Surah Rehman Therapy (Ultimate Remedy)

Surah Ar Rehman is the solution for all problems or diseases including depression, hypertension, diabetes, cancer. Healing Power of Surah Rehman is a fact. It is In this article the theme and details of “Surah Rehman Therapy ( Ultimate Remedy )” narrated.

The persons suffering from any any physical, mental, spiritual disease, they should listen Surah “Al-REHMAN” (Without translation) in the sound of Qari Abdul Basit Almisri. Healing Power of Surah Rehman is a fact. Such persons should listen Surah “Al-REHMAN” 3 times daily for 7 consecutive days without skipping a day. They should listen the Surah “Al-REHMAN” with closed eyes. After listening the Surah “Al-REHMAN” take half a glass of water, with close eyes say “ALLAH” three times in heart and drink the water with 3 sips.

What is The Ultimate Remedy?

Surah Rehman Therapy

After “Allah” his adjective name “Rehman” is very significant.

With this significant name and dynamic characteristic of the almighty “ALLAH” is showering his blessings continuously on the peoples, whether they are his believes or not.

Through his prophets Allah sent his message to the peoples and the prophets delivered this message to the mankind for their betterment and salvation. The Holy prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (sal Allahu eleihe wa Sallem) said to the Muslim ” “I’m leaving behind you a book, revealed by GOD The QURAN which is light and guidance”
When we open the Holy Quran to recite, we begin the recite with Bismillah-Al-Rehman-Al-Rahim, Which means ” with the name of ALLAH the most merciful and beneficent.

In this verse 3 important aspects are narrated.

  • His personal, real, great and ultimate name is Allah.
  • He is the Lord and Master of the universe. He is the Most Merciful, to the extent of infinity, of all creatures. There is no Scale and parameters to measure and judge his mercy and love.
  • Allah has created the life and human in the universe and provide the constitution for the human to follow it. He has done this, so that the human follow this constitution and get Allah’s mercy and love both here and life after death.

Hazrat Muhammad (sal Allahu eleihe wa Sallem) has advised to the all the Muslims to recite “Tasmiyyah” before beginning every Valid work. Hazrat Suleman (elehissalam) use to recite this verse before beginning any work. Hazrat Suleman (elehissalam) conquered every goal what he wished; look the power of this sacred verse.
He is Allah, Rehman.

Every activities in the universe, are examples demonstrates of his mercy and benefits.

On the Earth, Allah has created the mankind through Adam and Eve then It spread the whole human race from them. In a verse of Quran Majeed, Allah the great said that my mercy is Wide than every things. Hazrat Muhammad (sal Allahu eleihe wa Sallem) has said in a saying “Have mercy on the people of the earth. Allah in the heavens will have mercy on you.”

Living in this temporary and mortal world, what we human beings need most from Allah is the mercy and blessing of Allah. Surah Al Rehman of Holy Quran, is a complete enhancer of faith and describing adjectives of. In this surah the Holy Quran it has described the all particular characteristic of AL-REHMAN,”.

Spiritual status of Surah Ar-Rahman

Allah almighty has said in the surah Rehman ” That is only Rehman, who create the universe and mankind and taught him the statement. Allah, who is the Lord of the worlds, teaches what human knows not. He discovered the treasure beneath the water for mankind in oceans.

Allah, who gifted the mankind the sense of command to control the sources and energies. He almighty, breeds ideas in human minds to generate technology. Allah almighty who gave the wisdom to the human being to disclose the mysteries.

In this surah “AL-REHMAN”, Allah Almighty has described about his ultimate Status, Allah Rehman said that Allah is lonely master of all powers, Allah has said about delicacy of his creation without not caring the human imagination and approach.

During the whole prophetic age, Hazrat Muhammed (sal Allahu eleihe wa Sallem) has projected the particular aspect the “surrender himself to Allah” and become a follower of Allah completely. submission in Islam and against Allah is the the key of success not only in this world but also beyond this world.

