How do you stop a toothache fast with acupressure

How do you stop a toothache fast with acupressure
How do you stop a toothache fast with acupressure

How do you stop a toothache fast with acupressure

10 times more effective than taking medicine

Acupressure methods for toothache are the most effective way to relieve your pain immediately. Teeth are an essential part of the body, if they have problems, the process of chewing food to provide energy for the body will be very difficult. Here is the content you should read carefully before acupressure treatment for toothache.

How to quickly and effectively treat acupressure for toothache?

Oral diseases such as tooth decay, pulpitis, abscesses, gingivitis, periodontitis… Frequently occur and can lead to destruction of the tooth’s structure. And form holes on the tooth surface that damage the connective tissue.

You will feel extremely uncomfortable when these acute toothaches appear.

At this time, you can apply some of the acupressure methods listed below for quick pain relief:

The distal thyroid is located in the cheek area, between the jawbone, and extends down from the top of the ear to the point where it sinks in when you chew. According to the meridian theory, the distal thyroid acupoints on the thyroid gland have the most significant influence on the painful areas of the face and neck. Therefore, the method of acupressure treatment for toothache is very effective.

How to do it:

When acupressure, one must keep an upright posture, determine the exact position of the acupoint, then use the thumb and little finger to press on the acupoint and keep the three middle fingers straight out. Then massage the acupuncture point located below the chin with the 3 middle fingers of the hand. Continue pressing until you feel numb, then stop.
Do the activity in steps, 1-3 minutes, several times a day if you have time.

Acupressure to cure toothache

Distal thyroid is used by many people to treat toothache

The tiger mouth point (also known as the fusion point) is located in the triangular depression formed by the index finger and thumb. According to oriental medicine this acupoint is called the acupoint of the face and it belongs to the Yang Ming Dai Dai meridian. Since the Great Sutra passes through the mouth, nasopharynx, and gum area, acupressure on these areas can provide quick relief from toothache.

How to do it: Hold for 2 seconds, then release for 1 second and then keep pressing for 3 to 5 minutes. When pressing we should only apply a moderate force just enough, then change hands.

Acupressure to cure toothache 2

The tiger acupoint cures toothache quickly
Thai Khe acupressure
The extremely popular Thai Khe acupuncture point is often used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments. The Thai Khe point is located between the junction of the posterior ankle and the proximal edge of the heel. Here is a simple way to perform Thai Khe reflexology:

It is recommended to use the thumb to press on the Thai Khe point about 100 times on each side. Do the other side, twice a day the toothache will be gone.

This is also an extremely effective way in acupressure to treat toothache. Here, let’s go with us to learn the notes when acupressure cures toothache!

Acupressure to cure toothache 3

Thai Khue acupressure helps treat toothache effectively and quickly
Note when acupressure cures toothache
Studies have shown that acupressure for toothache can be an effective treatment for toothache in some cases. However, if you want the treatment to be as effective as you want it to be, you need to pay attention to the following:

When acupressure cures toothache, it is necessary to acupressure at the correct position of the acupressure point and the correct technique. So in the process, you need to use a lot of force, but make sure that you can withstand it. Repeat this every few hours for the best possible results.
When acupressure cures toothache, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet and note the addition of some foods containing vitamins and calcium to help strengthen teeth and avoid tooth decay. In addition, do not include meals that are high in protein. So, you should not eat too hard foods because they can harm your gums and teeth.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay.

See your dentist regularly for dental checkups and a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
It is important to keep in mind when it comes to acupressure for toothache that this is only a temporary method that may help you with less pain and discomfort. Therefore, even if you have acupressure properly, but the tooth still hurts, in this case, you should see a specialist for examination.

Here, the doctor will discuss and advise you, take scans and find out the cause for definitive treatment. Because there are many reasons for toothache. Depending on the cause and condition of the disease, the treatment will also vary.


Above are detailed information about acupressure to treat toothache and notes when acupressure. Hopefully, after this article, you will understand clearly what acupressure is and how to do it effectively.

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