Drug induced Diabetes

Drug induced Diabetes
Drug induced Diabetes

Drug induced Diabetes

Drug induced diabetes, when use of specific medications create bad side effect on person and development of diabetes, that is Drug induced Diabetes. The usage some drugs for the long time or improper may developed many kinds of side effects and develop diseases like diabetes.

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. Diabetic person must control his sugar level in the body, after diagnosis the diabetes and must start treatment as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Drug-induced Diabetes

physicians prescribe many medicines for treatment like antibiotics, beta-blockers and steroids to get cure from diseases. The usage of these drugs for the long time or improper may developed many kinds of side effects.

A number of medicines have side effects which include the raising of blood glucose levels.
A person suffers from Drug induced diabetes, when he take any specific medication, who Which becomesthe cause of diabetes,s development.

Drug that induce diabetes

List of medicines who develop diabetes, due to insulin-production and secretion interfering:-

Pyriminil (Vacor)
L-asparaginase Pentamidine
b-receptor antagonists
L-asparaginase Pentamidine

List of medicines who are cause of diabetes, due to reduction of insulin effectiveness :-

Megasterol acetate
Protease inhibitors
Oral contraceptives
Growth hormone
List of drugs who develop effects on insulin sensitivity and secretion :-
Atypical antipsychotic
Thiazide diuretics

Medication that may increase risk for Hypoglycemia

Medications you take in different health conditions may affect your body’s ability to manage insulin or blood sugar.
When a person takes above medicine to treatment of any serious health problems, these medicines aggravate diabetes. Please consult the doctor before use of these medicines, he will suggest for you better option.


Glucocorticoids such as hydrocortisone, dexamethasone, prednisone, and methylprednisolone may induce diabetes. These drugs are used in a wide variety of disorders and in wide range of doses.
The actual incidence of polygenic disorder iatrogenic by these agents is unknown thanks to these variations and since the foremost powerful influences on the chance for steroid-induced polygenic disorder square measure possible to be the underlying metabolic and non-metabolic disorders of the patient.

Thus, the presence of an asymptomatic underlying genetic risk or metabolic disorder (i.e., glucose intolerance) increase the risk for acute steroid induced diabetes.

When the corticosteroids used as replacement therapy, in result, no changes repoted that these medicines have reduced the risk of the development of diabetes.
An observation noted that 30 mg/day of hydrocortisone given to a patient with hypopituitarism, as replacement corticosteroids, in reaction, no glucose level increased.

In one report, diabetes resolved when megastore was discontinued but recurred upon re challenge.

Megastore acetate
The mechanism has not been studied but is probably a combination of steroid-induced decreased sensitivity to insulin and increased caloric intake. Oral contraceptives are steroid combinations that are known to increase average glucose concentrations in patients with and without diabetes by decreasing insulin sensitivity.

This type of steroids, prednisone has relation with diabetes developing. It happen when this steroid used for long time. In case of, any body have to use this steroid for inflammation treatment purpose, first, must consult the doctor to get advise, about this medicine use.

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