Loose weight with Common kitchen spices

Loose weight with Common kitchen spices
Loose weight with Common kitchen spices

Loose weight with Common kitchen spices

Many spices in the kitchen are health beneficial for us as such ginger, garlic, Cumin and cinnamon. Specially we can Loose weight with Common kitchen spices with no side effects.

Eat garlic and lose weight

The most important thing is to start the day with the best. Our stomach remains empty for seven to eight hours throughout the night. In such a case, whatever we eat early in the morning has a very quick effect on the body and this is the best time to lose body fat. We all know that the effect of what we eat throughout the day is visible on our face and body, so we should keep an eye on our food and drink throughout the day and we should know what we are eating.

How it will affect our health?

Start your day with lemon juice. Add lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water and add a pinch of salt and drink it. Its daily consumption not only improves your physical functions but also gradually reduces the size of your belly. also reduces

Rice is eaten with great enthusiasm in every home. Different dishes are prepared from it on festivals, but know that rice also causes fat in the body and it is difficult to lose weight due to it. So, women who cannot survive on rice should reduce the consumption of white rice and replace it with brown rice. It is also beneficial for your health. In addition, brown bread, which And make porridge etc. a part of your diet. This will remove the lack of fiber and on the other hand will also help in melting fat.

Although it is difficult to stop consuming sugar and products made from it, it is very important to avoid it. Remember that soft drinks are also among those that have a lot of sugar in them. Sugary drinks, on the other hand, contain oil that Increases fat in many places in the body, including the stomach and thighs.

If you want to lose waist and belly fat, increase your water intake. Water is added to the blood and reduces fat, while drinking more water keeps the toxins out of the body.

Eating one or two cloves of local garlic every morning is very useful. If the garlic is peeled and crushed with a spoon and eaten with lemon water, it improves blood flow on the one hand and on the other hand Helps reduce belly fat.

It is not correct to become a complete vegetarian to lose weight because meat is a substitute for some of the important ingredients in meat. In addition, the use of fish is also appropriate. Increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits benefits the whole body. So make all seasonal vegetables and fruits a part of your diet. Cinnamon is useful in blood pressure and sugar, while turmeric is full of antioxidant components. Black pepper, coriander, ginger and fenugreek also have numerous benefits. I must add

Ginger For Weight Loss


The use of ginger to eliminate obesity will eliminate your biggest problem. It is called that Ginger Basic Tonic in Every Season for everyone.

Weight gain is a problem for everyone. Once the weight is gained, people stop eating, start exercising only to get tired after a few days and give up everything. Even a small amount of weight loss is lost and people end up looking fatter than before.

Less weight
To do this, you need to take care of some things like keep yourself well hydrated, drink water and be careful with what you eat and drink. Also start exercising and keep it up and exercise as much as you dare. Excessive exercise can be harmful to your health, but today we will tell you a great way to reduce exercise that you may not know about.

Have you ever heard the name ginger wrap?

People who are very worried about their extra belly fat can easily lose extra weight with ginger wrap. Today we will tell you how these magical wraps are made, you will feel the change within days by using it. Here are the things you need for this wrap.

A teaspoon of chopped ginger,

five tablespoons of body lotion,

plastic wrap,

a clean towel and a flexible bandage.

How to make a wrap:

First you soak a towel in lukewarm water and squeeze it well and wrap it on your stomach for 5 minutes, this will open all the pores on your stomach. After that you mix chopped ginger and body lotion on your stomach and then put a plastic wrap on it. Leave it wrapped for a few minutes, being careful not to wrap the plastic wrap too tightly or you may have difficulty breathing. Leave the bandage on for five hours continuously, for best results leave it on overnight and remove it in the morning. Don’t worry if you feel confused during this process, you may experience this kind of trouble at first after doing this process but it will not harm you.

Loose Weight By Balingu Seeds

A way to use Balingu Seeds that will start losing weight fast in just a few days and will surprise everyone.

You must have used sperm in drinks, but do you know what is so special about it that it also helps in losing weight quickly. Let us tell you today a method that you may not have heard for the first time to lose weight.

Oatmeal does not increase cholesterol, which is why it helps in weight loss. Now know the best and easiest way to lose weight which will see your weight under control without any special exercise.

Take a glass of warm water and soak two spoons of Balingu Seeds in it. After soaking it well, add half a glass of plain water and mix it by adding a spoonful of Aspaghol. Add two spoons of apple cider vinegar and one spoon of fresh lemon juice and mix. And consume this drink daily. By using it you will soon notice the difference.

Lose weight with kitchen spices

Just drink one cup and lose 50 kilos

Interesting and strange coffee

There can be no better month than Ramadan to lose or gain weight. In this month, some people gain weight and some lose it so much that it is surprising to see. Always remember that to gain and lose weight. Your diet also plays a role. Because if you eat and drink badly, you will not have to use expensive medicines, so it is important to avoid these things and use this simple remedy that I have told you. It will also reduce and every bloated stomach will also be inside. From this we will make a natural drink which is a simple remedy. Which can be used even in the month of Ramadan, it can also be used by people who have high BP, so let’s see how this remedy works.

So first of all you have to take water plain water you have to take a little more than one cup of water now put the water in a bowl and then heat it. Heat it until it boils then turn off the heat and drain the water into a glass etc. Now you have to put the green tea bag into the water. Now leave it like that for two minutes, after two minutes take out the tea bag. Now you have to add two spoons of apple cider vinegar.

Now you have to cover it and keep it for ten minutes and this is your weight loss drink ready. The calculation will be done. It is mandatory to walk or exercise at the time of Iftar and also take care of your diet. The weight will be reduced quickly and the stomach will also be in. It is a simple remedy. You must try it and share your experience. It is also necessary to convey good things to others. Because it is a remedy that can only benefit others, it has no harm. If you want to lose weight and reduce the fat you have, then there is no better remedy than this remedy, you should use this remedy regularly.

The growth of hair on the faces of girls gives rise to many big problems and it also happens that sometimes only due to the hotness of hormones, girls or women develop thick hair on the face, which can be solved or So threading is also done periodically or waxing but these two methods have to be done two to three times in a month or once in a month. Women also undergo hormonal tests for this.

The current price of which is around 22 thousand in Pakistan which is done by a good laboratory. There are some serums available in the market that are very useful for solving this problem, one of which is the Evenly serum which you can order online for just PRs 1750 and only use it once. It seems to make a difference. But for those who want to make these things at home, there are also some very useful things that can easily get rid of unwanted hair by making this type of serum at home and applying it on the face. . White glue and glycerine are easily available in the market.

Apart from brown sugar, mix these three things well. Apply this paste on your face or body wherever the hair appears, it not only kills the follicles inside your extra facial hair but also creates an irritation that causes the follicle to grow inside. The inside starts to burn and the growth of extra hair starts to stop

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