Treatment White Spots on Face

White Spots on FaceWhite Spots on Face
White Spots on Face

Treatment White Spots on Face

It is called that if we know, what are the causes of the diseases, then the treatment becomes easier. So first step is to identify the reason behind these white spots then we can do effective treatment of white spots.
Leucoderma is a rare condition which is characterized by loss of pigment from the skin. The skin which loses pigment appears white. The white spots on the skin are sometimes surrounded by whitish rings. Several factors have been associated with this condition like environmental factors, stress, autoimmune disease and hormonal imbalance.

There is no specific course of treatment for leucoderma.

There are several ways and instructions that must be followed.

People suffering from leucoderma are advised to avoid to use of use harsh soaps, cosmetics and powders.

People with leucoderma don’t be fond of citrus foods, because citrus foods damage the skin. They also avoid to shell fish and foods high in iron.
To get rid from white spot on the skin Artificial phototherapy is more beneficial because this therapy to reduce leucoderma and white spot on the skin.

Artificial phototherapy may help reduce leucoderma. Because it is observed that sometimes exposure to light may can activates the skin cells that are responsible for pigmentation.

Another more common and less serious cause of white spots is fungal infection. The fungus pityrosporum ovale causes a condition called tinea versicolor. This condition is more prevalent in areas with hot and humid climates. It can be treated by using antifungal creams and washing the face frequently. Here are some of the tips to combat tinea versicolor:

Visit a dermatologist and get a prescription for topical or oral anti fungal medication.

Dry skin of the face makes white spots on the face, So keep the face skin skin by washing the face frequently with mild soaps.

Rinse your face with dilute apple cider vinegar. This will keep the skin environment acidic and prevent over growth of yeast.

Ketoconazole present in anti-dandruff shampoos can help cure these white spots. Rub some anti-dandruff over your skin using a cotton ball.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If you have to go outside during the day, make sure you apply sunscreen lotion.

Exfoliate your skin regularly. This helps remove dead skin, debris and fungus from the skin. Homemade face scrubs are preferred because they are milder. You can use:

Soak fnugreek seeds in water overnight and use the water to wash your face.

Cut a small piece of ginger or garlic and rub it over the white spots.

Make a paste of honey, sandalwood, rice powder and turmeric powder and apply over your face.

Honey mixed with cinnamon also makes a good face pack for treatment for white spots.

A paste of black gram can help.

Green tea extract can help treat this condition.

Apply aloe Vera gel over the affected area.

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