Homeopathic Remedies for Kidney stones

Homeopathic Remedies for Kidney stones
Homeopathic Remedies for Kidney stones

Homeopathic Remedies for Kidney stones

Kidney stones is a common problem in these days. The calculus in the kidneys are extremely painful and dangerous. The kidneys stones are made of these substances that do not require the human body. To get rid from kidney stones use homeopathic remedies, This is the reason, we are presenting article about Homeopathic Remedies for Kidney stones.

Causes of kidney stones

The job of kidney is to clean the blood and regularly remove the waste chemical by solving with water. But in kidneys another action is continue in which the exhausted water come back mix in the blood by absorption again in the kidneys. If it was not exhausted water absorption system in the body, then there would be dehydration in the body. When the transaction occurred, due to abundant foods like rice and the breeding effects, then kidney water absorption process also increases. Due to this water absorption the urine in the kidney pit formed thick.

Remember that the urine of the kidney calculus patient is naturally thick. Particles of thick urine form as the stones. Then little stone form in big stones later on. These kidney stones may can develop many problems for the many other body organs near kidney like urinary tract and urinary bladder. Stones in the kidneys are extreme painful. If these stones diagnose at early stage, then these stones don’t develop any permanent damage in surrounding area.

There are two problems together occur in kidneys stones, extreme pain and stone problem depending on your situation. To management this problem two work have to do. To release the pain need pain killer medicine. A lot of water drink to pass a kidney stone.

Types of kidney Stones

Kidney stones are form from different materials. Everybody’s stones are different from other. Generally, kidney stones are formed in four types of structures.

Uric Acid Stones

This type of stones commonly forms in males. Due to drinking less water the various articles in urine gather in the kidney and form in stones. Some people eat mostly animal’s proteins in diets but don’t utilize this protein properly. The families having gout history can experience this problem.

Calcium Phosphate Stones

Sometimes any abnormalities occur in the urinary system functions. Milk and milk productions provide calcium to the body. These type of stones formed when calcium and Oxalate work together. Sometimes calcium also creates stones with different materials, carbonate, or phosphate. Some quantities of calcium and other chemicals are essential for the human body, but when the amount increases more than need in the body, kidneys have a tendency to become calcium stones.

Calcium Oxalate Stones

The Calcium Oxalate Stones is the most common type who found in the individual. Uric acid and calcium Oxalate are main chemical of urine. Sometime the quantity of oxalate become low and other chemical quantity become high then chance of kidney stones can increase. Just like if the levels of cit-rate or uric acid level become low. The persons use diets high in the calcium are more in the risk of kidney stones. Many foods are rich in calcium like spinach, tomatoes rice. When the substance becomes more and more, the kidneys are described as slices. These rocks are usually made up of young people. Become excessive of oscillate proteins, and caffeine-rich drinks.

Strutted Stones

This type of kidney stones commonly found in women. Infection in the urinary system is main reason of this type. They are also known as stroke-free rocks. Stones of this type grow very fast and become large quickly.

This forms of stones are more dangerous and complex than normal palms. Creates severe pain which is known for some time. Strutted stones are usually made in women. Those who usually suffer from urinary tract infections.

There are four types of stones have variation in shape, color and size. The sand size of the sand may also be as much as possible. 75% of these stones are calcium flaws. Ten percent of uranium are made of acids, while more than ten percent of the stones occur due to inflammation.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

The pain on the kidney side causes the congestion to the streams in the thighs.
Riding, jumping, or riding is intensely painful.
After urination or doing any hard work increases the pain.
In case of Stones in bladder, the pain will feel in bladder, Suture and penis.
Urine intensifies.
Urination is equipped with lazy fluid, puss or blood mix.
If stones located on the bladder mouth, the blockage occur or urination in drops.
Sever pain starts with vomiting
The patient suffers from fever and Cupid
When the stones pass from kidneys to the bladder, usually there is two types of pain occur.
The pain caused by kidney swelling.
When the urinary intrinsic tries to push down the stones and remove, then the individual feels very severe pain.

Some other causes for forming stones in the kidneys:-
Intestinal inflammation
Chronic Diarrhea
Water deficiency in the body
Bai carbonate deficiency in the body
Non-absorption of fat in the body
Urine prevention
Brain inflammation system
Use of drug addiction.
irregular feeding
Extra fat usage
Lack of sleep
Vitamin D abundance
Mostly use of anti-constipation pills
Inflammation of prostate gland
Homeopathic treatment For Kidney Stones
Article Eurasia
Kidney stones, sand exhausted in urine, thick urine. This remedy removes the stones from kidney and bladder.

Homeopathic remedies to exhaust kidney stones

Ocimum can 30
Severe pain in the abdomen and kidneys. Red color urine in which a red particle is mixed out. In this condition this remedy is best

Berberis vulgaris Q
Pain leads urinary groove, Repetitive urine. In this case the berberis vulgaris is best homeopathic medicine.

Dioscorea 30/200
Writhing, with dry and crimpy pain, with passing of renal calculus. Spasmodic stricture of urethra, with pain about pressure. Pressure on rectum, paroxysmal colic. With these symptoms the dioscorea is useful medicine.

Terry bin thina 30/200/1000
This medicine prevents the process of forming kidney stones. Use it in thousands of potentiates if the kidney stones have formed. This homeopathic medicine is very effective for removing kidney stones.

Sarsaparilla 30
After urine, severe pain in the kidney position, anesthetic pain in the bladder, Hare will do the same medicine.

Lycopodium 200
The stomach hardens, the abundance of gas, such patients usually suffer from obesity. This medicine is famous for remove kidney stones.

Household Useful Tips For Kidney Stones

Household batters prove to be very useful for removing kidney stones.

Eat a soft leaf of radish, which can eat. In twenty days, the stones will remove through urine.
Grind the seeds of radish, eat three grams daily in the morning, and the stones will be removed.
Boil the peak flour in half a kilogram of water. When the water is half, then mix sweet and drink every hour later.
Seven pieces of black peppers make seven pieces of bread. Every day, get sugar mixed with sugar. In seven days the stones will remove.

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