Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment

Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment
Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment

It has been observed that men start losing hair at some age. In some cases, in the age of 24 the hair start to fall. Although in this situation, the men try their best to stop the hair to fall but after some year, they suffer from baldness. Although there are too many medicines and oils are available in the market but no recovery found. What are the reasons and causes ? that are mentioned under. In this article, the details about Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment are

Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment

Baldness is a Sanskrit word and one meaning is its precious treasure

Common causes of male hair loss

When we realize that our hair is falling out, it creates an anxiety and worry and does not immediately understand any solution. In fact, there are many reasons why men lose their hair and most of them are preventable.
According to scholars, these reasons can be divided into three types which are :-

  • genetic
  • Lifestyle
  • And they contain quick diseases.

Genetic process
It’s in your genes

The reason men lose their hair in a circular pattern in the middle of the head is because U-type baldness is actually part of many men’s genes. It is not due to stress but is entirely genetic and is passed down through family members. The most effective treatment for this type of genetic baldness is some medicine which, if used as advised, results in the cessation of hair loss in men.

Are you getting older?

After reaching the age of 30, the growth of hair slows down and the process of thinning begins. To prevent which you should contact your doctor instead of asking for prescriptions.
$ lifestyle

Your diet is unbalanced

Just like the body, hair needs nutrition to grow and stay healthy, sudden weight loss, low iron levels or a poor diet can cause hair loss, but often on a temporary basis. The solution lies in a healthy and balanced diet that contains protein. steel Zinc etc. are included.
One important thing is premature greying of hair
and fall

As an oral medicine, use Jaarish Jalenus Khanasaaz and Rogan Shabab Reza along with it
Note: The main ingredients of Jawarish Galenos are Mastagi Rumi and Saffron. Now it is up to you to decide

How can 100 grams of jalenos be prepared and given for 300 rupees?
May Allah do something that no one understands
Prescription Lugan Shabab
Amla. Green Behera rust Balls Gandhak Anola Sar. fast Saad Kofi. Gul-serkh-sika kai. Henna leaf Aqr Qaraa love Flower Pomegranate Persian. Each forty grams of water three kilos
Keep it boiling and then dry it in one and a half kilo of mustard oil. When it gets cold, add two hundred grams of olive oil and use it.
For full benefits, use the accompanying Jowarsh

Causes Of Baldness

There are many causes of hair loss and the success rate of treating them is low.

A gentleman from Multan Sharif ordered for treatment and after sending the picture, the front is completely empty, there are also problems with sugar and liver, so the answer was submitted to him that after seeing the picture of your head. I believe that if you are treated, the rate of success is only five percent. Later on, after his first test, the doctor Daulat Singh Sidhu’s test, and later on, he noticed one thing. I am keeping you in the presence of your friends. But the request is to seek the help of a doctor instead of becoming a self-medication

Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment

Hakeem Muzaffar Awan has also mentioned this version in his book Kunz al-Murkabat Bahwala (Nazir al-Atba).

  • Prescription salve
  • Castor seeds 50 grams
  • Khakastra Pachak Dashti 6 grams
  • Parrots Green Berries Two Reds

Mix all the medicines in a copper vessel by adding as much curd as needed until it becomes a paste
After that, clean the head from the hair and apply a very thin layer and tie it with leaves, thanks to which the pimples will be removed from the head in two to three days.


This ointment is very useful for baldness
If you use this ointment for baldness, you should do it immediately after applying it for two days,
So you move on to the topic
The talk was about the reasons

Mental stress

When stress affects the hair, it suddenly becomes very thin. The solution is to remove the causes of stress from life, but if this is not possible, it is useful to do mental exercises and regular exercise.

Tie the hair tightly

It damages the hair roots along with the skin and accelerates the journey towards baldness.

