Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications

Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications
Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications

Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications

Mostly, persons are suffering from a lot of complications in all type of diabetes. Main reason of developing complication is remaining glucose level high for long time, In this article we are mentioning Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Persons with pre-diabetes can minimize their risk of development diabetes type 2 if they continue the diets with low carb and less fat. People with pre-diabetes, can reduce risk of diabetes, by continue daily exercise about 30 minutes with using medication. With this practice, they can maintain their blood sugar level under control.

If they continue exercise about 30 minutes daily and keep continue physical activities in normal life routine, not only they can reduce body weight but also can reduce the risk of complications. young persons and old age people can reduce risk of complications about 71%.

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus


Before marriage it must have to discuss about this matter. Either parents of boy are with diabetes or girl parent are suffering from diabetes, in other condition both are with diabetes. In these conditions we must avoid marriage between children of these families because children of these parents are great in risk of diabetes especially if the mother are with diabetes. We think marriage between other than families keeping diabetes history.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxurious Lifestyle cause of diabetes
Human living slandered habits, foods, sleeping and waking times, physical activities, and income sources etc, called lifestyle. Lifestyle plays key role in person’s life. There is deep relation between lifestyle and health. As the diabetes is concern the lifestyle puts the effects on human health and due to luxurious lifestyle chances of suffering from diabetes increase.

The rich People living in big cities suffer from diabetes more than persons live in villages or small cities. These people spend all the day in offices and shops. Businessmen and rich people keep move by personal transport and nothing to exercise. They take meals in restaurants very healthy full of fats and proteins having more chances to suffer from diabetes. So luxury lifestyle without many physical activities is more risk for diabetes.

To prevent from diabetes, it is necessary to live with physical activities. Avoid fast food and extra fat diets to prevent obesity and chance of hyperglycemia. To prevent from diabetes, the exercise is necessary to consume extra calories and keep blood sugar level normal.

Sometimes medicines develop the side effects on body and pancreas stopped to produce insulin this condition called Drug Induced Diabetes. To avoid the diabetes, any type of treatment must start under the advice of qualified physicians.

In case of any complication must consult the doctor to avoid complication or changing in the prescription.Remind that neither start medical treatment from any non-qualified physician nor take over dose any medicine. Always avoid self-medication.

Fat Man with Doctor in White Coat in Gray Room.
Obesity cause diabetes
Obesity is a main cause of diabetes. We have to know that how we can be able overweight. We have to avoided all factors that are cause of obesity like overeating, diet full of fat less physical activities etc. In case of being overweight we should loss extra weight.

Imbalance diet is cause of obesity and hyperglycemia. Diet that we eat contains carbohydrate, fats and other contents. If we eat unhealthy diet full of carbohydrate and fats is cause of hyperglycemia. Eating too much in the meals, fatty foods like fast food and bakery products with soda drinks is harmful for human health and hyperglycemia as well.

Reaming hyperglycemia for long times develop in diabetes. So prevent from hyperglycemia and developing in diabetes we should keep our diet plan with less carbohydrate, less fats and full of fiber.


Stress cause diabetes
Stress develops bad effects on human, mental, psychological and physical health. Man becomes physically and mentally weak and may be able to suffer from diseases like depression, tension, high blood pressure and heart diseases. These all mental problems develop risk of diabetes.

The stress and mental disorder living long time in stress or tension push the people toward diabetes. This condition called stress diabetes.To prevent ourselves from diabetes, we must avoid stress as possible. we should be busy in healthy activities like sports, pray and welfare activities.

Diabetes ( After Diagnose)
Body gets energy from glucose. We eat meals and foods many times in a day. Some diets and foods are rich in carbohydrate like grain flour bread, rice, in fruits banana and mango and sugar products, some are rich in fats like beef and mutton. All these are source of sugar in blood. If we eat diet rich in carbohydrate or sweat products much more, then our sugar level in blood become high.

A gland pancreas produces insulin that is responsible to control the blood sugar level. Insulin converts the sugar into glucose in the blood and sends the glucose in the cells of body mussels and boons. By this process insulin consumes the glucose and keeps blood sugar level normal. Due to any reason, the pancreas does not produce insulin in sufficient quantity or produces less insulin than requirement, so by this reason glucose level does not remain normal. This condition called diabetes.

