Diabetes LADA

Diabetes LADA
Diabetes LADA

Diabetes LADA occur in person who having diabetes type 1 already. It is a sub-type of diabetes speared beyond types 1 and 2. LADA is a abbreviation of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

What is diabetes LADA

LADA is a abbreviation of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood.
This type of diabetes progresses in the Adults very slowly. This type of diabetes occur in person who having diabetes type 1 already. When pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin. This occur most likely from some “insult” that slowly damages the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. LADA is a abbreviation of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood, who is gradually being understood.

Diabetes is a disease that develops in the body when sugar level increases due to less production insulin or insulin not function properly. If pancreas does not produce insulin in the age of childhood, it called type 1 diabetes. In the adult age or at the any stage of age, if the pancreas produce less insulin or insulin does not work properly in the body, it called type 2 diabetes.

In the type 1 diabetes,s continuity in the adult age some complication developed in the body and sub-type of diabetes speared beyond types 1 and 2, Diabetes LADA is one of these complication.

This type of diabetes, according to the causes, symptoms and effects is more close to diabetes type 1 than diabetes type 2.
When a persons with diabetes LADA, consult the doctor for GAD auto antibodies examination, the test result comes positive. GAD auto antibodies, are a type of antibodies, who demolish the beta cells of pancreases. Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase also found in person suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

Insulin and Diabetes LADA

In this type of diabetes, the complete deficiency of insulin appears very slowly. It is observed that, even so, after diagnosis LADA, pancreas does not stop insulin production, but produces in low quantity. After some times pancreas stopped to insulin production gradually. With this end of production, within one year the symptoms of diabetes type 1 or LADA start to appear.

In the diabetes LADA after diagnosis, usually It requires insulin therapy. Sometimes, in the early stage of LADA, While pancreas still producing some quantity of insulin. Due to a little presence of insulin, it may can misdiagnosis Type 2 diabetes or LADA.
The patient can control the blood glucose level by healthy diet plan and essential medication.

But where the antibodies are concern, they are same in diabetes type 1 and diabetes LADA. Whenever, a patient becomes complete dependent on insulin, in this case, to keep the blood glucose level normal, the patient has to take artificial insulin.

Complications in Diabetes LADA

In diabetes LADA, many complications can develop in the patient if the blood glucose level remain un control.

In a situation, where the person becomes insulin dependent, a big complication may can develop in the body that is ketoacidosis. In this complication, the ketones build up in the body. This type of complication associated with LADA. Other many complications who develop in the diabetes mostly, linked with diabetes type 2. Some of them are hyperglycaemia, neuropathy and retinopathy.

In this type of diabetes, immune system attacks the beta cells of pancreas, and destroys them. The process of beta cells destruction, in this type, is slower than diabetes type 1.
Diabetes LADA usually appear at the age of 30 and the age factor is relate to the diabetes type 2. This is the reason why LADA is usually misdiagnosed as diabetes type 2. In beginning, the pancreas create less insulin like diabetes type 2 and patient may be insulin resistant, so their bodies don’t respond their bodies don’t react promptly to insulin’s sign to absorb blood glucose.

Due to lake of insulin in the body, in reaction autoantibodies developed in the body. this is main symptom of LADA diabetes and this autoantibodies tells that the person is suffering diabetes LADA. Common antibody blood tests look for glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA) an antibody to an enzyme in beta cells; insulin autoantibodies (IAA) antibodies that target insulin, and insulinoma related to autoantibodies another antibody to a beta cell enzyme. Look at the test report, if the test report is positive though on one antibody, you are suffering from diabetes autoimmune. Some diabetes specialist suggest more a test for C-Peptide who is related to the protein to check insulin level. If the blood glucose is low in the diabetes type 1 then the blood glucose level will be high in diabetes LADA because the body is yet producing insulin though low level.

Symptoms of Diabetes LADA

The first symptoms of LADA include:

The diabetic LADA person feels tired all the time but specially after meal.
Experiencing hunger soon after meals
Foggy hard-headedness

In a person, as diabetes LADA develops, his insulin production decrease slowly and following some symptoms can develop :-

Frequently urination
Blurred vision
Tingling nerves
A hard to quench thirst

Mostly, after diabetes type 2, when LADA diagnosed, these symptoms may can develop :-

Frequent urination
Unusual thirst
Nausea and vomiting
Blurred vision
Extreme weakness and fatigue
Irritability and mood changes
Weight loss despite an increase in appetite
Skin itchy

loss of feeling in the hands or feet, or tingling
Dry mouth

Diabetes LADA Diagnosis

Approximately 50 percent of total diabetic persons having non-obesity associated diabetes that is in fact, diabetes LADA.
As usually, but more than 50%, non obese person diagnosed as patient of diabetes type 2, whereas, they are actually suffering from diabetes LADA.

In adult non obese persons who are diagnosed with diabetes some antibodies like Glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibody, insulinoma-associated autoantibody, islet cell autoantibody and zinc transporter autoantibody, should be tested. Due to being overweight person can misdiagnosed with diabetes type 2.

There are many observations and evident that in many persons having diabetes the autoimmune diabetes may be highly underdiagnosed.

The blood glucose level is low in person with diabetes LADA but sometimes normal of C-peptide level as the disease be lasted further. In persons having diabetes type 2 in insulin resistance the C-peptide level is high due to extra insulin production.

Diabetes LADA Treatment and Management

For the both diabetes, diabetes LADA and diabetes type 2 the treatment is same. Some steps must take:

An appropriate exercise program-
Weight control
Proper diet
Oral medications, other medications
and/or insulin replacement therapy
Regular monitoring of the haemoglobin A1c levels (HbA1c test)


Insulin therapy may be included in the treatment plan for LADA if you do not fully respond to dietary and exercise changes or other medications.

According to some factors, insulin has four types.

Factors are include :-

insulin effectiveness
tome of effectiveness
total period of effectiveness
effectiveness peak time
insulin classified in four According to above factors.
Effectiveness of insulin depends on person’s conditions, his power, generation, age and diabetes condition. So Due to variation of insulin effectiveness time of effectiveness, total period of effectiveness, effectiveness peak time may can vary.

If the diabetic persons who does not focus on exercise, physical activities and healthy diets then the he has to use of medication or insulin therapy for diabetes LADA.
Types and classifications of insulin depending on action of work mean that how quickly it begins to work, when it will fully effective and how long it remains effective in the body.

Effectiveness of insulin depends on the person condition and behaviour. so most effective time of insulin and its duration not surly but approximately.

Insulin therapy may be included in the treatment plan for LADA if you do not fully respond to dietary and exercise changes or other medications.

Insulin types

1-Rapid acting, Lispro, Aspart, Glulisine insulin
2-Onset: 15 minutes Peak time: 30 to 90 minutesDuration: 3 to 5 hours
3-Short acting, Regular (R) insulin
4-Onset: 30 to 60 minutes Peak time: 2 to 4 hoursDuration: 5 to 8 hours
5-Intermediate acting, NPH (N) or Lente (L) insulin
6-Onset: 1 to 3 hours Peak time: 8 hours Duration: 12 to 16 hours
7-Long acting, Glargine, Detemir insulin
8-Onset: 1 hour Peak time: none Duration: 20 to 26 hours

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