Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes
Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes have a condition in witch sometimes during sleeping, the blood sugar level becomes very low. Especially if person takes insulin.

What Is Brittle Diabetes

Brittle Diabetes is a condition in witch sometimes during sleeping, the blood sugar level becomes very low. This is a very dangerous condition. In this condition blood sugar can dip dangerously low during shut eye for some people with diabetes, especially if they take insulin.

To the diabetes specialist Brittle diabetes is a sub-type of type 1 diabetes. When diabetes type reaches on such condition in witch the disease becomes out of control, this condition called brittle diabetes. In the diabetes brittle the patient have to face more often, greatest swings in blood sugar levels, due to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Brittle diabetes is occur mostly in the age of over 40. This condition indicate that brittle diabetes may, in some cases, resolve itself in time.

Causes of Brittle Diabetes

The persons having in diabetes type 1 are in great risk of brittle diabetes. The brittle diabetes in persons having diabetes type 2 is rear.
To the some diabetes specialist, the diabetes brittle is one of the complication of diabetes. But some doctors say that diabetes brittle is a subtype of diabetes type 1.
hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia are Cause for Brittle Diabetes

In the diabetes brittle the patient have to face more often, greatest swings in blood sugar levels, due to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Brittle diabetes is occur mostly in the age of over 40. This condition indicate that brittle diabetes may, in some cases, resolve itself in time.
The most basic cause of brittle diabetes is diabetes type 1.

The peoples suffering from diabetes type 1 are more in risk of brittle diabetes.

Stress and Diabetes Brittle

Brittle polygenic disorder largely related to psychological problems like depression and stress. Stress will cause acute and temporary endocrine resistance.

These each factors develop facet effects on endocrine and endocrine part unable to pay his role properly. Its mean the body does not get proper benefits of insulin. This condition It hurts and disappear quickly without warning.

Why it happen ?
This condition happens when any patient does any mistake on dose timing or dose quantity. There is another factor that while patient taking medicine for treatment diabetes yype 1, any other psychological issues develops and insulin actin disrupted in result diabetes brittle occur.
A body nerve, Autonomic neuropathy, if become damage due to any reason, it develops the side effects on body organs, and develops many problems, an example, gastro paresis. This development can disturb the functioning of the intestines.

Other some causes are as under:-

Over weight
Being woman
Eating disorder
gastrointestinal absorption problems
drug interactions
problems with insulin absorption
hormonal malfunction
adrenal insufficiency

Signs and Symptoms of brittle Diabetes

In diabetes type 1, sometimes the blood sugar level drops down very rapidly, this is main symptom of brittle diabetes. People with diabetes type 1 or type 2 diabetes can experience these symptoms when their blood sugar levels are off.
In the diabetes brittle these symptoms appear and later on changes come suddenly, frequently without any warning.

Symptoms of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) include:


blurry vision

excessive thirst

increased hunger

increased urination

fruity breath

nausea and vomiting

Symptoms of low blood sugar include:

lack of energy, fatigue, tiredness


feeling shaky or anxious

increased heartbeat



Brittle Diabetes Diagnosis

Brittle diabetes is not a common condition, Because this reason the Diagnosis of brittle diabetes is pretty rare and tricky. Typically, this condition related to psychological problems, like stress and depression. In some cases, psychological problems lead to neglect self-care for diabetes. It is observed that some people start ignore the principals of diabetes care. They don’t devote to stop maintaining a healthy diet or management of their blood sugar. In result , metabolic imbalances further complicate and often worsen the underlying psychological problems, causing a repetitive cycle of brittle diabetes.

Brittle Diabetes Treatment

Brittle Diabetes Treatment point of view, after understanding and to solving the above issues, whether physiologic or psychological, it is important to focus on treating brittle diabetes.

The blood test may can describe the determinate of diabetes and causes of instability. If the diabetes medication develop positive effects in a positive condition by keeping the patient in hospital, then should be focused on environmental, psychological.

If it declared that cause of diabetes brittle is a merely physiological reason its mean it depends on behavioural and environmental reason. In the above case if we diagnose the other causes like psychological, it will be very difficult and lengthy process.

On the other side if the cause is determined to be psychological, the treatment must continue with the psychology therapy. For this purpose it is necessary to consult psychology professional in evaluating and treating these patients. In experience it is approved that psychotherapy is effective in treating diabetes brittle.

Way of Treatment

Every type of diabetes have difference way of treatment. Diabetes brittle is treated in centre made for specially for diabetes brittle. But some times diabetes brittle patients transferred to other type of diabetes centre for better treatment and managing their diabetes.

These transfer to other special centres sometime proved helpful for the brittle diabetes patients. For the diabetes brittle patients it is necessary to to keep the patient in hospital for some weeks and monitor his foods, diets and insulin treatment.

How to Avoid Blood Sugar to swing

Person having any type of diabetes must keep his blood sugar level normal. If he experience a drop in blood sugar, he may quickly become shaky, irritable, dizzy, or hungry. To keep blood sugar levels balanced, need to improve diet and make adjustments to daily habits.

To avoid the swing in blood sugar level some steps should keep in mind.

