Health benefits of Jamun

Health benefits of Jamun
Health benefits of Jamun

Jamun or Syzygium cuminiis a an evergreen tropical tree, belong to flowering plant family Myrtaceae. In Asia it is known as java plum, black plum, jamun or jambolan. Peoples like this tree because of its good taste fruit, good health benefits and ornamental value.
The jamun tree fruit is blackish, due to this reason, it is called black plum. A misunderstanding generally accrues due to the black plum name, sometimes blackberry also called jamun, which is a different fruit in an unrelated order. Later on, jumun was introduced in many areas as islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. In west the jamun was introduced in to Florida in United States, and it is commonly grown in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. Jamun fruits not only eaten by human but also eaten by various native creatures as birds and small mammals, like jackals, civets, and fruit bats.

Health benefits of Jamon

Jamon is a cheap and easily available fruit. The arrival of this fruit occurs in the rainy season. It ends in the same season. This fruit is common from North Pakistan to South India.
According to doctors, Jaman’s temperament is cold and dry in the second degree. One of the great qualities of the blessings that Allah Almighty has given to mankind in the form of fruits and vegetables is that they mirror their seasonal requirements.
Jamun has its place as a nutritious fruit, but it also works to treat many disorders, thus jamun can be considered as one of the fruits that are rich in nutritional and Health Benefits Of Jamun.

Types of Jam

There are small jams called desi jamun and big ones called phalandas while there is a third variety which has very little pulp.
Valuable Medical Benefits of Jamun:

Jaman has numerous medical benefits and has been proven beneficial in the treatment of many diseases. Jaman is very useful in controlling diabetes. Jaman is more beneficial in type 2 diabetes than type 1 diabetes. But it is not appropriate to depend only on the use of jamun instead of other common medicines for this disease.
Diabetics can keep their sugar level moderate if they eat mangoes occasionally, then eating jamun after that.
It also moderates the bitterness of the mango.
Jamun vinegar is also beneficial for diarrhoea, gastro and other stomach ailments in rainy season. which has been used for centuries. In case of infection, avoid eating jamun
The effects of
Jaman is very useful to protect against boils. Face spots, blemishes, dark circles are removed by regular use of jamon or jamon syrup. The color of the face fades.
Jamon is also used externally to remove blemishes, scars, spots, shadows from the face. For this purpose, make a paste by rubbing the kernels of jamon in water and apply it on the face. Jamon strengthens the body.
Jamun is also useful in urinary irritation. If the mouth is ripe, take 1 pao of soft leaves of jamun and boil it in one kg of water.

Eating jamun corrects the voice and clears the throat.
Complaint of watery mouth while sleeping at night (Badi)
Eliminates stomach acidity. To remove the weakness of the stomach and intestines, mix one teaspoon of jamun vinegar with three teaspoons of sugar to make skanjabin and in the morning And use evening.
Twenty grams of jamun leaves to stop the bleeding of piles
It is useful to rub it in a cup of milk and filter it.
Jamon has been found useful in wet vomiting and nausea disorders. And such hands that become wet in the rainy season. For them, the use of jamun is a useful nutritional remedy.
Consuming jamun removes thickening of blood and increased acidity – for this reason it is also considered beneficial in blood cancer. Due to its cold and dry nature, it absorbs excess moisture from the body.

Shows good effects in liver and spleen edema-

Due to the presence of iron in jamon, the number of red blood cells increases.
According to the chemical analysis of jamun, it also contains iron
It is found that it is also useful for people with anemia. Jaman is a natural treasure of vitamin (vitamin C), so people who have bleeding gums as a result of vitamin C deficiency should use jaman along with its use. Also use the leaves because jamun leaves and trees are also useful. In case of bleeding from the gums, it is useful to boil jamun leaves in water and add a little salt.

Jaman vinegar can be made in the following way:

Extract the jamun juice as needed and put it in an earthen jar, close it well and keep it in the sun – add a little ground rye in it. After two months, filter whatever is in the jar, the jamun vinegar is ready – This vinegar gives strength to the stomach and intestines, it not only keeps the digestive system healthy but also digests the food quickly. Hunger sounds right.

