he could not receive sufficient glucose. Our body needs sugar in our blood from getting energy.

The energy in the body comes from sugars and starches. The carbohydrate is present in the foods that we eat, insulin convert it into the glycogen. After eating foods, whenever the sugar level becomes high in the blood, the message goes to pancreas and pancreas produces the insulin. The basic role of insulin is kept the blood sugar level normal. In some conditions, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or produces less insulin than requirement. In this case, the symptoms of diabetes begin to develop.

Difference Between Diabetes type 1 and type 2

There are many causes of diabetes:

At the age of 45 years, When the pancreas produces very less insulin than body requirement, due to reasons like stress, obesity, or any other reason, we call it Diabetes, type 2. On the contrary, due to any reason, the pancreas stop to insulin production completely in childhood or in any age, with or without any reason, we call it Diabetes type 1.

In the diabetes MODY the some types of genes transfer from parents to their babies. Due to this mutation the baby suffer from diabetes MODY.

When any person takes the steroid medicines for the treatment purpose for disease. The specialists suggest it like kidney disease or cancer chemotherapy. Sometimes in reaction, symptoms of Steroid Induced Diabetes appear in the individual. In some persons, the blood glucose level goes high due to any reason, such as steroid medication or any antibiotic drug, although the pancreas produces sufficient insulin.

If the blood sugar level go high due to steroid taking, this condition is not permanent and symptoms disappear after cause go away.

Causes of Steroid Induced Diabetes

The main cause of Steroid Induced Diabetes is taking any type of steroid for treatment purpose or for any other purpose like taking steroid for body building.

Medical specialists suggest steroid Prednisolone as treatment after having a kidney transplant. In some other conditions doctors suggest steroids are for treatment like Decadron and Solumedrol, Trimipramine, Alprazolam (Paroxetine) and Citalopram (Paroxetine), doctors suggest steroids for medical treatment purpose for many diseases like asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, neurosurgery, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Cohn’s disease, ulternative colitis and to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ.

What Causes Steroid Induced Diabetes

The main cause of Steroid Induced Diabetes is taking any type of steroid for treatment purpose or for any other purpose like taking steroid for body building. The person takes the steroids as medication, but the use of steroid prevents to insulin to effect on glucose. In result the blood glucose level raises high. The symptoms of diabetes start to appear if the blood glucose remains out of control for the longest time.

Steroids develop direct metabolic effects, then the pre-diabetes symptoms appear through rising blood sugar levels up, regardless of the route of administration.

A lot of reasons to develop side effects of steroids uses, and develop the diabetic symptoms in an individual person.

Steroids side effects depend on the type of steroid medicines and quantity and timing of doses. It is estimated that about one out of the five persons steroid user can suffer from diabetes.

Cause of Steroid Induced diabetes

In case of, if a person takes steroids orally in the morning, the blood glucose will raise after 8 hours and if steroids taken in the evening the glucose level raise next morning. The main purpose of treatment, through medicine or insulin, is to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia overnight.

Before starting steroids with an individual with diabetes, plans should be in place to minimize the impact on glucose control by adjusting or adding medication as needed. When the doctors increase the dose of corticosteroid, insulin or hypoglycemic agent requirements decline in proportion and here is needed to stop the hypoglycemic drugs.

Steroids may decrease the person,s body’s ability to use insulin effectively and many changes for diabetes may appear in the person, and symptoms of steroid induced diabetes appear in the person.

Sometimes, after stop taking steroids, the symptoms of diabetes may disappear. The person having symptoms of pre-diabetes, they are still at risk of diabetes although steroids are stopped.

Through following ways the Steroids have an effect on raising blood sugar:-

The use of Steroids may can cause of hurdles against Insulin Responsibilities which causes insulin resistance.

Due to steroid side effects, the energy cannot arrive to the muscles and the extra sugar remain in the blood, that, s reason of high blood glucose level.
The steroids effects on liver and liver starts releasing extra glucose into the bloodstream and due to extra glucose, the blood glucose goes up.

Steroid induced diabetes is not a permanent condition, in some people the symptoms will vanish away after steroid treatment stopped. In the some people symptoms of diabetes, don’t disappear after stopping steroid treatment.

