Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom

Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom
Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom

Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom

In Asian countries, green cardamom is used in spices in kitchen and as a herbal medicine for many diseases. Cardamom is very useful and beneficial and found in all countries. there are two type of cardamom, black cardamom and green cardamom. This green little cardamom has a lot of benefits.

Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom

The following are among them.

1. Using cardamom after eating

Eating fennel and cardamom with equal weight after meals and using it is very beneficial in digesting food. It improves digestion, the work of the stomach also becomes easier and the digestive system starts to work better. For indigestion gas and headaches, drinking green tea with cardamom will help a lot.

2. Use of cardamom in pollen allergy

Due to the change of weather, some people are very affected by pollen allergy and wear a mask on their mouth all the time so that the change of weather cannot affect them and avoid this allergy. People who have this allergy will get rid of the trouble, trouble, and pain of this allergy if they keep sucking cardamom in their mouth.

3. Use of cardamom for respiratory

In case of respiratory problem, the cardamom seeds powder is useful to get relief from problem. Chewing a cardamom pod relieves respiratory distress. Apart from this, the use of cardamom can get rid of bad breath. It also strengthens your gums.

4. Cardamom is an anti-cancer agent

Cardamom contains natural antioxidants that help fight colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and ovarian cancer. All these antioxidants help prevent all such germs.

5. Relief from constipation

Constipation can be completely eliminated by using cardamom. Cardamom ingredients improve the digestive system. Adding cardamom seeds to a cup of curd will completely eliminate constipation.

6. Use of cardamom oil

Bathing with a few drops of cardamom oil in water relieves fatigue. The use of its oil can be beneficial for children, old people and all those who are weak or people who are busy all day due to work and those people can use this oil. Cardamom oil is the best remedy for all those suffering from back pain. By using cardamom oil, one can easily get rid of all diseases of loss of appetite, acidity and nausea.

7. Treatment of sore throat with cardamom

Now a days, the dry cough, sore throat and chest tightness are common problems. Most people seem to complain of hives. These are all throat diseases which are very common in the society and day by day they spread from one person to another person and with some change of weather these throat diseases increase so much that to prevent them doctors. Along with the treatment, using home remedies will be very useful, in which the use of cardamom will be considered as an excellent practice.

8. It compensates for anemia

Cardamom is also helpful in treating anemia as it contains copper, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C and other vitamins that increase the production of red blood cells. Adding a pinch of cardamom powder and turmeric to a glass of warm milk will cure anemia.

9. Immunity against toxins

Cardamom contains a large amount of the mineral manganese, which has the ability to fight toxins in the body. Apart from this, the national tonic present in cardamom also increases sexual potency. Here, by using cardamom, along with the release of toxic substances in the body, the impurities in the body such as dirty camels are also easily removed.

10 Use of cardamom eliminates acidity

Cardamom is extremely useful for eliminating acidity. If you do not feel hungry, have acidity or nausea, then choosing cardamom to get rid of all these diseases is a sign of the best thinking.

11. Cardamom prevents obesity

Many diet plans recommend using cardamom in your routine. Obesity problems are mostly faced by women, so they go to many doctors, take many medicines to get rid of obesity and look beautiful and attractive in front of the society. Women who don’t want to follow a doctor and a strict diet plan should use natural products.

12. Use of cardamom in the morning

By using cardamom powder in the morning, the smell of sweat produced in the body will gradually decrease and with its continuous use, you will stop smelling of sweat. Many people have been found to have sweat odor problems. People say that even if they take a bath 3 to 4 times a day, even then their body will not smell bad, then grinding cardamom and drinking it in the morning and evening will get rid of such problems easily, because nature has given its blessings. I have healed.

13. Cardamom for mental disorders

The use of cardamom is useful for mental disorders. If psychological people use it, a clear reduction in their psychological problems can be seen. Continuous use of doctor’s medicines sometimes leads to worsening of the patient’s disease instead of healing, so an effort should be made to reduce the use of medicines and increase the use of natural products such as cardamom. Mental illness will feel refreshed if cardamom and cinnamon are added to the tea. The use of cinnamon with cardamom is nothing less than a medicinal medicine. If you are afraid of going to the doctor, want to avoid hospital rounds, use more natural products.

.14 ​​cardamom for lungs

Cardamom relieves colds, coughs and asthma by increasing blood circulation in the lungs. Colds lick the brain like termites. A person is always restless due to cold and flu, it is very important to use indigenous recipes to avoid such mental diseases.

15. Cardamom reduces insomnia

Cardamom prevents flatulence by controlling the amount of water in the stomach. According to the dental specialists, the cardamom strengthens the mucous in the stomach. Its use also eliminates the acid in the stomach.

16. Cardamom improves digestion

Chewing cardamom also increases saliva production in the mouth, which greatly aids in the digestion of food. Many people have bad breath due to bad breath, it can be due to stomach disorder and any other reason is possible but cardamom is the cure for all these diseases.

17. Treatment of cholera and diarrhea

Drinking cardamom extract is very useful in case of cholera and diarrhea. Cardamom is very important in treating diarrhea and weakness. These diseases are very common in children, so it is very important to use cardamom in children’s diet.

18 Use of cardamom in tea

Consuming cardamom in tea refreshes the mind and makes you active throughout the day and can do your work with ease. For those who are very fond of tea and want to give up some tea, cardamom is an easy way to use tea and it is the best solution for all these diseases.

Amazing health Benefits of green Cardamom

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