Improving Your Diet

Healthy Diets

Because the cause of swing is being blood sugar level high or low. So to avoid to being blood sugar level high complex carbohydrates should choose. After digestion all carbohydrates break down into glucose, a simple sugar.

Complex carbohydrates take too much time to convert in energy, due to this lengthy process blood sugar will not drop suddenly and patient will be safe from swing. To keep the blood glucose level under control, always select low-glycemic foods, fiberic vegetables, low-glycemic fruits and whole-grains.

Some fruits and vegetables are high-glycemic foods, avoid such foods who break down quickly into sugars. The foods like this not only break down quickly into sugars but also increase the blood sugar level.

Avoid following foods

potatoes, (too much starch)
white rice (starch combination)
sugary drinks (having too much calories)
processed foods usually made with white flour.

Avoid sugar-free foods.

Avoid these sugar free drinks

Some people think that artificial sweeteners do not effects on blood sugar level. so they continue it in their meals. In result the blood sugar level become high. People should know that artificial sweeteners not only can cause blood sugar level high but also can raise cholesterol problem. It is observed that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the blood sugar level in the body.
Because sugar free products contain carbohydrates that after digestion break down into sugar. Having the carbohydrates the sugar free products can cause of blood sugar high.

Avoid from alcohols

sugar alcohol may can cause to raise blood sugar level, so diabetic person pay attention while drinking sugar alcohol. A large quantity of sugar alcohol can push the blood sugar level to up.
Caffeine is a chemical, found many things and uses in many drinks and foods. Caffeine is a part of many drinks, like alcohol etc. Where it is useful in many issue, where it is cause of rapid increase in blood sugar levels. We have to know, how we can avoid to raise blood sugar.

Eat smaller portions

The diabetes specialists suggest that patients should eat small portion of foods in a the day, because big portion of foods can increase blood sugar level after eat and remain high for long of the day.

Maintain your blood sugar levels by eating several smaller meals through out the day. Whenever, you sit on the dining table, Be content on small portion sizes.
Diabetic persons must avoid the foods who are having high rate of fats, because high fat foods may can increase the blood sugar levels for long term or short term. The diabetes patients should avoid to eat dried fruit that contain extra quantity of sweet like dates etc.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet to avoid sickness.
It is clear that, if a person eat or drink much cold foods, ho might can suffer from flu, so avoid much cold, just like eating too much meal can increase blood sugar level, so must avoid it and eat balanced meals.
Remember that include fruits and vegetables in the meals. Eat low fat fat dairy products, choose lean proteins and keep eye on your blood sugar levels.

Drink more water

You should be drinking at least 6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. In case of blood sugar level is high the patient feels extra thrust. If the patient feels extreme thrust he should drink a lot of water not only to fulfil the water deficiency but also to keep the blood sugar level normal. Remind that drinking water must be without any kind of sugar or sweetener like sport drink. If the patient will drink contain carbohydrates water to fill the dehydration, the body quickly turn that carbohydrates into the energy. In place of energetic water the herbal tea or fruit infused water must drink.

Have a snack before going to bed

Snakes for diabetes

Sometime during sleep blood sugar level drops in case of less meal before sleep. In this situation the next day person will feel tiredness and extra weakness.
To avoid this panic condition it is necessary to take little snakes before go to bed to keep blood sugar level stabilize. So before sleep take a light snake with any energetic material.
It is good to eat like popcorn, a handful of nuts, or a bowl of oatmeal.

Keep monitoring your blood sugar level

Exercise is a good way to keep the blood glucose level normal. To achieve this goal before exercise first checked the blood sugar. Exercise, usually drops the blood glucose level, so before and after must check the blood glucose level to avoid the dangerous condition. During exercise, our body consumes sugar as fuel.
Keep the eye on blood glucose level because extreme exercises can increase the level of blood glucose.
The blood sugar level drops down for many hours so the diabetic person should continue to keep the blood sugar level control even after done exercising.

Reduce your alcohol intake

To keep the blood glucose level normal the patient should reduce the alcohol intake. Because sugar and carbohydrates are essential part of alcohol. The blood glucose become high after drinking alcohol. If the patient avoid to drink the Alcohol the blood glucose level drop low. If the patient finished the alcohol suddenly, the blood sugar could then drop to dangerous levels. To stay safe from this swinging, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible but under doctor advice.

Wear the dress according the weather

Wear the dress according the weather. Changes in weather and temperature develop effects on blood sugar level. Due to changing in the weather and temperature can raise or drop the blood sugar level.
In cold season, wear clothing in layers is a good choice. To meet the season effects and avoid from the bad effects, it is essential to add or remove layers to meet the season for better health.

If the blood sugar level goes high in warmer dress. so to lowering the blood sugar level must put off the warmer outfit and put on the cool feeling dress.

Stress relaxation

Practice stress relaxation techniques

Blood sugar level may can be high due to mental, physical, or emotional stress.
to any external reason when body feels stress, a gland releases a hormone to fight the stress.

You could also try to

Avoiding stress
Deep breathing
Progressive muscle relaxation

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