The factors and reasons that may increase the risk of developing symptoms of developing steroid induced diabetes are following:-

  • The quantity of dose,
  • Duration of treatment time,
  • Diabetic family history,
  • Obesity
  • Advanced age
  • Route of administering the steroid

Symptoms of Steroid-Induces

Diabetes High Blood Sugar- Above 200 mg/dl. Symptoms of high blood sugar:

  • Extreme hunger
  • Excessive thirst
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Feeling tired
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Tingling or numbness in hands or feet
  • Fatigue

Diagnosis Criteria of Steroid Induced Diabetes

Medication dosages equivalent to ≥30 mg/day or extra of Prednisolone are cause of raising blood glucose level in person,s who are already with diabetes. The persons overt diabetes in previously normoglycaemic or may cause glucose intolerance.

Best and normal blood sugar level persons who have diabetes:-

Pre-prandial (before a meal)  5 – 7 mmols/l
Post prandial (2 hours after a meal)  7 – 9 mmols/l
Before bed –           9 mmols/l
  • Best and normalblood sugar level persons who have diabetes:-
  • Pre-prandial (before a meal) 5 – 7 mmols/l
  • Post prandial (2 hours after a meal) 7 – 9 mmols/l
  • Before bed – 9 mmols/l
  • It may be appropriate for certain groups of patients to aim for higher glucose levels than those stated above to minimise the risk of hypoglycemia, for example 8 – 12 mmols/l.

Blood glucose Changes when steroids are introduced:-

It is observed that usually, changes introduce in the blood sugar when the person starts steroid.

Steroids increase the blood glucose level after 6 to 7 hours. Anyone, takes the steroid in the morning, his blood glucose level will rise at noon up to 11 to 12 at night. After midnight, the blood sugar level starts to drop down. In case of, a persons takes multiple doses of any type of steroids his blood sugar level remain high up to 24 hours.

  • Approximately expected glucose levels to rise after
  • 14 – 18 hours if oral steroids dose is taken.
  • In case of steroid is taken by intravenous injection the blood sugar level raise after 5 hours.
  • If the steroid is given by intravenous injection the blood sugar level raise approximately after 24 hours
  • As the steroid is concerned, if it is given orally, then you see the blood sugar level weaned down over several weeks the glucose levels will decline gradually.

The criteria for diagnosing Steroid Induced

  • Diabetes is an 8 h fasting plasma Mol/L, or a random plasma glucose concentration ≥1
  • 1.1 mmol/L in the presence of symptoms. However, use of fasting glucose as a sole parameter for diagnosis is discouraged as steroid effect mainly postprandial glucose.

What effect can steroids have on blood glucose levels?

If a person taking any type of steroids for treatment purpose with diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2, in this case in person it is very difficult to maintain blood glucose level normal.

The steroid raise blood sugar levels in following ways:

  • The steroid raise blood sugar levels in following ways:
  • Steroids block and developmental hurdle in the insulin circulation in the bloodstream which causes insulin resistance.
  • The steroids are taken to build the muscles make the ability of glucose movement in the blood slow.
  • The liver starts releasing extra glucose into the blood stream due to steroid usage.

The blood glucose level starts to rise as the steroid is started to take after some days, if the steroid is taken by mouth. These changes depend on steroid medicine doses, time schedule and types of the steroids. It is observed that a person takes the steroid by injection, within no time, blood glucose level becomes high.

Points to remember when starting steroid therapy

If anyone is taking steroid for treatment purpose, never stop taking the steroid medication abruptly. However, they should reduce the dose of steroids. Under doctor advice slowly and gradually. The symptoms of side effects appear on the body after 48 hours after stopping the steroids taken by mouth.

The symptoms of raise blood glucose can appear in the persons who did not suffer from any type of diabetes. Therefore, they must consult the doctor to get latest information about diabetes. In case of other medication and its effects can remain between 3 and 10 days. If you are on long term steroid treatment, some identification such as a Medic Alert bracelet may be useful.

Monitor your blood sugar level more often than usual as diabetes therapy adjustments may be needed.

How is Steroid-Induced Diabetes Treated ?

The treatment for diabetes, you wish to continue to depend on the extent of insulin resistance and how much the blood sugar level is high. Although the diabetes cam manage and keep the blood sugar level low by exercise and physical activities but in this case, antibiotic medicines or insulin must take under a doctor’s advice.

Persons suffering from diabetes must need to attend health screening annually once to monster the condition and treatment properly.

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