Do not clean
The result is swelling and dryness that affect hair growth

Gel or chemo
This also proves to be harmful

Avoidance of falsification
Long hair is also considered a cause of hair loss

Recipe for baldness

Red pigment known as Kamila pigment
Four hundred grams of mustard oil
Kamila Red 50 gms

Recipe preparation

Heat the oil on flame till it crackles
Later, take it down and let it cool down. When it remains lukewarm, add the kamela and stir it frequently with a wooden stick until it cools down.
Your medicine is ready


This ointment is also useful for abscesses and non-healing wounds


The use of equal weight of Rogan Abhaya Khansa and Rogan Amla proves to be effective in darkening and thickening of hair.

The most important reason of baldness

It is also a habit that increases the risk of baldness. Smoking also increases the circulation of harmful substances that affect hair growth.

Avoid eating breakfast
Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and it is also very important for hair. If people don’t have breakfast, the scalp doesn’t get fuel, as a result hair growth is affected and it starts breaking gradually.

Skin and head condition

Dandruff can lead to itchiness and can lead to hair damage and temporary hair loss. If you are concerned about itching, consult a doctor so that he can prescribe a treatment. In case of relief from this problem, hair growth returns to normal.

Inflammation of the scalp
It is a harmless rash that often occurs on the scalp, resulting in small red bumps that itch. When this happens, a swelling occurs in the scalp and causes hair loss. If you have this pain, avoid scratching as much as possible and consult a doctor to avoid damage.

An important point
How to make Rogan Amla in the next post
By mentioning two prescriptions and one important thing

Why do our hair fall out?

Remember, the average lifespan of each hair is four to four years. When its life ends, it falls and new hair is replaced by the master. In fact, there are many reasons why men and women lose their hair.
The first and most common cause is genes, i.e. family history. I have mentioned earlier

The reason for the loss of hair in a circle in the middle of the head, especially in men, is that U-type baldness is actually part of the genes of many men and is passed down from generation to generation in the family. So if your father, brother, grandfather etc have baldness and you are male then a hormone called DHT in you is responsible for hair loss. And most male pattern baldness is caused by the same DHT hormone and is permanent and very rapid. Hair weakness caused by DHT passed down from generation to generation is the main cause of hair loss and this is the reason why no matter how many tricks we try, the result is always the same.

What is the end of DHT?

DHT is the name of a hormone that is made from another hormone, testosterone. Many people may think that testosterone is only found in men, but it is also found in women. And if they also have a family history of hair loss due to DHT, women also start losing hair. So, when the level of DHT is high, it reaches the roots of the hair and compresses them and as a result blood circulation and nutrition do not reach them properly and the hair starts falling.

And gradually the hair root shrinks completely and no new hair can grow and you become permanently bald. Even if you have a normal DHT level but there is a family history of baldness, it is very possible that even this normal DHT level will cause your hair to fall out prematurely.

The question remains that how can hair fall be prevented?

The answer depends on the cause of your hair loss. If you are a man and your hair loss is due to family history and DHT hormone, then there are some medicines and oils that only a doctor can prescribe but there is a problem. As soon as you stop using the drug, DHT will begin to work again. So in such a case, a solution is said to be a diamond transplant.

Requesting a tip on hair transplant

According to the teachings of the religion of Islam, it is illegal to permanently or artificially apply another human’s hair or pig hair
In addition, Islamic scholars differ on donating two human organs upon request.

Baldness Of The Head Causes Treatment

Just Prescription Treatment Chak Dev Kim

How to make Rogan Amla.

There are many ways to make Rogan Amla. But the below-mentioned method requires patience and patience, the latter has a lot of benefits

  • Two hundred grams of fresh amla seeds removed
  • Sesame oil 1000 grams

Recipe preparation

Grind the amla and put it in an open-mouthed glass bottle and add oil
keep in
When the color of amla turns dark, strain the totil through a coarse cloth and add any perfume or amla spirit for aroma.
Synthesis use
Massage into hair roots


It lengthens the hair and maintains its colour and thickens the hair.
Egg yolk
Boil the native eggs for fifteen minutes
Later, separate the egg yolks and put them in an iron pot on the stove and let them cook.
Later, by placing it in a cloth or vessel and pressing it, the oil will come out
This is your pigmented egg

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