Homeopathic Medicines For High blood /pressure Low blood pressure

Homeopathic Medicines For High blood pressure Low blood pressure
Homeopathic Medicines For High blood pressure Low blood pressure

High blood pressure Low blood pressure

Now a days, remaining blood pressure out of control is a big issue. Some people complaint high blood pressure while other about low blood pressure. What is the reason ? and its solution. Usually people take the Allopathy medicine to control the blood pressure range. In this article, we are telling about Homeopathic Medicines For High blood /pressure Low blood pressure.

Those who are fed up with medicine will also lose their life from medicine Now high BP. Talk about immediate control. Just take one dose of anything from Adrenaline 200 to 10m and get immediate relief. Just 5 seconds of inhaling Emulsion Mother Tincture can lower BP and even act as an anxiolytic in an emergency heart attack.

Other than that Creatigus Q .Pasiflora Q. Gloninum 6.

Mix three drops of all in half a glass of water every fifteen minutes. It will be normal within an hour. Then give this medicine three times a day. Now let’s talk about treating BP for reasons.

Spygelia It is the best medicine for heart inflammation and heart enlargement. If there is a heart valve problem Arm Mate 30. Give 3 drops 3 times a day. If there is a problem of frequent dizziness and joint disease.

Homeopathic Medicines For High blood /pressure Low blood pressure

So give salam album 30 If there is a problem of gas in the chest above the stomach in the stomach Give any one of Carbo vege 30 to 1m.

If your stomach has come out. Those who eat and drink and sit all day long have a big stomach Nix Vomica can take 6 to 30 to 1m. If you have hardening of the arteries and an enlarged heart Bright Ipecocc 30. take If the problem is post-menopause, the first dose of Lexus 200 to 1m will help. If BP gets high after hearing some big news Take Gelsemium 30 to 200. Belladonna 200 normalizes when the blood is pushing more towards the eyes and head. Digitalis will work both high and low and will improve your heart’s performance.

Latrodectus works best when the heart pain is below the left shoulder. Low BP. Those suffering from lack of sunshine and taking vitamin D capsules should take 4 tablets of Calcarea Phos 6X 3 times a day. Those who have a disorder of the thyroid gland are definitely forced to eat thyroxine. Women who have low BP due to heavy menstrual bleeding or breastfeeding Take China 30 times a day and on improvement take 3 times a day. Excess of fat Alum Stava is the best solution. When chest tightness is felt and Bp is low Cactus Grandi does 30 instants from Q. remember.

In rest department it is temporary relief but in Homeo its permanent cure is available. Remember, excess cholesterol, narrowing and blockage of arteries, kidney damage due to sugar, heart valve blockage, heart perforation, inflammation of the heart, enlarged heart and increased BP can be caused by many other reasons. .Each cause is treated to control Bp, its diagnosis is very important and the best permanent solution is possible with homeo. Otherwise, the file of tests and the shopper of medicine will be your companion and it will do something you never thought of. I admit that our homeo doctors are weak because of the education system in our country but you must agree that there is no better system of treatment than homeopathy, otherwise those doctors who are against homeo

Never find homeo medicine in your handbag. And this is the success of the homeo system that even the opponents accept the truth of homeo inside the heart. Opposition is their compulsion, otherwise their business will be affected by Homeo. This daily ECG. After that, Echo. After that ETT followed by Egography. After that anxiety what is all this but business how many dead bodies come out of these hospitals that charge you millions except for time horizon and know all this because of these atays. is from Whoever is here is a doctor, therefore, whatever medicine is given, it should be given with an eye on the symptoms and please, you people are also requested to study medicine first.

to keep the blood pressure under control we can use Home Remedies To Treat Blood Pressure.

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