What is the mean of submission?
Submission mean that surrender to acknowledge Allah, most superior one, and obey Allah From all angles.

Allah says in Quran:-

“Man and jinn are created to worship ALLAH”.

In fact the real worship is recognition of some one. whenever we concentrate in our heart to found any beloved then we feel and find the presence of Allah. Due to presence of Allah, fear and respect generate in ourselves. In this reality Holy Prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (sal Allahu eleihe wa Sallem) said”, You are all descendent from Adam and the best person among you who mostly regards Allah. This condition projects “Taqwa” The fear of Allah. Its means, the persons who feel the Allah not only around them but also in their hearts. It is fact that Allah is always with those persons who really feel his blessing and enjoy by them, and avoid to negative thoughts and things.

Islam has taught us the best philosophy and best principles of life. The main purpose of its teachings is to generate positive thinking in the Muslims. The material world has deprived us of our true purpose and precious blessing. Cruel, inhuman and reckless behaviors have caused negative approaches in humans, which has destroyed the mental, spiritual and physical abilities and powers of human beings.

Due to these Ignorant attitudes, discontentment, Restlessness, dejection and dissatisfaction have overcome on our mind and heart. We have lost the ability and tranquility of life. Ignoring absolutely all norms of Islamic ideology, We have lost Islamic values. Without Savage and barbarian attitudes, killing and looting one another, We have nothing left, because of ignoring absolutely all norms of Islamic ideology.

Healing Power of Surah Rehman

Ignorant attitudes, discontentment, Restlessness, dejection and dissatisfaction, such acts, generate completely the most negative approaches , which create differences among the body and the soul. At this stage, neither the medicine can cure this evil or disease nor any intellect, only with the blessing and mercy of Allah, we can get the real and complete cure. But first of all, we have to realize our status and we have to think deeply into our hearts. We have to Analysis to our sins, strong repentance and then extend apology.

Allah is the Most Merciful and Compassionate to his servants. When we apology on our sins he will surely forgives us, but we have to apology with true hearts.

Allah Almighty says :-

“This sacred book is “shifa” for its followers”

This is only Allah who gives the shifaa, whenever they demand from Allah through multiple dimensions, physical, mental and spiritual.

The Holy Qur’an is a miraculous and revolutionary work. With the revelation, it began to revolutionize the hearts of the people, and then there was the revolution in the lives believes of millions peoples. Whenever one listened to the Qur’an with intellect and wisdom, a revolution would take place in his heart and mind. His spiritual healing process would begin.

Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) recited the Qur’an while he was completely wise. As soon as he heard the Qur’an, a revolution took place in his heart and mind. Hazrat Umar converted to Islam within no time. And because of this revolution, he became the great leader and great conqueror of Islam. There is no doubt that the Qur’an is a revolutionary word in the heart and mind. And reciting the Qur’an revolutionizes and heals the listener with greater concentration.

Surah Rehman Therapy ( Ultimate Remedy)

How to Listen “SURRAH AR-REHMAN”

Every alphabets and every verse of the Holy Qur’an is full of light and spreads lights radiation towards every recitation and listener. Whenever, any person recite the Holy Quran, it generates light and energy in the heart and mind. The person wish to start listening Surah Ar Rehman, he should take audio cassette / cd of Surah Ar Rehman (without translation). Remember that audio cassette / cd, It should belong to Qazi Abdul Basit Al-Masri.

To listen the surah Rahman to get healing from any disease or spiritual illness, sit in a separate place in the house to avoid noise and interference

When anybody sit to listen the Surah Ar Rehman, he should take take half glass of water with him and start listening the Surah Ar Rehman

To get concentration, please close the eyes and empty mind & feel the presence of Allah
During listening the Surah Ar Rehman feel the Surah Rehman in the heart

After listening the complete surah say “Allah” 3 times on the heart-beat

Then drink water in 3 sips with closed eyes

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