Importance Of Mother Feeding

Importance Of Mother Feeding
Importance Of Mother Feeding

Mother feed is good natural diet for babies. because it is has necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. The mother feeding not only provides satisfaction to hunger and thirst but also provide protection against the various diseases during baby life. According to the nutrients, mother feeding not only protects against allergies, sickness, and obesity, but also protects against diseases, like diabetes and cancer. These are the reasons that Mother feeding is important for baby.

Mother feeding

Mother feeding is important for baby

Importance Of Mother Feeding In Modern Age

All over the world mostly the mothers feed her babies in early six months or more. This the very natural and simple way to feed the babies. Because mother milk has all the nutrition values that are need for babies, so it is a good natural diet for babies. The mother feeding not only provides satisfaction to hunger and thirst but also provide protection against the various diseases during baby life. Mother feeding create a good relation and loving bond between mother and baby.

Mother Feeding In Science Age

All physicians and nutrients are agree on this point that breast feeding is a perfect diet for her baby. And there is the bottle feeding is concern there is not any importance or favour to bottle feeding against mother feeding.

The relation between mother and her child is the strongest than any others. This blood, family, emotionally, seasonally, and chemically relation. This is a requirement to retain human life that the mother feed her child to retain and save this relation.

Mother feeding is according the roll of nature because the child can get all parts of diet who are necessary to his growth and construction. So it is requirement of nature and order of Allah (God.)

Quot of Quraan

And mothers feed there children complete two years. ( Al Baqrah )

After birth, mother feeding is perfect diet for first six months of her child to offer the most protection. Mother feeding is sufficient to exhaust child thirst, so in this period there is no need further extra milk, extra water, cold water, juices or sugar mix water.

Composition of Mother Feeding

Fat (g/100 ml)
Total 4.2
fatty acids – length 8C Trace
polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.6
Protein (g/100 ml)
total 1.1
casein 0.4
a-lactalbumin 0.3
lactoferrin (apo-lactoferrin) 0.2
IgA 0.1
IgG 0.001
lysozyme 0.05
serum albumin 0.05
ß-lactoglobulin —–
Carbohydrate (g/100 ml)
lactose 7
Minerals (g/100 ml)
calcium 0.03
phosphorus 0.014
sodium 0.015
potassium 0.055
chlorine 0.043

Breast feeding protects from deferment illness

As you know that mother feeding is perfect diet for babies up to six months. Mother feeding contains all compulsory minerals and salts who are necessary for baby. Due to containing all minerals and salts breast feeding provides protection against illness that can occur in the baby’s breastfeeding stage.

Reduce the risk of cancer in the babies

From many researches and studies it is discovered that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of developing cancer in the childhood. Mother breastfeeding can prevent many diseases who can occur later in the human life such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and high cholesterol level.

Bacteria Free feeding

Breast feeding is a bacteria free feeding on the contrary the cow or buffalo milk. Neither bacteria can enter in it nor mix any other harmful thing. This feeding goes direct from mothers body to child mouth. So it is free from any environmental pollution, dust, or other things.

In different studies discovered that breastfeeding not only provide diet to children to grow but also increases a immunity in children against diseases and infection. Breast feeding is a perfect and full diet who not only provide healthy diet to the babies but also strengthens the immune system. The mother milk contains the antibodies in it. When the baby takes the feeding from mother, the mother passes antibodies to the child through this feeding. These antibodies provide power to the children and help to improve the immune system against diseases.

polyunsaturated fatty acids are very important and essential for human health specially for children. polyunsaturated fatty acids not only important for general health but also for brain development. Breast milk contains polyunsaturated fatty acids in a lot of quantity. This is the reason, that the breastfeeding is important for children health for the first one or two years. Because polyunsaturated fatty acids are important for baby brain development, so breastfeeding may make your baby more intelligent.

Useful in Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders

The baby can digest his mother feeding easily and breastfeeding naturally prevent the baby from constipation while cow milk or other formula milk can make hurdles in baby’s intestine. In case of Digestive disorders in the babies, the mother feeding should start. Mother feeding has nutritional compositions who are useful in Digestive disorders in babies.

God gifted boom Free

Mother milk is a God gifted free, pure and unlimited like water. No price have to pay for this best quality diet. The baby can take as he need and wish any time. No reduction can come in this sacred fountain. Allah gifts as baby needs. The baby can drink any time when he feels hunger. No strike, poverty or emergency can effect this diet programme.

Nutrition according to child age
Allah’s natural system is such perfect, solid and according to natural requirements. And he provides to all humanity according to his need with changing circumstances. He provide a child his diet’s requirement through his mother feeding.

