Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment
Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

(Unani way of treatment)

Asthma is more common in children and adult also can suffer from it. It mostly affects your lungs. There are many causes of suffering asthma as such chest tightness, breathlessness, wheezing and and coughing at night or early in the morning. In this article we will provide details about Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment.

The sentence is objectionable

Asthma only goes with asthma

Now it will not be understood by those who give to the rice or what the imams or great elders say. I am convinced of the effectiveness of Ruqyah Sharia
Understand the meaning of the above-mentioned sentence in the poet’s words Dum Da Bharhos Yaar Dum Na Aoye or understand it in this way.
Asthma lasts until the human exhales, that is, the ancient people used to call the breath by the name of tail
Now understand

Asthma is a disease that only goes with asthma, but through reliable and correct treatment, its symptoms are reduced and life is made easier, so that the patient can live every day of his life according to the natural requirements.
The famous thinker Raber writes about this disease that once you have asthma, you have it for life. You cannot always be the same. You can have it as a child and beyond Can be revised again.

What is asthma?

  • It is a Greek word and means short breath.
  • And this is the name of respiratory disease
  • Lungs play a primary role in breathing
  • They are called lings in modern parlance
  • They are two in number in our breast

When we inhale, oxygen enters the airways through the mouth, which is also known as the bronchi. Two ducts reach the lungs through the right and left bronchi. At the end of the bronchioles are millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli, where oxygen is absorbed into the blood.

The process of breathing in is called inspiration and the process of exhalation is called expiration
During inhalation, the chest expands due to the contraction of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. When the diaphragm contracts, it flattens and descends slightly at the top, increasing the length of the cavity.
When air is inhaled during respiration, it moves into the alveoli, the smallest sacs in the lungs.
Surrounding these sacs is a network of blood capillaries, the surfaces of both of which are closely intermingled. It communicates with the oxygen in the venous blood, where the air is exchanged. until the pressure on both sides is equal

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

In terms of politeness, please refrain from comments and only ask questions according to the said post
If there is a question, write down the treatment. If there is a question, tell the difference.
Servants of God, the first episode of this article has just come, please be patient, God willing, the full details will be covered.

Moving on to the topic
Our respiratory system is based on eight components
If even one of the organs (parts) is damaged, respiratory diseases and many other complications may arise
nose . Larynx. Pharynx. Trachea. Brincoi. Burcules. Alulai. Lings.

Abadan scholars must have some courage to explain them.
While the general reader should pay attention only to these words.
A large number of children and adults are suffering from this disease in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan

What is asthma?

It is the name of the respiratory disease which is caused by the disorder of the respiratory tract and lungs
It is also called short breath
That is, this disease can leave you gasping for air
What actually happens in this disease is that the airways become chronically inflamed and the result is airway sensitivity.

A subtle point
When inflammation reacts in the airways, the result is more mucus production
This thick mucus makes breathing difficult by narrowing the airways
Symptoms in this disease are always different in each patient
An attack of the disease can happen at any time
Asthma causes chronic lung damage
Rahi Kasar Atkal removes Pichu’s treatment

That is why it is requested
Live a simple life and use a mask
Live cautiously and consult your doctor as soon as possible

Symptoms of the Asthma

  • Cough especially at night
  • This pain is aggravated by cold or heat
  • Rattling of mucus
  • Short breath
  • Whistling in breath
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Blueness of fingernails
  • Pale face
  • Sweating
  • Persistent cough
  • Foul-smelling phlegm
  • Loss of appetite
  • restlessness
  • The main symptom is the desire to lie down all the time
  • And Qas Ali this
  • That’s enough for today
  • According to the previous justice, your responsibility

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

Now I am going to provide a very simple explanation of the types of asthma

Basically, we will divide this disease into six types, this explanation has also been given by scholars

  • 1 Asthma in adults
  • 2 Sensitive asthma This type is also called allergic asthma
  • 3.Exercise-induced asthma
  • 4 Arterial chronic asthma
  • 5 Insensitive asthma
  • 6 Occupational asthma
  • Do you think that a simpler explanation can be presented?
  • Of course your answer will be negative.

