Testosterone Maintenance In The Body

Testosterone Maintenance In The Body
Testosterone Maintenance In The Body

Testosterone Maintenance In The Body

Why it is important to maintain testosterone levels in the body

Man needs approximately 270 to 1070 nana grams of testosterone levels to maintain marital life and mental health. So man must know about Testosterone level and Testosterone Maintenance in the body.

When your blood pressure starts to rise at a trivial level, your temper becomes irritable or you find it difficult to keep fit with increasing age and a drooping waist, or you miss one of all the masculine qualities that a man should have.

To understand this, every person must know about testosterone maintenance in the body. A person, if he want to know about his testosterone level, he must go to examine by a medical lab. A man needs approximately 270 to 1070 nano grams of testosterone levels to maintain his marital life and mental health.

If your testosterone level is right and you are taking this hormone only for the sake of becoming a bodybuilder. In this case the disadvantage is that your own body stops making testosterone hormone. Prolonged injections of testosterone or other synthetic forms can cause infertility. This hormone should not be taken unnecessarily and without the advice of a qualified physician.

By the way, Some glands of woman, produce in small amounts of testosterone hormone in the body. Ovaries of woman form the hormone testosterone. It is fact that it is basically, a male hormone. In the age of 13 years, testicles of men start to produce testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a fetus a boy. The highest amount of testosterone in a healthy person’s body is at 8 in the morning and this amount is halved before going to bed at night.

Production of Testosterone And Testosterone Maintenance In The Body

Testosterone Production

Testosterone levels rise between the ages of 15 and 30. This hormone production in the testicles slows down with age. Every year after the age of 35, your testosterone levels begin to drop by one percent. By the time a man reaches the age of 60, his testosterone levels have dropped by 20 percent.

Obesity also lowers testosterone levels. Stress, depression and anxiety also lower testosterone levels. Waking up late at night and not getting enough sleep also lowers the testosterone levels.

Eating disorders and some medications can cause testosterone levels to drop. If its level is too low, among many other problems, the penis may shrink and become smaller and it may be difficult to perform marital duties.

If your testosterone level has dropped due to a virus, a detailed article on how to increase it naturally will be posted soon. Then you will not need to inject testosterone.

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