Pedicure benefits and how to do pedicure in parlor and in home

Pedicure benefits and how to do pedicure in parlor and in home
Pedicure benefits and how to do pedicure in parlor and in home

Pedicure benefits and how to do pedicure in parlor and in home

Pedicure not only important for men but also women need to take good care of their feet. If hands are your second face, feet are your third face. When summer comes, men wear shorts and women wear shorts. Skirts, feet are in front of everyone’s eyes, ugly feet will also embarrass you more

Pedicure benefits

1. Pedicure can prevent paronychia, corns and other diseases.

2. While a pedicure can bring beauty, a walk becomes more calm and confident.

3. A pedicure can rejuvenate your mind.

Replenishing and refreshing the mind is one of the most important effects of a pedicure.

4. Strengthen the spleen and aid in transportation.

Many customers have responded that after each pedicure, the beetroot scent and appetite improve.

Pedicures can also stimulate the reflex areas of the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, thyroid and abdominal nerve plexus, which can stimulate the spleen and aid in transportation and increase appetite.

5. Helps in massage.

Bro your dead skin is so thick, how much I need to press it.

What to do if you don’t have time to go to a professional place for a pedicure, you can also buy a pedicure tool to exfoliate your dead skin at home. It is recommended to use it once a week, not every day.

You will mostly focus on the beauty of your face!

But take a look at your feet too!

It’s winter, start paying attention to your feet too!

For this it is necessary to get a pedicure once a month! You can do pedicures by yourself even sitting at home!

So let’s start the work of making your feet beautiful again…!

What is a pedicure?
A pedicure beauty treatment for toes, feet, and nails

Is! Your feet and toes are clean after getting a pedicure

and become softer! In pedicure, the ankles are also scrubbed, which cleans the dead cells there!

Available for both men and women..!

Do pedicure at home…..
Step 1 – Before starting a pedicure

Remove nail paint thoroughly

clean and then nail

Do the filing and trimming..!

Step 2 – Humming in a tub

Have water! one-fourth cup in it

Salt, juice of one lemon and body

Mix wash or shampoo! feet in it

Soak feet with honey before dipping

Massage! then the feet

Immerse it for 10 to 15 minutes

Keep it! After this, wipe the feet with a clean towel.

Wipe it down thoroughly!

Step 3 – Let the feet become soft

post heel dead skin removal

for a little bit on the pumice stone

Apply shampoo and rub it on the heels!

If there is no pumice stone then replace it

using old toothbrush


Step 4- Next the cuticles

Clean up! coconut for

feet by mixing oil and glycerin

Massage and cuticle pusher

Help clear them out! tanning legs

To remove it, rub a lemon slice on the feet and nails.

Along with removing the tanning, the yellowed nails will also be cleared!

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Step 5 – Now massage the feet with a good scrub for about ten minutes! If you want, you can also make a homemade scrub! For this one spoon lemon, two spoon sugar and half spoon olive

Scrub the feet with oil! After this wash with water and wipe the feet with a clean towel…!

Step 6 – Now Massage the Feet! three for

Massage the feet with a spoonful of lukewarm coconut oil for three minutes, then wrap the feet in a towel dipped in lukewarm water for five minutes! This will make the feet soft and remove the excess oil!

Step 7- Now finally apply the nail color of your choice on the nails!

Don’t forget to apply a base coat before and after applying the nail paint! This makes the nail paint last for a long time!

Pedicure not only cleans the toes, nails and fingers, but it also helps to keep the feet and ankles soft.

Helps! Along with this, it is also effective in removing stains from the feet!

So friends, do pedicure at home in winter..

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