Herbal effective medicines for weight loss

Herbal effective medicines for weight loss
Herbal effective medicines for weight loss

There are many types of treatment to weight loss as such Allupathic, homeopathic and herbal medicines, but the effective and cheap medicines are herbal as such ajwain, penumbra and cinnamon. We are going to mention a description of Herbal effective medicines for weight loss that is effective to weight loss. Being overweight not a good condition for good health, because being overweight can develop many complication in general health as such diabetes and heart diseases. in other article we have offered Tips for weight loss at home naturally, you can read them to gain benefits.

Effective treatment of obesity

No matter how big and fat the stomach is inside during the second month, the filth is removed from the stomach and the fat starts to come out. And energy will be generated. The interesting thing is that people who have problems with the stomach and liver, for example, lack of appetite, severe constipation, headache, muscle tension, indigestion, nail shadows on the face, dark circles under the eyes, weakness, bleeding, itching. etc.

All these diseases will be eliminated within a month, weight can be reduced by four to five kilos. If you use it continuously, you will not gain weight again. Make it and take advantage of it. People say that everything is a lie. Please use it once and you will be surprised by the results


  • Ajwain Desi 100 grams,
  • 50 grams of lac grains,
  • Marble black 100 grams,
  • Roman Wormwood 50 grams,
  • Gul Kanir White 50 grams, Noshadar 50 grams,
  • 50 grams of penumbra,
  • Black pepper 50 grams,
  • Turmeric 50 grams,
  • Clonji 40 grams,
  • Sanamaki 50 grams,
  • Lemon juice 1 kg,
  • Watermelon 500 grams

Proscription Preparation

Soak all the ingredients except the nutmeg and musbar in curd and lemon juice. When it is dry, mix the other ingredients, grind them, dry them and grind them again to make fine powder and make 500 mg capsules. Keep it filled

Dosage: One capsule only once at night after meal or according to the physician advise. The dosage can be increase or decrease according to the need.

Lemon use for weight loss

Useful fruit lemon belongs to the family of malts. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. This fruit boosts the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It also accelerates the process that burns fat. A person who consumes one lemon daily for a year will never lose his metabolic rate. So obese people should consume one lemon daily whether it is in curry or lemon water. Use it but don’t use too much salt and sugar in lemon water, it will cause harm instead of benefit.

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