In terms of its functions and properties, it is appetizing. Dispels heat, removes blood vehemence and acidity. It is an excellent gift for warm-tempered people.

Some Medicinal Uses of Jamon:

Strong teeth and gums:
Jamon wood charcoal is ground and slightly salted and black
By mixing chili and using it as a paste, teeth and gums are strengthened. Thus the jamun trees
A decoction of the bark will also provide the same benefits.

Mouth ulcers:
Jamun without salt in mouth blisters
Dry the jamon flowers and grind them finely
Bleeding is stopped by using as Spleenitis:
Consuming jamun vinegar and applying it on swelling is beneficial in swollen spleen-
Jamon is a cheap and easy-to-produce fruit – it is produced in the rainy season and it also ripens in the same season. This fruit is common from northern Pakistan to southern India.
The temperament of the doctor’s close relatives is cold and dry in the second degree. One of the great virtues that Allah has given to mankind in the form of fruits and vegetables is that they have their own seasonal requirements.
As jamun, the fruit has its place of providing food, but it also serves as a measure in many situations.

Benefits of expensive fruits in jamun seeds. If you are starting to throw the seeds of jamon, then stop and know these benefits first

Sweet and Sour Juicy Jaman is not only a delicious fruit to eat but also has many benefits. The benefits of this special summer fruit are not only in the pulp but also in its kernel. Today we will tell you about the benefits of jamun and its kernel so that next time you too can take full advantage of them instead of throwing them away.

Peel the jamon kernels and then grind them in a grinder to make a powder and keep it in a bottle. This powder is useful in gastrointestinal disorders and diabetics can also benefit from it. By consuming one teaspoon of this powder with water in the morning and evening, diabetes is also controlled and the stomach is also healthy.

Body and back pain

By mixing jamon kernel powder and jamon pulp to make a paste and keeping it in the fridge, daily consumption removes physical weakness and relieves back and body pain.

Sore throat and cough

People who have frequent sore throat can also benefit from this fruit. Make a small pill of jamon kernel powder and suck it with honey. By doing this regularly, there will be a noticeable improvement in the sore throat.

Jamon is good for blood pressure patients

Jamon can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which are a major risk factor for heart diseases, making this fruit very useful for patients with high blood pressure.

Abdominal pain and constipation

Juicy jamans are rich in nutrients. Jams are a rich source of fiber and help you get rid of problems like stomach ache, acidity, heartburn and constipation.

Makes the skin clear and bright

Jaman cleans our blood and removes the bacteria from our blood that cause our skin to face problems like nail acne. Jamun is very useful for the beauty of the skin.

Why should diabetic patients eat jamun?

5 diseases in which eating jamun is useful

While the colorful and delicious fruit jamun feels good to look at and eat, there are also many benefits hidden in it for our health. Jamon is originally from the Indian subcontinent, but now it is easily available in other countries as well. Well, this fruit has many benefits, but in this article we will discuss the benefits of jamun which can help in fighting major diseases.

1- Diabetes

Jamon is a rare fruit which is also beneficial in diabetes. Jamon reduces the symptoms of diabetes such as increased thirst and frequent urination. Since jamon has a very low glycemic index, it does not raise blood sugar. Jamon leaves and bark are used to make diabetes medicines. Diabetic patients can also drink jaman juice with light black pepper on the doctor’s advice

2- Oily skin and acne

Jamon is a useful fruit for people suffering from oily skin. Jamon has the ability to purify the blood, so people with oily skin and acne on the face can benefit from eating jamon.

3- Removes anemia

Vitamin A, C and iron present in jaman increases the hemoglobin in the blood i.e. red blood cells. Apart from this, eating jamun also increases oxygen

4- Protection of teeth and gums

The anti-bacterial properties in jamon help in reducing tooth and gum infections. To this purpose, the jamun leaves are grinded to make powder. In case of tooth and gum infections, this powder can be used as a tooth powder to reduce bad breath and bleeding from the gums and also to treatment teeth infection.

5- Antimalarial

Since malaria is also caused by a virus or bacterial infection that enters the body after a mosquito bite, jamun also reduces the symptoms of malaria. The malic acid, tannins, gallic, oxalic and betolic acids present in it are useful in preventing common infections and malaria.

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