Asthma in adults

Experts have failed to find its main reasons, while some factors such as chemicals and itching are considered to be important causes.
The airways become narrow.
Mucus becomes more.
Elderly people are easy victims of this disease


  • Dry or phlegm cough.
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Pressure in the chest
  • Important symbol
  • Hands and feet start turning blue
  • People suffering from this disease should monitor their symptoms daily
  • So that they can live a better life


First, live a careful life
Avoid dust

And use syrup mixture as medicine
The recipe for syrup mixture has been written before
Try and search my post Sharbat mix
Sensitive asthma
Asthma and allergies occur together in this type
Among its triggers, infection, cold and nervous tension are considered important
Important thing
Such a patient also has a desire to commit suicide


I have ginger mint and green cardamom coffee and violet yeast. Pistachio nuts are very useful
Recipe Hab Gul Pistachio
Pistachio flower
Poppy Hallelah

Make powder and with the help of ginger water, make a small pill from gram and suck one pill from time to time.
Careful life is the reason to prevent this disease

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

Exercise-induced asthma
Your servant is at your service with a new lesson
Now maybe the interest of friends in this article is decreasing.

What do you think, friends, to cover this article in a couple of posts?

It is generally understood, and certainly rightly so, that exercise and health are inextricably linked
Considering this perspective, many friends may be feeling a little strange about Surnama Kalam
But it is true that strenuous exercise can cause problems for asthmatics.

how it is possible ?

So friends, as a result of strenuous exercise, the airways in the lungs become more narrow.
During exercise, shortness of breath, anxiety, nervousness, cough, and many other symptoms begin
Or put it more simply
Exercise is one of several factors that can potentially cause breathing difficulties in asthmatics.
And this pain can maintain its intensity for about 60 to 90 minutes
But in some cases this pain may increase
Among them, swimming – chlorine or anything containing chlorine – are important

Advice for Asthma Patients

Strenuous exercise. Long journeys without breathing should be avoided completely
Arterial chronic asthma
Chronic inflammation of the arteries. Obstruction in the right. Amphitheater.
Causes chronic bronchitis and breathing difficulties
In reality there are various similarities shared
Which is commonly known as lung disease
This type of asthma has many attacks
A little disobedience brings the patient to the doctor.

Insensitive asthma

This pain occurs in extreme heat or cold and the seasonal severity increases the symptoms of the disease. Determining this disease is a very difficult task, but our modern friends take the help of tests to determine it, which is certainly a good thing.
Keeping in view the result of this test, it is decided that why breathing problem occurs.
Remember that G is a very difficult type
And timed medications lead to more complication

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

Types Of Asthma

The sixth type of asthma is occupational asthma

This type includes an allergic or immunological reaction
People who have family members with hereditary allergies or asthma are more likely to have occupational brains
This threat is very serious and if not properly diagnosed and prescribed, the patient’s life may be at risk
Permanent lung damage and disability are common
Ancient and modern scholars believe that this explosion is caused by working in more than two hundred and fifty places.
There are countless triggers that can exacerbate symptoms
Consult your doctor immediately in case of symptoms of breathing problem

Causes of Asthma

Nasal tumors. Chronic colds
Allergy. Air pollution. Smoking
Perfume – Unusual exercise – Seasonal change – Pets – Having cockroaches in the kitchen – Cockroach waste – Nervous and emotional stress – Beer and other similar drinks
Alcoholic beverages are considered to be the main causes of this disease.
Risk Factors
Blood relation.Tobacco smoking.Obesity.Occupational activities.Chlorine.Purified water. Avoid. Pets. Too much cold. Chemicals.

Treatment for this type

Pumpkin juice
Ab Zam Zam Sharif
Mix 10 grams of honey in Kishta Guzan and apply it daily according to age
And Luoq Sapstan Khyar Shanbar
It makes the only slime pharmacy in the market
Brethon in market drugs. Hamdard’s Sugar Free Saddari – Ashraf Dawakhana’s Sugar Free Langzol – These syrups are useful

Asthma Symptoms Causes Treatment

I am going to submit complications and precautions and diagnosis.

In precautionary measures

You can reduce the severity of the disease better by yourself and by consulting a doctor
But for this you have to plan regularly
Avoid heat and cold
The dust Avoid smoke
Consider allergy factors
Use a mask
Follow the doctor’s instructions strictly
If you do not follow these instructions
So the result will be tension
Which will create more complications
For example
Excessive anger
Always be under the supervision of a physician
Persistent cough and cold
Persistent narrowing of bronchial tubes
Remember that asthma symptoms interfere with sleep, work and recreational activities
Careful living makes life’s journey easier
See a doctor for this

Which will be able to be accurately diagnosed by pulse and other methods considering your health condition
For him
Complete blood count
Sputum test
Chest x-ray
Skin test
Lung function
And allergies
can help in accurate diagnosis
An excellent and common recipe
Asthma patients should make a regular use of berg bansa kakho
And at any stage, a famous doctor of a good pharmacy should dissolve 3 grams of Laoq Sapstan Cucumber Shanbari in warm water in the morning and evening and drink it, God willing.

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