Gestational Diabetes Complications

Gestational Diabetes Complications
Gestational Diabetes Complications

Gestational Diabetes Complications

Gestational diabetes occurs when woman has hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) during pregnancy. The patient must try to avoid Gestational Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a silent killer disease. After diagnosis must be controlled the sugar level in the body and treated as well under the advises of physician and principals of medical science and must not ignore, otherwise it is very harmful for human body and life as well.

Gestational Diabetes and Complications

Gestational diabetes occurs when woman has hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) during pregnancy. This type of diabetes, Gestationaldiabetes usually develops in the third trimester (between 24 and 28 weeks) and typically disappears after the baby is born. In Gestational Diabetes, it is very essential to keep blood sugar level normal by medication, diabetic diet and physical activities.

In case of remaining blood sugar high for long time during pregnancy is very dangerous not only for pregnant but for baby. It can put you and your baby at an increased risk of developing complications.

Following complications may be able to develop:

The complications of gestational diabetes are equal in danger as any of the other types of diabetes, even though it is short duration disease. These complications not only develop for pregnant, but also affect the new born baby.

According this point of view, it is very necessary to check this type of disease and try the best to prevent its complications. Remaining blood sugar levels high for the long time is dangerous and can develop many problems for mother and her baby as well.

In the following lines we will highlight diabetes gestational complications and its effects.

Complications in Gestational Diabetes Linked to Mother

In all types of diabetes the common symptom is frequent urination, The patient suffering from gestational diabetes also suffer from this problem (polyuria (frequent urination).

Because, due to frequent urination (polyuria) a lot of fluid exhausted from the body, so dehydration and fluid deficiency develop in the body. Due to dehydration and fluid deficiency in pregnant. Polyhydramnios can develop and a lot of complications can develop.

There are certain risks, including:

Umbilical cord prolapse
Placental abruption
Premature Birth
Fetal malposition
Pre-term labour
Excess fatal growth
Postpartum haemorrhage

Preeclampsia is another complication may can develop in the gestational diabetes in pregnant. It generally develops during the third trimester and affects about 1 in 20 pregnancies. Remaining blood sugar high for long time puts many effects on body. Sometimes blood vessels blocked or become narrow.

The blood vessels of uterus also become narrow within other blood vessels. Due to blood vessels narrow the blood does not circulate in the uterus regularly and all body as well. The pregnant can suffer from hypertension due to blood vessels become narrow. preeclampsia may can developed due to blood pressure in gestational diabetes.

After diagnosis the preeclampsia, it is very necessary to start treatment to avoid further complications. Eclampsia can develop if the preeclampsia remain untreated, Due to eclampsia development mother can experience convulsions, coma, and can even die.

Some further information’s about preeclampsia are under:

5% of pregnancies can effect by preeclampsia with gestational diabetes.
Treatment must started immediately after preeclampsia diagnosis. In case of treatment not started it can develop into preeclampsia, It is a potentially life-threatening condition. This condition can develop with hypertension with gestational diabetes.

In some cases, a genetic component can cause of preeclampsia.

Complications of preeclampsia Mat Include:

Fetal growth restriction
Main cause of preeclampsia is being blood vessels of uterus narrow, so blood does not circulate properly in the uterus, so adequate blood does not reach in the placenta. By this reason placenta unable to get oxygen and nutrients. This condition lead to slow growth called it fetal growth restriction, low birth weight or pre-term birth.

Placental abruption
Preeclampsia develops many complications, and Placental abruption is one of them. In this condition the placenta get separation from the inner wall of your uterus before delivery. Heavy bleeding is possible in case of severe abruption which can be life-threatening for both mother and your baby.

HELLP syndrome
HELLP syndrome is another complication of preeclampsia. In this condition, sometime red cells in blood may destroy. In this condition the liver enzymes elevated and low platelet formed. This complication is more severe form of preeclampsia. This condition can rapidly become life-threatening for both patient and her baby

Risk of diabetes mellitus in future

The pregnant women had suffered once from diabetes gestational, are in risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes in further life.

Future pregnancies

The pregnant women had suffered once from diabetes gestational, there is great possibility to suffer from diabetes gestational during pregnancies in future.