Remaining blood sugar level high reveals some signs. In other words some symptoms appear in the body and some abnormal conditions develop in the daily routine like excessive thirst and increased urination, weight loss without any reason, blurred vision and any skin disease. These are diabetes signs and symptoms.Looking these symptoms, the doctor advises the urine or blood tests to diagnose disease. After blood tests or urine test diabetes diagnosed.

Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications
Prevention from Diabetes
1- Pre-diabetes
2- With diabetes (after diagnose)
3- After developing complications
pre-diabetes and prevention
Luxurious lifestyle
Medicine side effects stress
Imbalance diet
These are general factors of diabetes. Some details and prevention is as under: –

Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications
In the diabetic the majority of the persons is suffering from diabetes type 2, so when we discus about prevention of diabetes ,it usually about preventing type 2 diabetes. To prevent diabetes people are able to reduce the risk of development diabetes milletuse by making some changes in their diet, doing exercise daily and lifestyle.There are three conditions diabetes point of view.

When diabetes diagnosed, it is very necessary to prevent from further complications.

How To Prevent temporary and permanent Complications
In diabetes, to prevent all types of complication, main target is to focus on that is keeping blood glucose level normal. Otherwise, if the glucose level remain high may can develop many complications. For this purpose some things have to do and some have to avoid as example do medication and exercise and avoid from sweet products and stress. Under, we will through light on Diabetes Mellitus Prevention of Complications with both angles.

To avoid diabetes complications, some steps have to take.

1- Medication

After diabetes diagnose, medical treatment must start under qualified medical specialist. In Asian countries people consult the unqualified medical physician. In my opinion every medical physician cannot supervise the diabetes treatment. Only diabetes medical specialist can supervise diabetes treatment properly, so only to diabetes medical specialist must be consulted.

Please continue the medical treatment under the advises of medical specialist. Keep some points in mind: –

1- Take the medicine regularly under doctor proscription.

2- Neither skip any routine medicine nor take any medicine that is not in prescription.

3- do not change any medicines potency by own.

4- Avoid self-medication.

5- Do not over dose any medicine.

6- If anybody is continuing treatment under medical specialist, he must not continue any other treatment media like homeopathy medicine or herbs.

7- Do not take medicines of more than one prescription

.8- Before taking medicine check expiry date.

Healthy Diet
Image result for Healthy Diet
In diabetes, it is important to eating healthy diet is to live healthy life and prevent from complications. By eating healthy diet not only the blood sugar level remains normal but it can have prevented from complications.

Diet plan adopted before diabetes cannot be continued after diabetes diagnosed. Diet full of fats, starchy and containing sweet dishes may able to obesity and hyperglycemia. But after diabetes diagnose the diet, rich in carbohydrate, containing extra fats and sweet products must be avoided. To keep blood sugar level normal, diet with less carbohydrate, low fat and rich in fiber, must be adopted.

What is diabetes diet ?
Diabetes diet must be less carb and fat, but full of other necessary minerals and proteins. Healthy diets, who prevent the blood sugar level to go high and control the diabetes. Balance diet and healthy diabetic diet must combination of fruits, vegetables and salad. Remember that to control blood sugar level, diet must be only essential portion sizes and balanced meals.

What is balanced and healthy diet?
Diet include whole grain instead of flour, fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and having less sugar foods. Some fruits are very rich in carbohydrate that may be cause of high sugar level like mango, banana and dates. Here we have to choose fruits having carbohydrate free or low carbohydrate like cherry, peaches and apricot.

What is healthy diet?
Healthy diet and balance diet include whole grain, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, proteins and full carb fruits and having less sugar foods.
Some fruits are very rich in carbohydrate that may be cause of high sugar level like mango, banana and dates. Here we have to choose fruits having carbohydrate free or low carbohydrate like cherry, peaches and apricot.

It is advised to the diabetes patient that they should keep eye on meal its portion size and avoid to fruits canned in syrups or contained in other types of added sugar.

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