Health Benefits Of White onion

White onion
White onion

For the long time, the onion is being used not only in daily foods but also used as a herb for treatment to many diseases. As the white onion is concern, it is very useful to get rid from many diseases and illness. Although the onion is mostly used in daily foods and meals but there are too many health benefits of onion specially white onion. In this article we are describing Health Benefits Of White onion.

So many benefits of white onion that you will be surprised, now get rid of the hassle of extracting onion water by using the method mentioned in this article to dry white onion powder and get countless benefits. White onion is a priceless gift of nature for all types of male impotence patients. Regular consumption of onions increases physical strength and stamina by enhancing eyesight and makes you beautiful and smart by making your voice charming and melodious. Jaundice discolors the face, making it reddish. White onion is being used in numerous ways to cure male impotence. By eating we have to get Health Benefits Of Onion By Eating Daily

Rich in nutrients and medicinal properties, onion has so many benefits that a whole book can be compiled on it. Onion strengthens the nerves. Selenium present in it keeps the human mood healthy. Does not make you suffer from thoughts, depression and fatigue. Chromium present in onion keeps sugar under control in diabetic patients. Sulfide, an element found in onions, thins the blood. Onion balances the amount of cholesterol due to which the blood pressure remains under control and you are protected from heart diseases and your heart remains healthy, strong and active. Consuming onion relieves flow.

Onions contain phenols and flavonoids, which protect you from colon cancer. People above the age of forty have to face the problem of urinary obstruction due to enlargement of the prostate gland. For such patients, the use of onion is very beneficial. Onion is diuretic, and also antiseptic. Apart from this, the antibacterial properties of onion help to control the infection of the urinary tract, eliminate the inflammation of the bladder, and also help to flush out the irregular substances and germs in the urine. Onion kills germs and insects, improves digestion, prevents food poisoning, controls constipation and piles. Consuming onions in summer protects against heat stress and is an effective anti-flu, improves lung function and gives health to phlegm, cough and asthma patients.

Onion is very useful for eye disease patients. By drinking 25 grams of onion water every day, the kidney stones will be disintegrated and removed. Sulfur is also found in onions, which is very useful for hair growth, so applying onion water is considered very useful for hair regrowth on bald head and to kill head lice. If the bleeding does not stop, putting two or three drops of onion water in the nose will stop the bleeding. To a patient suffering from dysentery, feeding onion water mixed with curd gives immediate relief. Allergy, inflammation, arthritis and toothache patients can also get cured by eating it. We can say that hundreds of diseases can be cured by just one onion. The temperament of red onion is considered to be hot grade 3 and dry grade 1, but some scholars say its temperament is hotter, while the temperament of white onion is dry and cold. The amount of raw onion is from 10 grams to 30 grams.

How to make onion powder by drying it

Onions can also be dried in the oven at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Onions can also be dried using a dehydrator.

Keeping onion pieces in a solar dryer made of glass also dries onions, but I will tell you my tested method of drying onions, it is also easy and the effectiveness of onions is not affected by this method. 340 grams of powder is obtained from two kilos of white onion. Cut the white onion into small pieces and steam it. Steaming does not spoil the onion. Do not steam the onion for more than five minutes, otherwise it will become mushy and may take up to ten days to dry. After steaming the white onion pieces for five minutes, put them in a layer etc. and keep them to dry in the sun, shake it from time to time on the first day so that the air and sun dry the moisture. Onions take five to seven days to dry. When the onion is dry, grind it and make its powder. Then keep this powder in the sun for two days so that the moisture is completely removed. To restore the onion, store the powder in a glass jar.

White onion is not easily found but it is available. For this, visit the vegetable market one day and contact the onion sellers to get white onions. If red onion is getting 50 rupees per kg, then white onion will cost 20, 30 rupees. Someone can ask for a lot of money for it. However, by bargaining you can buy it at a reasonable price. Nowadays, white onion is less expensive. While the Kabuli onion crop will come in the market in June, it contains a lot of white onions.

Mix white onion powder with honey and make a paste of it. Take ten grams of the paste daily in the afternoon with lukewarm milk. Use it only for two months and use this paste once a year. This recipe is very beneficial to remove all types of male impotence. I can prescribe you many herbs but it will make this potion gooey. Yes, people above 30 years of age should carefully put a few seeds in it and add a clove cap, then this potion will fulfill your wishes.

Keep the quantities of all the ingredients in the white onion paste as follows. White Onion Powder 200 gms, Tham Konch Mudbar 100 gms, Clove Cap 100 gms, Honey 500 gms.
To remove the seeds, boil them in four times the amount of milk and soften the skin. When the skin can be removed easily, remove the milk from the heat and let it cool. After removing the peel and drying the seeds in the sun, grind them and use them. Discard the cochineal peel and milk, do not use it.

White onion powder is also available commercially but it is best if you prepare it yourself as it has a shelf life of up to one year if it is dried properly. It is better to prepare a quantity that is sufficient for six months and to prepare again after six months. If you keep it mixed with honey, the chances of it spoiling will be very less.
If you don’t have time to make white onion concoction, there is also a solution, make it a habit to eat half an onion of small size every day at lunch time. Until white onion is available, use red onion, it is also very beneficial. When white onion is brought, make it a part of lunch, you will not complain of male impotence for the rest of your life and you will be protected from hundreds of other diseases. Eating onions in the morning or evening is considered harmful for male health, so always consume onions in the afternoon.

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