Garlic health and healing power

Garlic health and healing power
Garlic health and healing power

Garlic is a beneficiary for human health through many methods. There too many ways of its usages. As the garlic is concern, it is known as a spice but it is fact that it uses as a medicine more than spice. It is the reason that we are subscribing Garlic health and healing power.

Garlic is also food, medicine and healing

A famous doctor of Islamic medicine has made a very important discovery about garlic that its heat is similar to heat. Many such rare investigations are present in our ancient medical books which should be further researched. In history, there is evidence of the use of garlic, wheat, onion, vegetables, etc. as food since ancient times. Garlic is not only an important part of our eastern cuisine, but both ancient medicine and modern medicine are convinced of its many benefits. Its function is to dissolve excess moisture in the stomach and joints. No doubt, there are a lot of Garlic Medicinal Benefits.

Garlic health benefits

Garlic relieves paralysis, paralysis, forgetfulness, rash, asthma, colic, rheumatism and splenomegaly. It also has anti-toxic properties. This is the treatment for venomous animal bites. A gargle with its decoction is useful in toothache. Its zamad (leap) tears and heals boils and boils. It is very useful to remove indigestion and excessive flatulence.

By threading garlic in the throat of patients, many diseases, especially tuberculosis (TB) bacteria are killed. If one clove of garlic is eaten daily and then continued for forty days by adding one clove every day, the pain of paralysis is relieved. Modern research has shown that some compounds of sulfur (sulphur) and some stress-relieving essences are also found in garlic, that is why garlic is very useful in high blood pressure.

Before looking at the research of Islamic medicine experts, it is important to review some important aspects so that we can assess the importance of this research. Ancient and modern doctors agree that all the phenomena of our life, character, actions and actions are the real life force. Homeopathic medicine experts attribute all diseases, especially complex and old diseases, to the corruption or deterioration of this force. In the term of Greco-Islamic medicine, this force is called ‘instinctive heat’. In contrast, the term is called heat poverty. Gharib means traveler in Arabic. As if the heat poverty is somehow brought or brought from outside. There cannot be a more correct word for infection.

We know that most of the time, fever, flu, malaria, etc. are bacterial diseases that enter our body from an external source. When it has been proven that the real heat of our life is instinctive, that is the center of our health and stability, then the question arises whether we can add anything to it? Experts have not yet discovered a formula to increase it or have access to its discovery with a dietary supplement. But without a doubt, according to the ancient and modern researches, thoughts, unnecessary grief, bad manners, alcohol and kebabs, avoidance of late-night indulgences, balanced diet, moderate exercise, morals are the best means of protection.

Garlic health and healing power

Whooping cough
In whooping cough, garlic cloves are peeled and threaded into a thread and put in the child’s throat. If its smell goes to the lungs through the nose, it causes whooping cough.

Headache (Migraine)
If there is headache, it is useful to grind garlic and apply it on the affected side. Boils: Garlic paste is very beneficial in boils. If the ear is stuck, instilling garlic water into the ear will cure it.


In case of toothache, warm a clove of garlic and press it on the teeth for immediate relief.

Cardiovascular Diseases
Garlic has a very beneficial effect on the heart and arteries. Garlic not only lowers blood pressure but also thins the blood and reduces the risk of blood clot formation in the arteries. In the same way, garlic plays an important role in preventing heart diseases.

Hysteria and upset stomach
By boiling garlic in milk and drinking it, the disease of hysteria and upset stomach ends. The blood is cleansed from their toxic effects. Eating garlic increases the ability to absorb oxygen in the body, due to which the heart and mind become bright and powerful. The discharge starts and blood pressure, melancholy and nervous weakness are relieved by its use.

Eat garlic on an empty stomach and get 7 benefits

Humans have been using garlic since ancient times. Romans, Egyptians, Iranians, Jews, Arabs and all the nations of the world have discussed the benefits of garlic and no one has called its use dangerous until today, while it has also been called the chief of spices. But today we will tell you the reasons for using garlic paste.

  1. If you eat garlic on an empty stomach, the bacteria in the stomach will be very weak due to an empty stomach and it will not be able to fight against the power of garlic, which will keep you healthy and safe from many diseases.
  2. By eating it on an empty stomach, the immune system of the body is strengthened and the human body becomes stronger to fight diseases.
  3. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and by using it in winter, a person is protected from cold, flu and cold.
  4. It thins the blood which keeps your blood flowing and also relieves you from high blood pressure.
  5. If the blood vessels start to close, use garlic daily on an empty stomach, very soon you will feel that your health is recovering.
  6. If you have the problem of rash, increase the amount of garlic in your food. This will reduce the toxins in your body and keep your skin fresh.
  7. Garlic is very useful in nervous weaknes

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