Obesity Causes and Treatment

Obesity Causes and Treatment
Obesity Causes and Treatment

Obesity Causes and Treatment

Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which the fat build up in the body. Obesity develop many complications in the body. In this article we mention about obesity, causes and treatment.

Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which the fat build up in the body. The body gains the weight and bloating occurs.
The experts still have not been able to give a satisfactory answer to the question, why some people are obese without any reason.

Causes of Obesity

Every time a new cause of obesity stands up before us. Most of the people think that a person, lifestyle, eating habits, less physical activities, mostly sleeping, less interest in the exercise, all these lead to gaining weight and obesity. This is a fact, but there are exceptions, some people eat everything without any care, and they are smart. They don’t do any exercise except sitting for a long time but they are very smart and not they gained obesity.

It is confirmed that overeating in people creates a lot of problems and obesity is one of them. In developing countries it is observed that Obesity is also a leading cause of death.

An estimated 70% of people worldwide are currently obese or overweight.
Many obese people, often remain hungry, for a long time and donot eat meals, to loss weight or coninue various exercises.
On the other side some people become obese despite eating less and exercising.

What is the reason ? Why it happens?

Every human,s body is different from other person. The ability of absorb nutrients, is different to other person. Just like the nutrition distribution in the body is also different to other person.
We all know how the man become overweight.

Why Obesity Develops in the Body

Our body weight start gaining extra weight and we become obese when we start eating more fatty meals full of extra calories than we need. We have to think that why eat unhealthy meals and more calories than our need.

But why we eat extra calories than our need ?

We eat extra calories because sometimes we love to eat delicious meal like chocolate or cake on birth days, although have too much fat and full of extra calories

However, we know that we will feel regret after some time

Obesity is always the result of overeating. (If there is no disease). If the amount of energy and calories in the food that we eat is more than the amount of energy daily consumption, then this excess amount accumulates in the form of fat in our body and leads to over weight. So it is better to do proper exercise along with meals full of fats.

Experts have also state that stress is a major cause of obesity. When we are under a lot of stress, our sleep is disturbed, so we feel more hungry and get relief only by eating something and the amount of sugar in the blood is also affected.

Obesity Causes and Treatment

Some more causes of obesity
According to the experts, smoking creates affects on respiration, reducing oxygen consumption. As a result, appetite increases and weight gain begins.

In some families, the genes mutation is a cause of obesity. Due to unhealthy genes mutation, the appetite may can increases. Some people have habit of overeating and in result they become obese.

Sometimes, it happens unwillingly and sometimes it has some causes and it is also a result of human bad habits. The most important thing is how to lose weight if someone is overweight. The hardest task is losing weight. Gaining weight is easier than weight losing. People can feel tiredness and fatigue, if they succeed to loss some weight.

90% of the people who fall victim to this disease, due to their mistake. Obesity is not only called the disease but also called ‘Umm Al-Amaraaz’. Obesity can also lead to asthma. The heart pumps the blood to all blood vessels. The heart diseases may can develop due to the enlargement of heart’s size.

What should be done to avoid obesity?

As the food is concern, we need to know how much food our body needs. When we feel hungry, we should eat. when we feel some hunger still remain, we should stop eating. This is such a great principle that the people who adopt this principle are very symmetrical, smart, active and very agile. All their senses work perfectly and proper and they do not get tired.

A healthy person, no matter how much is his weighs, needs more approximately 2,000 calories a day.

A man need 2000 calories per day, but he work in the office and sit on chair all the day, or do a job in which there is not much hard work and physical activities. On the other hand a labourer picks up sacks, works on the roads or plods in the fields, he will need more calories than the first person who has to burn his 2000 calories.

Obesity in woman, Causes and Treatment

In the society usually, the men work hard to earn while the women stay in the home without any hard work. After working at home for an hour or two, they feel fatique and then they have to rest. When the persons hard work, their body starts sweating, the breathing rate increases and the pulse rate also increases. These all signs are linked to extra energy and extra calories consumption.

Weight vs Calories

How many calories need a person per day?

First multiply by 12 to the weight of a person in pounds.
Weight in pounds = 100
Multiply by = 12
Calories need per day = 1200
The person has to consume 1200 calories per day.
Its mean, the person with 100 pounds of the weight, he must consume minimum 1200 calories daily. In case of the calories being stored in the body without consumption, the body weight will increase, on the other side, if the person will consume maximum calories of the body the body weight will decrease. This rule is for men. Women will reduce their calorie intake by 6%. That is, for 100 pounds, they need 1128 calories.

How Obesity Develops in the Body

If you do not get 200 calories, then the calories in the body are stored in the form of fat, they will start to be used, thus it will start to lose weight. At the same time, use things that cleanse the stomach. We need to know how many calories are in each food (such as meat and vegetables) and how many calories will be used to do what.

For example, if a person climbs stairs for an hour, he uses 1100 calories, if he swims for an hour, he consumes 500 calories, and for running, he will consume 550 calories, while during sleeping and keeping wrest will consume only 60 calories per hour. A person continue the work while he is sitting on the chair, he will consume 90 calories, while he will consume 70 calories in case of working in lying down position.

Thus, women spend 170-200 calories in household chores and women say that if they work so hard, then why they are not losing weight because they do not use more than 170-200 calories in chores. An hour of brisk walking burns about 400 calories.

Not eating breakfast makes you gain weight. Breakfast is a very important meal. Dinner is also very important. If any person skips the dinner, psychological problems arise in a person and sleep also disappears. Instead of lunch, we can eat fruits or salads. It doesn’t matter if you skip lunch, but skip breakfast and if you don’t hurry, your can gain weight.

Any body want to loss weight, he must eat any fruit, such as summer, cold, papaya, melon, before meals to reduce the fat from the stomach. It will clears the stomach and prevent from fat developing.


Obesity; Causes and Treatment

Obesity develop in the body due to extra fat in the body. To avoid extra fat, person must not adopt luxurious lifestyle. Person should eat a simple diet. people must try to burn all calories by physical activities.

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