Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency

Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency
Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency

Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency

What is male potency and natural ways to increase male potency

Since time immemorial, man has wanted to increase his potency and reproductive abilities, men use various methods to increase their potency. However, this human desire continues today with its full intensity as in the ancient times. If the man’s strength is weak and the woman’s lust is high, then in such a condition, the woman does not feel comfortable. In such a condition, the woman is deprived of intercourse. Along with being attracted, the husband also starts hating. Due to which men are forced to find ways and tips by which they can get back the wealth of their lost power. This is the time that When he takes different temporary medicines from non-medical sources and uses them, which gives temporary benefits but later he has to suffer losses. And the continuous use of these medicines brings a person to the grave pit. We will talk about what is fire power.

What are the causes and symptoms of impotence?

The reasons for the weakness of the power are masturbation, flow, frequent sexual intercourse, excessive inflammation or any long-term disease such as diabetes, hemorrhoids, prostate gland, obesity, etc. Then due to the weakening of the stomach and kidneys, the strength of the stomach decreases.
Depression is the most severe condition of mental pressure, its effect is also severe. Stress, anger and depression are one of the main causes of impotence.
A side effect of some medicines can cause a decrease in energy. These drugs include blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, mental pressure and depression drugs. Often this complaint is due to a birth defect or disease in a particular organ. Excessive use of drugs leads to weakness of the immune system. Addiction affects the health of the heart. When the heart is not able to supply blood to the organs in an adequate amount, weakness is certain. The unnatural and unrealistic scenes shown in obscene (dirty) movies create a sense of inferiority and weakness in the minds of young people. They create a feeling of impotence which makes them impotent. The main reason for weakness of strength is masturbation.

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If you are suffering from male impotence and want to increase your potency, try to get rid of impotence with natural foods instead of using fake supplements and doctor’s medicines. . It is not only permanent but also stable. And such a force has no negative effects. Today we will tell you how you can increase your energy immensely by using natural foods. You can use the following foods to increase energy.

1. Garlic and strength

Garlic is not only the best remedy for sexual weakness and impotence caused by excessive intercourse or pleasure. Rather, it is also the best tonic for the recovery of sexual power lost due to any reason. In the southeastern part of Europe, garlic is considered to be a guarantee of reproductive health. Garlic is an important source of energy, garlic and energy go hand in hand, it has been used since ancient times to cure male impotence. . That’s why it is said that garlic should be eaten even if you get gold. Dr. HK Bakro proves from his research that garlic is a very useful natural tonic in the success of sexual mediocrity. Its method is very easy to use. Just swallow 2 to 3 cloves of garlic every morning and enjoy its amazing results

2. Use of Onion

Men use various methods and tactics to increase their strength, but often fail. There are no adverse effects. Nature has hidden the properties in onion that the intellect is lost. Like if the organ is not working properly, onion not only removes this weakness but also plays an important role in bringing it back to its natural state. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Arabs were well aware of the importance of onions for sensuality and even today its benefits remain in place. Cook it on low flame. And when the water dries up, take it off and cool it. And use two spoons of milk daily in the morning and evening. By using it for forty days, you will get a new strength and youth. And male weakness and nervous weakness will disappear. And the power of fire will increase immensely.

3. Uses of figs

Figs are a fruit that is also known as the fruit of paradise. While it has innumerable benefits, it is also extremely powerful for firepower. According to ancient science, the Greeks used figs to increase potency, and today modern medical science has also proven that figs increase fertility, as they are rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and manganese. Figs are used for male potency. A man who does not feel sexual desire, if he uses figs for only seven days, he will start feeling sexual desire. Take an earthen pot, and put five figs in it to soak and eat the figs in the morning. And the water in which the figs were soaked. Drink it. Soaking figs has a cooling effect.

4. Use of Carrot

Carrots and the power of carrots have been recognized since ancient times. Apart from other physical benefits of carrots, it is also very useful for increasing male potency. Carrots and eggs play an important role in stimulating the desire and increasing the timing. The way to use it to increase the strength is to cut a carrot and add a half-boiled egg to it and then eat it dipped in honey. . With just one month of daily use you will see results that will be amazing.

5. Use of okra

Those who have completely lost their virility should start using okra. The use of okra for fire power is very useful. The way to use it to increase the fire power is to teach the okra. And when it dries well, make a powder of it, coat it and make a powder and keep it with you. Eat this powder daily with a mouthful of fresh water. A person who eats it intermittently. Never suffer from male weakness. And by using it for a few days, lost youth returns. Another way is to make a poultice of okra root and drink it mixed with milk. A glass a day will enlighten you with a new power.

6. Uses of Dates

Dates are also known as dried dates and are a source of iron. Choharas are a source of extraordinary power that increases the power of lust. iT is very simple way to use it. Add a few chickpeas, almonds and pistachios to warm milk and use it. Another method is to grind chickpeas, almonds and pistachios together and take two to three spoons daily with milk. By using it for a few days, you will feel such an amazing change in yourself. Which is difficult to cover in written form.

7 = Olive oil and potency

For men suffering from male impotence who want to increase their potency, olive oil and honey are good for them. Men who complain of lack of male power, if they use these two things regularly, their male power will increase. Male weakness will continue. For this purpose, dissolve four spoons of honey in a cup of goat’s milk in the morning and evening, while in the afternoon, eat goat’s camphor cooked in olive oil in proper quantity. Its effect will be felt in the body only after a few days. And the complaint of impotence will disappear. After a few months of continuous and regular use, impotence will never occur again. In winter season, olive oil can also be massaged for better results. It also has positive effects. Take olive oil and add equal weight of garlic and a quarter of cinnamon and heat it until the garlic burns and becomes coal. Now filter it and keep it with you and massage the organ well with this oil for twenty minutes and wash it with warm water in the morning. Do not wash with cold water at all.

Remember during this process you must do daily exercise that will remove sweat from your body. A month’s continuous use will eliminate impotence forever and increase potency immensely. Number 8. Other foods that increase energy There is nothing better than ginger to increase energy, inflammation and sexual impotence. Take half a glass of ginger juice and mix a half-boiled egg in it. Make a solution by adding a spoonful of honey to it and using it daily to get rid of male impotence. The oldest Chinese remedy for impotence is celery, which contains the male hormone and rosterone, which increases libido in women. Because of its properties, celery is referred to as the Viagra herb. Chicago scientists say that the smell of cucumber increases blood circulation by 13%, which has a positive effect on the function of the heart. Red. Chili is rich in the compound called alkaloid capsaicin, which is considered to be the best to increase stamina.


Manqa is also commonly used to increase stamina. Sweet and Sour Menka plays an important role in increasing energy. Take the appropriate amount of Manqe and boil it in milk to make a solution and close it in a bottle. Eating 20 grams per day will restore the lost strength. remember! Mental stress, weight gain, lack of sleep, depression and drug use cause irregularity in sex hormones and harm sexual health. Therefore, to keep the mind calm, adopt a positive lifestyle and pray five times in congregation. do This will give you peace of mind and you will also get exercise.

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