Natural Sources Of Vitamin C

Natural Sources Of Vitamin C
Natural Sources Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, its chemical name is ascorbic acid, water soluble vitamin. This type of vitamin dissolve in water, due to this property, it delivered to the all body tissues. Remember that Vitamin C , cannot be stored, and our body takes this vitamin from foods that we eat.According to the nutrients, something in citrus fruits could prevent scurvy disease. there too many Natural Sources Of Vitamin C around us on the planet.

Our body needs many types of vitamins such as Vitamin B, A. Like other vitamins Vitamin C is essential need for our body to be healthy. According to the nutrients, Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for human health. This type of vitamin helps form and maintain bones, skin, and blood vessels.

Vitamin C develops defending power in our body. it play a vital role against infection in the body and provide healing against wounds. This is a powerful antioxidant who can neutralize harmful free radicals. Vitamin C play basic role to make many hormones and chemicals who are essential for brain and nerves.

Natural sources of vitamin c

Most of us are aware that we are deficient in Vitamin C, but there is often a lack of information about how to make up for this deficiency. There are many options around us to choose the fruits and vegetables of our choice in these fruits, know about this –

Orange – Orange is a good source of Vitamin C. An orange contains about 60 mg of vitamin C and a glass of orange juice contains about 124 mg of vitamin C.

Amla – Amla is the least underestimated small round shaped fruit. In fact, by eating one gooseberry daily, your vitamin C deficiency will be fulfilled, if you cannot eat it, then you can drink it after extracting its juice, either you can eat gooseberry jam or gooseberry candy.

called conch aloo: In Bengal, a sweet, crunchy and tasty vegetable called conch aloo is also rich in vitamin C, which is also called MB Niyaji Cama, you can eat it anyway or add it to your salad, some people say that it is gooseberry. It is also rich in fiber, it does not contain much sugar like many fruits.

Raspberries – Raspberries are actually sweet and sour, its taste is different for different people, apart from this, raspberries are also a store of polyphenols and potassium, which also helps in controlling blood pressure. As for raw banana and ripe banana, we can bet that you may not be aware of these two options. It is also a good source of Vitamin C

Lemon –
The lemon found at home is an excellent source of vitamin C, you can use it in many ways by adding it to salads, adding it to water.

Cowpea –

Black-eyed peas or black-eyed beans are rich in fiber and protein in addition to vitamin C, so please go ahead with its other popular varieties of kidney beans and chickpeas and eat cowpea in today’s diet. And eat cucumber salad.

Lychee –

There is no doubt that litchi is very tasty, the sweetest of all fruits, litchi provides vitamin C, besides it is easy to find electrolytes This fun fruit has a very short life and it is very short during the season. It is present only for this reason, so when you are getting it, then definitely eat it.

Tamarind also contains iron and vitamin C, so you can use it in lentils, vegetables and curries. Apart from this, a surprisingly high amount of vitamin C is also found in Amarnath. If you like, you can also eat kiwi and strawberries, you will get enough vitamin C in pineapple along with strawberries.

Guava – Who wouldn’t have the memories of eating sour sweet guava in childhood and getting a lot of happiness from it. Close – Almost all the people I know have eaten a lot of guava in their childhood, some lucky ones get a little raw directly from the tree. Even remember to break the guava and leave them after eating a little. It is actually considered a symbol of free, easy and simple living. Today, if we put the feel-good factor aside, then the guava, which appeared in the market in November and disappeared from the market by the end of March, is considered a symbol of nutritional value. From a perspective, it can be called a gold mine. Guava contains more amount of vitamin C than orange, up to 4 times.

Guava contains about 230 mg vitamin C, while 100 grams of orange contains only 50 mg vitamin C. Guava also contains fiber, which is Binds the toxins of our body and helps to remove them from the body. It is a food item to provide vitamins and nutrients to the body and remove toxins from the body. It is also very good for patients suffering from diabetes. Its glycemic The index is also low enough to reflect the effect of carbohydrates on blood glucose. actually diabetes

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