Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits of honey
Health Benefits of honey

All over the world, the most favourite food to the peoples is honey, honey is a sweet, delicious and viscous in taste. it is used to get cure from too many diseases. there are many ways of its usage. It is gotten from honey beehive, where the bees make the honey. Honeybees make the honey from the sugary secretions of plants, by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. No doubt, there are countless health benefits of honey.

In different seasons, to the need, honey bees store honey in wax structures called honeycombs, At a suitable time peoples collect the honey from these honeycombs. The person who collect the honey, collect the honey from wild bee colonies and from hives of domesticated bees. The honey is sweet in taste, honey bees gets its sweetness from the monosaccharaides fructose and glucose. Its sweetness similar to table sugar.

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a very well-known nutritious food. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah says, “Honey has cures for people.” Honey is both medicine and food”. Honey is very beneficial for the body and regular consumption of honey can cure many ailments. Here you will find the list of ingredients of honey, nutritional value of honey, benefits of honey and benefits of consuming honey.

Ingredients of honey

  1. Glucose: 25 to 37 percent.
  2. Fructose: 34 to 43 percent.
  3. Sucrose: 0.5 to 3.0 percent.
  4. Montoz: 5 to 12 percent.
  5. Amino acid: 22 percent.
  6. Mineral salt: 28 percent.
  7. Enchim: 11 percent.

Health Benefits of Honey

  1. Energy: Honey is a good energy food. Good source of heat and power. Honey keeps the body healthy by adding heat and energy to the body.
  2. Aids in digestion: The sugar present in honey is easily digested. Because, the dextrin it contains, directly enters the blood and acts immediately.
  3. Relieves Constipation: Honey contains vitamin B-complex. It relieves diarrhoea and constipation.
  4. Anaemia: Honey is very effective in anaemia as it helps in the formation of haemoglobin in the blood.
  5. To cure all lung diseases and shortness of breath: Honey is useful in all lung diseases. If an asthma patient consumes honey regularly, his breathing problems will be reduced.
  6. Insomnia: Honey is a good medicine for insomnia. A glass of water mixed with two teaspoons of honey before going to bed at night induces deep sleep.
  7. In sexual impotence: In men who have sexual impotence, if they eat a mixture of honey and gram every day, they will get a lot of benefits.
  8. Soothing drink: Honey mixed with lukewarm milk is a soothing drink.
  9. 9. to guard the Rima ores: Honey is employed to guard the health of the oral cavity. If honey is used on the teeth, it prevents tooth decay. Gargling with water mixed with honey relieves gum inflammation.
  10. Stomach health: Honey strengthens the stomach and removes digestive disturbances.
  11. Heat production: One or two teaspoons of honey with a cup of boiled water keeps the body clean and fresh.
  12. Dehydration: In case of diarrhoea, one litter of water can be mixed with 50 ml of honey to prevent dehydration.
  13. To increase eyesight: Mixing honey with carrot juice improves eyesight.
  14. In cosmetics: Honey is also used to increase the smoothness of the facial skin.
  15. To lose weight: Honey does not contain any fat. Cleanses the abdomen, reduces fat, leading to weight loss.
  16. Aids in digestion: Honey is easily digested and aids in digestion.
  17. Voice of the voice: Makes the voice of the voice beautiful and sweet.
  18. To maintain youth: Honey improves skin tone and skin. It will increase the general strength and youth of the body.

More Benefits of Honey

  1. In the formation of bones and teeth: Calcium is an important ingredient of honey. Calcium keeps teeth, bones, hair roots strong.
  2. To remove anaemia and constipation: Honey removes anaemia and constipation.
  3. Cure dysentery and stomach ache: Honey is beneficial for many complex diseases including curing old dysentery and stomach ache.
  4. Asthma: Mix half gram of ground pepper with equal amount of honey and ginger. Consume this mixture at least three times a day. It helps prevent asthma.
  5. Reduces high blood pressure: Mix two spoons of honey with one spoon of garlic juice. Consume this mixture twice a day. Regular use reduces high blood pressure.

24 Blood purifier: Mix one or two spoons of honey and one spoon of lemon juice with a glass of warm water. It helps to purify the blood. Apart from that, it also cleans the blood vessels.

  1. Aids in blood production: Honey contains iron which is a blood producing material. Iron makes blood components more effective and stronger.
  2. Heart disease: A mixture of one or two spoons of honey with one spoon of fennel powder acts as a tonic for heart disease.

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