Diabetes type 1 Complications And preventing

Diabetes type 1 Complications And preventing
Diabetes type 1 Complications And preventing

Diabetes Mellitus type 1 Complications

Remaining blood sugar level high for long time, develops complications in the body like Kidney Diseases, Eye Diseases, Sex Dysfunction etc. In this article Diabetes Mellitus Complications and its causes are described.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Diabetes type 1 Complications And preventing

Diabetes Complications

Remaining blood sugar level high for long time develops complications. Body gets energy from glucose. We eat meals and foods many times in a day. Some diets and foods are rich in carbohydrate like grain flour bread, rice, in fruits banana and mango and sugar products, some are rich in fats like beef and mutton.

All these are source of sugar in blood. If we eat diet rich in carbohydrate or sweat products much more, then our sugar level in blood become high. A gland pancreas produces insulin that is responsible to control the blood sugar level. Insulin converts the sugar into glucose in the blood and sends the glucose in the cells of body mussels, boons.

By this process insulin consumes the glucose and keeps blood sugar level normal. Due to any reason, the pancreas does not produce insulin in sufficient quantity or produces less insulin than requirement, so by this reason glucose level does not remain normal. Sometimes the blood sugar level becomes low.

In both conditions many side effects can develop in body system. Some of them are as under:-

Blood vessels blocked
Nerve system damaged
Vital power weakness
Immune system distribution
Lake of fluid
Gland hormones distribution
Lake of energy

Diabetes type 1 Complications And preventing

Due to any of above side effects some complication may have to develop like heart diseases, skin problems, sex dysfunction and Kidneys failed.

Complications Linked to Blood Vessels

Most of the complications are linked to blood vessels blockage or narrow. In diabetes remaining blood sugar level uncontrolled, for long time the blood vessels blocked and veins become narrow. Due to blood vessels narrow, blood cannot flow properly in result small vessels become blocked. Due to irregular blood flow heart diseases developed.

Persons with diabetes in young age are 2-4 times in risk in heart diseases than persons without diabetes. Being blood vessels narrow can harm the heart, kidney, eye nerves, and skin. In case of heart diseases develop the chances of heart attack, angina and stroke increase. With diabetes many people may be able to suffer blood pressure problem later on. 2-3 persons with diabetes complaint blood pressure high.

In diabetes, it is very necessary the medication for high blood pressure because high blood pressure in diabetes is very dangerous condition for heart and kidneys. High blood pressure is a problem that can’t go away without treatment and management.

In case of obesity the chances of hypertension many times increase.

Visit the doctor to find a treatment plan for both hypertension and diabetes.
Keep your blood pressure and blood sugar level normal.
In meals eat whole grain bread.
Avoid sweet products and diet who is rich in carbohydrate and fats.
Avoid pure salt and salty products and also avoid diet rich in sodium hydrochloride, always choose the foods with less salt.
Do not smoke or less smoke.
In case of obesity, loose your extra weight. Take necessary steps to prevent to gain weight.
Do regular exercise daily morning and evening.

Kidney Diseases

In diabetes, uncontrolled blood sugar level and being glucose level high for the long time develop the kidney diseases. The kidneys are responsible to filter the blood. By this blood filtration the waste in blood exhausted through urine.

In kidney, a lot of tinny vessels act as a filter. When blood flows through these tiny vessels, filtration process starts, and clean the blood. In diabetes, uncontrolled blood sugar level, damage these tinny vessels. Over body makes protein from food that we eat and after digestion some quantity of protein converted into waste. Due to damaged blood vessels, these vessels are unable to filter the waste from blood.

This extra protein than normal is harmful for human life. The kidneys exhaust by blood filtering this waste through urine. Kidneys exhaust only useless substances while useful substances remain in the blood due to large molecules. In diabetes, remaining blood sugar level high damaged the tinny blood vessels.

Kidneys have to over work to filter the blood. After extra and hard work for many years, these vessels damaged and filter process affected badly, the kidneys unable to exhaust waste. This waste starts store in blood extra than normal range. This condition called kidney failed or micro albuminuria.

It is not necessary that every person with diabetes may suffer from kidney diseases, factor that can influence kidney diseases development include genetics, uncontrolled blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Sex Dysfunction
Diabetes is a condition who is neither curable nor can prevented completely. This disease mostly goes in life to the end of life. With medication and some preventing ways we can control the blood sugar level. Keeping blood sugar level control is its treatment.

Remaining uncontrolled blood sugar develops many complications like heart diseases, skin problems and nerve damage. Sex dysfunction in men and women is one of its complications. In diabetes up to 75% of men 50% can develop sexual dysfunction. Poor controlled blood sugar in diabetes can develop sex dysfunction.

This disability can develop in several ways:

Blocked Vessels and Nerves Damage
Remaining blood glucose high for the long time can put side effects on blood vessels. Due to uncontrolled blood sugar and irregular circulation in the vessels, blocks the vessels or narrow.
Due to remaining blood sugar level high body nerve system damaged. Sex power depends on normal nerve system of genital organs and blood flow in the pelvis area. If blood vessels blocked or be narrow, the blood could not flow properly. So due to damage nerve system in genital organs and blocked vessels man can lose sex power.
Both above reasons can prevent or weaken erection and ejaculation in men and dry up vaginal lubrication in women.

In diabetes, some harmonic changes occur in men and women such as low testosterone level in men and oestrogen level in women. The testosterone hormone is responsible to create sexual desire in men. Sexual desire can go away due to low testosterone level. Men with diabetes are double in risk of low testosterone level than persons without diabetes.

Some other symptoms of diabetes like fatigue and general weakness can prevent sexual desire.
Diabetes can develop some psychological effects on diabetic persons and they feel many things like depression, hopelessness and unpleasant mood those may can stop sexual desire.
The medication for diabetes can develop side effects on sexual power and its function. There is another cause of sexual activity prevention, is Low blood sugar level.

Eye Diseases

We see all around us, every person with diabetes have to experience eye vision problem at any stage. Some of them are vision looser and some other is blind. People with diabetes have a higher risk of loss vision or blindness than people without diabetes.

Every person with diabetes might have to face one of eye diseases, though his blood sugar level remains normal, but in this condition these complications can prevent for some time. In case of uncontrolled sugar level these diseases occur very early. These eye diseases include: retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataract and glaucoma.

Following eye diseases can occur in diabetes:

The condition in which the blood sugar level remains high for a long time the tiny blood vessels are damaged. The fluid flows away from these blood vessels, then gathers and distorting vision. If not treated in early stage person have to loss vision.

White clouding or fogging comes in front of eye lenses. This condition called cataract. Due to fog or cloud the light enters in the eyes retina, in result vision impaired blurred vision and glared vision are the symptoms of cataract.

Macular edema
In diabetes sometimes fluid comes around the retina called macular. Macular is very important for vision. We can read anything, recognize the people by their faces, see the things straight ahead vision and drive the autos. Due to building up fluid, vision power effected. Macular edema is very common cause of vision loss in diabetes. About 50% person with diabetes can develop this disease at any stage.

Glaucoma M
side effect of diabetes is nerve damage. Diabetes damages the nerve of whole body. In diabetes poorly controlling blood sugar develops eye diseases. Glaucoma is a disease that develops in diabetes due to optic nerve damage. The bundle of nerve connects the optic nerve to the brain. In diabetes type 1 doubles the risk of glaucoma.

All forms of diabetic diseases have the potential to cause severe vision loss or blindness

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