Fenugreek A Completes Treatment Of Diabetes

Fenugreek A Completes Treatment Of Diabetes
Fenugreek A Completes Treatment Of Diabetes

Fenugreek A Completes Treatment Of Diabetes

Metabolic syndrome is a disease that is associated with diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and blood pressure disorders and more than 27 million people in Pakistan are suffering from diseases like diabetes due to this disease and more than 22% of people in Pakistan The cause of death is heart disease.

Diabetes is an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, in which the body cannot control this increased level naturally, there is no permanent cure for this disease in medical science and the benefit of this is sugar control drugs. Manufacturing companies are making billions of dollars selling their drugs.

Although the disease of diabetes has increased rapidly after 1950, but it is not a new disease in the world, but its history is centuries old, and in history, in 1552 BC, the Egyptian physician Hasira mentioned this disease in which the patient had frequent urination. complains and his weight starts to drop rapidly.

Although modern medical science has done a lot of research on this disease, it has not been able to find any successful cure till now and the side effects of allopathic medicines for its control make the diabetic patients suffer many more problems. But if the opinion of experts of Ayurvedic medicine and Greek medicine is taken in this disease, they have been treating this disease with natural medicines for centuries and in these natural medicines fenugreek has many medicinal properties according to medical experts. And one of its benefits is to keep the increased sugar level in the body normal.

The fenugreek plant is common in the Indian subcontinent as well as in Europe. Its leaves are used for food, but its seeds are used not only in medicine but also in allopathic medicine due to its medicinal properties and mentioned in this article. How these seeds affect diabetes and how diabetic patients should use them to control sugar will be discussed.

Fenugreek seeds and diabetes

Medical science studies show that the fiber and other nutritional compounds in fenugreek seeds slow down the rapid digestion of food and slow down the conversion of dietary carbohydrates and sugars into glucose. Due to which it is considered to be a very useful food for diabetic patients because their reaction to food prevents the glucose included in the food from being absorbed into the blood quickly and the blood sugar level rises quickly after eating the food. It does not lead to diabetes, which greatly helps patients with type 2 diabetes to keep their sugar under control.

According to another research done on the sweet seed, it increases the body’s ability to absorb sugar and increases the production of insulin, which greatly helps in keeping the blood sugar level under control. Another study showed that diabetic patients who consumed 10 grams of fenugreek seeds dissolved in warm water daily had better blood sugar control than other patients. According to the findings, baked bakery foods made with fenugreek seed powder can reduce insulin resistance in diabetics (a condition in which the body refuses to recognize insulin and results in diabetes). ) which helps in keeping their blood sugar levels normal.

How to use fenugreek seeds

If you are a diabetic patient and understand the fact that homeopathic medicines can be dangerous for you and want to resort to natural medicines to control sugar, then fenugreek seeds can help you in your daily diet. In addition, you can also use it as a supplement and take five grams of its powder between lunch and dinner, and if you mix the powder of fenugreek seeds in your home-made bread flour and bake bread. While it will help you keep your sugar under control, your digestive system will thank you for this healthy move and you will also have the chance to avoid chronic diseases like high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Side effects of fenugreek seeds

The use of fenugreek seeds is not useful for pregnant women and it can cause adverse effects on the uterus and should also be avoided by lactating women and women with hormonal imbalance. Even fenugreek seeds are not useful. Some people say that due to excessive consumption of fenugreek seeds, their armpits start to smell strange and this is due to a special chemical in fenugreek seeds called dimethylpyrazine.

If you are allergic to any food, consult a doctor before adding fenugreek seeds to your diet and find out if you can eat them. Also, the fiber present in fenugreek seeds can reduce the effect of some allopathic medicines. So do not take allopathy medicine immediately after eating it and give adequate time to digest the food and then use your medicine.

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