Wonderful Effects of Surah al Rehma

Wonderful Effects of Surah al Rehman
Wonderful Effects of Surah al Rehman

Wonderful Effects of Surah al Rehma

The total duration for reciting Surah Rehman is around 45-50 minutes as without the recitation of translation.

Listen Surah Rehman By Qari Basit Daily For Cure of Complex Diseases-You can find Wonderful Effects of Surah Al Rehman

Quran is a sacred and divine book, Allah Almighty has revealed it book on Hazrat muhammad (salallahu elehe wsallam) for the guidance of human lifestyle. The importance of the Holy Qur’an in guiding human life is obvious. The main purpose of this book revelation is to provide correct way to the Muslim, so that they can find the right path of worship and obedience to Allah. While the Qur’an provides complete guidance in spiritual matters, it is also a guarantor of human physical health and healing as well.

Through many verses of Quran, we can treat our body diseases, specially, Surah Rehman, we can not only treat bacterial diseases such as Tuberculosis and Leprosy but also cancer as well as Hepatitis. Even the medical specialist admit this fact that Surah Rehman can show the Miracles on the human body, through healing in different types of complex ailment.

Many medical specialists have started reciting the Holy Quran to patients at the ICU centre by recording on device. The medical specialists noticed that the recitation of the Holy Quran had developed magical and miraculous effects on the patients.
Some people do not believe on this and they believe that there is no fact in this theory. Such thinking is not correct.
In different seminars, The doctor has accepted this theory as true and he has shared his experiences that he has obtained by reciting the Holy Qur’an to the patients. They claimed that some patients got relief from diseases through hearing Surah Rehman.

Wonderful Effects of Surah al Rehma

The Qur’an is a holy book that presents a complete code of conduct. While it has spiritual effects, it also has healing effects on various diseases in humans.

According to the Pakistani medical officers, This Surah can provide cure against different diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, tumour or the condition of paralysis. According to medical specialists and religious scholars, through hearing Surah Rehman direct impact on human brain system and heart cells functioning as well.
All over the world, the research is being done on effects of Surah Rehman on human health and cure against the diseases. This is a great proof on benefits of Surah Rehman on human health.
of this surah
If you wish to get spiritual and physical health benefits of Surah Rehman, you must recite this surah more often as is possible. In a day recite it and hear its recitation maximum daily basis.

Procedure Of Hearing Is This Surah

Sit and listen in a place away from noise,
Close your eyes so you can be alone,
And listen carefully to his words and try to understand the meanings of the words,
You should recite it at least three times a day,
Or recite it once with each prayer,

Continue this procedure up to 9 to 10 day, then you will feel Essential benefits, improvement and better changes in the health.
Apart from Surah Ar-Rahman, there are many other Surah and verses of the Holy Qur’an which are instrumental in giving relief and salvation to man from many diseases. If you continually search about the healing properties of this surah, you will certainly know that each word of this Surah has great property to provide the benefits to the human body. In case of any person is suffering from any sort of disease, he should not waste the time, but should contyinue to listen the Surah Rehman thrice a day, Insha Allah, he will get immediately The blessings of this Surah.

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