Some other complications with Gestational Diabetes

Swelling of feet, ankles face and hands caused by fluid retention

Severe headache
Pain just below the rib
Vision problems

Complications in Gestational Diabetes Linked to Baby

Natural ways to prevent the Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a very unique type of diabetes, who occur during pregnancy and often after baby birth this condition goes away. To prevent this type of diabetes no specific method still discovered. However we can adopt some natural way to keep blood sugar level normal.

Dietary plan and Meal schedule
Gestational diabetes is a very unique type of diabetes, who occur during pregnancy and often after baby birth this condition goes away. To prevent this type of diabetes no specific method still discovered. However we can adopt some natural way to keep blood sugar level normal.

Dietary plan and Meal schedule
Then you will search about diabetes causes, you will find that in in all types of diabetes, there is only one common point that is irregular dietary schedule and imbalance diet.

Irregular dietary schedule and imbalance diet sometime develop serious complications on human natural metabolic activity and negatively affects the functionality of insulin reception.

To avoid the complications and keep the body healthy we must adopt the strict meal schedule and dietary plan. According this plan and schedule, the patient must take small meal after 2-3 hours so body becomes to use to regular processing and absorption of nutrient.

Regular Exercise
Keeping blood sugar level normal is very important thing in all types of diabetes. Exercise and physical activities play vital role in this connection. A normal person consumes 2.5 calories in normal and rest condition while 5 calories are consumed by exercise and physical activities in a minute.

To keep the blood sugar level normal some light exercise and physical activities are very necessary in gestational diabetes to avoid obesity and other complications. Through Exercise we not only can low the blood sugar level but also useful for general human health. During pregnancy mostly women gain some extra weight, but this weight can managed through health ways especially light exercise and fibrous diet. 30 minutes walk daily in the morning and evening is sufficient. It is advised that Jogging and hard exercise is not recommended in pregnancy.

High Fiber Diet
Nutrient specialist suggest in the all types of diabetes the diets having less carbohydrate and fats. The diabetic person should avoid diets those are rich in carbohydrate and fats. Nutrient specialist also advised to including fiber rich diets in daily meals. Diets rich in fiber are is necessary in diabetes and treatment and management. By adopting fibrous diet, the blood sugar level can be maintained normal.

Fiber is more beneficial to make insulin reception active and help to balance the insulin level. In the case of where person with gestational diabetes, he should keep the diets rich in fiber part of daily meals. Because fibrous diet is crucial to insulin reception. Rich in fiber, vegetables, flax seeds and legumes are available in the market. Best sources of fiber is whole grain that will improve your chance of avoid gestational diabetes and preventing diabetes complications.

There is great relation between diabetes and vitamins. Vitamins AB and C are antiexidental . In diabetes, the abnormality of glucose metabolism develops exdetive stress. These vitamins help to control exdentive stress.In diabetes, due to lake of insulin, the glucose does not circulate in the body properly. The body parts could not receive sufficient energy . Due to less energy, many deficiencies occur in the body like vitamins and other minerals. To fulfil these deficiencies fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, duly must include in daily diet plan. In diabetes, many complications develop due to insufficient energy like heart diseases, eye vision, weak bones and muscles pain.

Whole Food Carbs
Many things that we eat in our meals contain carbohydrate, but all types of carb in the things are not equal, but Some things are rich in complex carbohydrates like white rice and potato. This type of carbohydrates break down to more value able form of sugar.

Some things do not contain much carb or very less carb like red rice, whole grain, beans, fruits, and oats could help prevent the complication or treat the condition.

The things overly processed in markets, packaged, or restaurant foods are fully predict, which makes controlling your blood sugar levels very different.

Instead of markets foods, fast foods, and market,s full of fats foods, please, choose plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, in the meals. It is advised to avoid bread, especially white bread, and other empty carbohydrates found in junk food,

Sugar free Diet
In the causes of all types of diabetes, there are some common things who are more related to causes of diabetes, being obese and use of extra unhealthy diets, junk foods and sugar products. Due to using extra sugar products the sugar level becomes high and in the obesity more insulin need. In both condition the pancreas has to do some extra work and remains under pressure.

The main way to protect from gestational diabetes is to reduce sugar from your diet entirely and keep sugar free diet in routine. There are some natural sweet alternatives and honey we can take in meals in low quantity to sweetening the taste to avoid the gestational diabetes. Simple fruits are best option instead of fruit juices.

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