Tulsi herbal tea health benefits-how to make tulsi tea

Tulsi herbal tea health benefit
Tulsi herbal tea health benefits

Tulsi tea has amazing health benefits, it Strengthens the immune system. For women tulsi tea is useful in menopause symptoms and also beneficial for hot-flashes. In heart diseases, it not only Promotes heart health but also lower the cholesterol level and keep the blood pressure normal. Here we tell you about Tulsi herbal tea health benefits-how to make tulsi tea.

Often people start the day with tea, too much tea can harm the body, but instead a cup of herbal tea can be very healthy and is also helpful in curing many diseases. Taking a peek into the world of tea, there are thousands of flavors that not only give freshness but are also beneficial for health. Some of the popular flavors of tea are as follows – Herbal Tea – It is also called Tizan, it is cold or hot. It can be drunk, it is prepared by mixing herbs, spices, leaves, flowers, fruits, berries, seeds, roots etc. It can also be called a kind of decoction. Let it stay in hot water for a while, you can add honey to it, if you want, you can also make cold herbal tea. Mix herbal tea in normal water and keep it for some time and drink by adding ice cubes to it.

Tulsi herbal tea health benefits-how to make tulsi tea

Drinking it keeps sufficient amount of water in the body, the amount of calories in it is very less, caffeine is in less quantity. is beneficial. Peppermint Tea – Herbal tea made from mint is consumed all over the world and is very beneficial. Dry the mint leaves thoroughly in the sun, rub them with both hands and fill them in a box, boil water and add two spoons of mint leaves to it, filter it and drink it after adding a small amount of honey.

This tea opens up the blocked nose and provides relief in throat pain, drinking it prevents cold. Drinking it in moments of excitement and stress provides relief, keeps the digestive system healthy, provides relief in stomach pain and increases the body’s immunity. Green tea – Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to relieve headaches to depression. Green tea is prepared by steaming its fresh leaves. While making green tea, do not boil its water too much, it will destroy the leaves and its flavor will also be reduced, add a few drops of lemon juice, apart from this, pieces of Shiva and pear can be mixed with mint juice and honey.

According to a research conducted in China, the risk of high blood pressure is lower in those who drink green tea regularly. It contains a special antioxidant called flavonoid which lowers cholesterol or combats cardiovascular diseases. It also protects and increases the metabolic rate, which helps in reducing weight. Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger – A unique treat with this special blend that is enriched with Tulsi and Green Tea, as well as flavored with Lemon and Ginger, it also aids in digestion.

Tulsi Spicy Tea

This incomparable concoction of Tulsi is made from a combination of the ever favourite freshly brewed spices that premium Assam Tea that refreshes a person as soon as he drinks it.
Tulsi Green Tea – This low-caffeine combination with Tulsi and Green Tea naturally increases energy Tulsi Green Tea also reduces body weight by increasing the speed of metabolism.

Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea – The tangy taste of lemon has been added to it along with the tulsi leaves, it has a touch of natural sweetness and the delicious taste of green tea and ginger must be experienced or nothing less than a miracle, which is better in taste. At the same time, it is also suitable for health. For more information on the world of tea.

Tulsi herbal tea recipe

Tulsi herbal tea develop many amazing health benefits on our body,
It help to increases immune system
it helps to reduces the extra body weight
In India tulsi tea also called basil tea, it has many health benefits, specially chest related health benefits.
Tulsi tea preparation is not difficult to make, Just a few simple ingredients and easy to make. It can make in just few minutes.

To make tulsi tea (basil tea ) you have to include ginger, honey along with a tinge of lemon juice. These all ingridients make the tea provede us refreshes our senses and mood in an instant while simultaneously removing all the tension away.


  • 1 inch ginger
  • 8 leaves of basil
    2 green cardamom
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    2 teaspoon honey
    1/2 cup water

How to make tulsi tea

For making this tulsi tea recipe, we have to boil water as we need, two and a half cups of water to it Take a large utensil and put it up on the high flame.
While boiling the water add all herbals as such tulsi, cardamom powder chopped, ginger, and let them boil. To better preparation keep the flame medium and let the water boil. Boil the water for till the water reduces to just 2 cups.
At this point, take off the tea from flame and pure the tea into cups or glasses as you like and serve.
Tulsi Tea hot is ready with a dash lemon juice and of honey.


To get further better benefits we can add 2 o 3 cloves or crushed black pepper.
To extra taste we can also add some leaves of green tea.

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