Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes

Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes
Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes

Healthy alternatives of sweet dishes

A diabetic person can not enjoy by eating sweet dishes. Sweet dishes are cause of blood sugar level high, whereas, patient has wish to eat sweet dishes. So we are submitting 3 Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes for diabetic persons.

Whether you want to loss your weight or you are a diabetic, in both condition sweetness is forbidden for the whole life. Doctors and friends first advise you not to eat sweets at all. But what we have to do, we desire to eat sweetness as people advise not to eat sweets.

Today we are sharing with you some of healthy sweet alternatives. You will also eat sweets and both your glucose level and weight will be under control. If you are diabetic or someone is suffering from diabetes in your home, surprise them by making these homemade sweet dishes.

Sweeteners are generally banned because they are usually made from sugar or they are full of high carb, such as flour.

Both of these things are cause of glucose level to rise after going in the body. But by using a little common sense to find healthy sweet alternatives of these things. By doing this, our glucose level and body weight will be under control and we can enjoy the sweet taste.
Here we are sharing to you three healthy alternative who are very basic and much loved dishes.

Gulam Jaman Low Carb

Gulab Jaman is a sweet, as you hear about gulab jaman, sweetness of gulab jaman automatically melts in the mouth. But you can not imagine to eat the bazaar made gulab jaman full of sweetly water.

Gulab Jaman is a sweet that you hear the mention of the lion in your mouth automatically melts
But you can’t imagine eating the sweet and full of sweet water, gulab jaman of the bazaar. you will make gulab jaman ( low carb ) recipe which is delicious as the gulam jaman made in the market.

But There are healthy alternatives with just one gram of net carb in one serving and keeps your blood sugar and weight in balance.

Delicious dish is low carb kheer ( pudding )

Kheer ( pudding ) is our traditional dish.It is prepared on special days like Eids and other similar occasions. But Diabetic persons and overweight people kept themselves away from sweet dishes. We have a traditional dish and it is made a lot especially on Eid or similar occasions but usually diabetics or weight control people are kept away from pudding.

But here is a low carb pudding recipe with only one gram of net carb in one serving. Due to this reason, you can make it yourself at home and can enjoy. There are 26 net carb in the bazaar pudding.

Easy low-carb nuts chocolate

low-carb nuts chocolate

Can we enjoy the chocolate taste with diabetes.
An easy low-carb chocolate recipe that due to just 0.1 grams of carbs will keep your sugar levels under control and will fulfil your Interest in chocolate eating.

In this recipe 80% dark chocolate is used, which is useful for you. Remember the common chocolates bars on the market are actually “country chocolate bars” that are full of sugar and bad fats. Please don’t use them. Use only dark chocolate with more than 70 or 80% but in moderation.

These 3 Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes are low carb dishes and keep control the blood sugar level.

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