By the bless of Allah, mother feeding contains all parts of nutrition who are important for children, so the mother feeding provides all types of nutrition to the babies according to baby age.

Mother feeding contains all mineral salts, Vitamins, fats and other important salts with quantities maintain balance. As the baby’s nutrient requirement increased the nature completes the all requirement according the age and baby size.

Immune System and Mother feeding
Secretory Immune Globulin is important for new born babies. It provide protection against germs attacks. Secretory Immune Globulin is present in mother feeding. Mother feeding is best feeding as first feeding after baby birth. Because Secretory Immune Globulin provides guards against invading germs by forming a protective layer. This layer can form on the mucous membranes in your baby’s intestines, nose, and throat.

According many researches and studies that mother feeding strengthens the immune system. Mother feeding provides many antibodies to the babies, who can fight against many diseases and help improve the normal immune response to certain vaccines. In mother milk there are such parts who protect the child from different diseases like diarrhoea, polio and influenza.

Role of Breast Feeding against Allergies And Cancer

Breast feeding has an antibiotic effects and can provide protection the baby from developing allergies. Breastfeeding not only provide protection from allergies, bit also protect from Eczema. Very less cases are reported an allergic reaction in breast-fed babies.
From many years it is being researching on allergy and breast feeding. After search it is discovered that breast feeding appears to help protect children from developing allergies in the babies. The parents having allergy history, their children found safe from allergy, due to mother feeding because mother feeding has protection power against allergy.

Studies show that breast feeding not only prevent from allergy but also has preventive power against cancer and can reduce a child’s risk of developing certain childhood cancers. The antibodies in the mother feeding make the immune system strong and give boost to immune system as well against diseases.

Mother feeding may provide protection the children from being overweight
Breast feeding nutrition Value
The nature has provide all nutrition and chemical in mother feeding. List of chemicals and minerals is below:
fatty acids
serum albumin
a-lact albumin

When we look to other feeding, they have not all chemicals and minerals, and balance quantity as well.
Look at above composition tables mother feeding composition is different from cow, goat and formula milk. Chemical and nutrition quantities in mother feeding is less than cow milk, goat milk and formula milk. Chemical and nutrition parts in mother feeding are according to the child need and requirements.

Not only according the child’s body requirements but environmental need in winter and summer. How much new borne human child chemical and nutrition requirements ,God provide such parts in his mother feeding. Neither extra parts nor less parts but due to his need. As the child grows up his requirements increased quantity of nutrition parts increased in mother feeding according his age,his body size and, health and season.

Mother feeding is best than cattle milk

On the contrary, the chemical and nutrition parts in cow and goat milk are only only suitable for cattle babies not for human child. Thus God has provided extra nutrition parts in cow or goat milk according to their growth need. If this cow milk give to human baby in which nutrition parts are more than his need, thus these parts will be harmful for his health. The human child will digest as he need and extra parts will store in his body specially extra fats. Gradually baby weight begin to increase.

It is recommended from long research in USA that breast feeding can reduce the risk of overweight or obese in teenage or adult where the parent have obese history.

Breast feeding has all combination of nutrients essential to a baby, health. No one any formula can compete the mother milk. From the birth to throughout a child’s life it provides a number of health advantages. Many health problems of children have prevented or decreased, where mother feeding is adopted. If mother feeding continue for long time up to 2 years the baby will get the health benefits of breastfeeding.

It is observed that respiratory illness is more common among formula-fed children. Because the formula feeding can create great risk of severe respiratory infection in babies than children who were grown on mother feeding for a minimum of four months or more.

Formula feeding Side Effect

The babies who were feeded of Formula feeding, after some months, it observed that babies start suffering from ulcerate colitis and digestion disorder.

In South Asian countries usually mothers do not care of hygiene rules, Every time mothers do not sterilize nipple and bottle by hot water, due to ugly nipple and bottle the bacteria’s get growth in it and can cause of diseases like diarrhoea. Due to hygiene ignorance the cow or goat milk usually not boiled properly and bacteria may enter child body and develops many diseases.

Mostly mothers do not know how much milk quantity of milk need for child, mostly they feed them extra milk who be cause vomiting and dehydration. Due to hygiene ignorance most of mothers do not know about quantity of milk powder must mix in water. In case of less milk powder or extra quantity can create problem for babies. Extra milk powder quantity in the formula feeding, the child may suffer from Diarrhoea. If low quantity powder mixed milk feeded to the child, the baby can suffer from constipation.

In research in Japan, the nutrients discovered that about 43 thousands babies were kept on breastfeed only up to seven months. After 7 months, it seemed that all babies do not become obese or overweight, while, other category of babies become obese who were feeded Formula feeding.

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