Diabetes Type 1 Symptoms Causes Prevention and Treatment

Diabetes Type 1, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment
Diabetes Type 1, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Diabetes Type 1, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Type 1 diabetes most often occurs in children and teenagers, often in children aged 7 to 12 years. But is possible that this type of diabetes can occur at any age from birth to old age. It is observed that some child is diabetic from birth time. In the early age of children about 7 years of age, sometime earlier or later, the body immune system attacks on the beta cells of pancreas. There are many factors to develop diabetes type- 1, but genetics and virus attack are common in the diabetes type 1 and type 2.Heredity, any complication during pregnancy, or any specific virus attack on child’s body in childhood may contribute diabetes type 1. Diabetes Type 1, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment is being described in this article.

We will study about diabetes type 1 in this article. Every person needs some glucose in their blood to get energy, but if it’s too high or low it can damage the body over time.
What is diabetes? Diabetes is a physical condition, in which body unable to creates insulin or creates less insulin, Due to this reason, the body can not control the blood sugar level in normal range.
In the body pancreas produce insulin to consume blood sugar in the body. Pancreas produces insulin according the requirement.

This is a normal condition, but due to known or unknown factors the pancreas could not produce insulin or produces very little. Unfortunately, sometime the body system attacks on beta cells isolated in the pancreas. The result is that pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin or produce insufficient than requirement. This condition called diabetes.

Diabetes Type 1 in Children

Type 1 diabetes most often occurs in children and teenagers, often in children aged 7 to 12 years. But is possible that this type of diabetes can occur at any age from birth to old age.

It is observed that some child is diabetic from birth time. In the early age of children about 7 years of age, sometime earlier or later, the body immune system attacks on the beta cells of pancreas.

What are the reasons?
Till not known. This attack called “Autoimmune” disease. Due to this attack the pancreas effected very badly and does not produce insulin sufficiently. This condition called type 1 diabetes. The insulin circulates in the blood sugar in the body, insulin open the cells to allow the glucose to enter and allow you to use the glucose for energy.

By consuming the insulin gets energy. If insulin do not start to use the blood sugar level. The blood sugar level remain high for the long time and this condition will develop a lot of complications and body cells may starve from lake of sugar.

What are the causes of type 1 diabetes?

There are many factors to develop diabetes type- 1, but genetics and virus attack are common in the diabetes type 1 and type 2.Heredity, any complication during pregnancy, or any specific virus attack on child’s body in childhood may contribute diabetes type 1.

Although symptoms of diabetes type 1 usually appear in very childhood or adolescence, but sometime can appear in adult.

Diabetes Type 1 -Symptoms

Type 1 diabetes symptoms appear very suddenly. As the symptoms appeared, prevention management and treatment must be start immediately. In case of ignorance this will be very harmful for the patient.
The Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1, are subtle in beginning time but with the passage of time these become severe.

Symptoms are include:

Dry mouth
Frequent urination
Heavy thirst weight loss ( without any reason )
Increased hunger (especially after eating)
Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
Blurred vision Heavy,
Nausea and vomiting in your belly
Person suffering from infections of the skin, urinary tract, or vagina

Symptoms of diabetes type 1 include:
Fruity smell to your breath
Loss of consciousness (rare)
Pain in your belly
Rapid breathing
Shaking and confusion

Because diabetes type 1 can develop quickly within children and young adults, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes should be followed by same day referral to a multidisciplinary pediatric diabetes care team.

A lot of diseases come to children in heredity and diabetes is one of them. After long research it discovered that parents of 50% diabetic person were diabetic persons. In the parents in some cases the fathers were suffering from diabetes, in some cases the mothers were diabetics and some cases both father and mother were suffering diabetes.

In the parent if the mother is suffering from diabetes, then there are only possibilities of diabetes. On the contrary if the mother is normal and father is suffering from diabetes then 50% of children may be able to suffer from diabetes. In the case where both father and mother are diabetic then all children or most of the children may suffer from diabetes.Second thing is lifestyle and life behavior.

If the persons avoid to take much sugar, do exercise regularly and prevent them sever from obesity, then the chances of suffering diabetes are none or very few. Otherwise there is great risk of diabetes for them.


What is lifestyle?
Human’s living, habits, foods, sleeping and waking times, physical activities, and income sources etc., called lifestyle. Lifestyle plays key role in person’s life. There is deep relation between lifestyle and health. As the diabetes is concern the lifestyle puts the effects on human health and due to luxurious lifestyle chances of suffering from diabetes increase.

It is observed that villagers suffer from diabetes less than persons living in big cities. Because villagers live in village and towns, spend mostly their lives with a lot of work and physical activities. They consume all the calories by doing works, so they are protected from obesity and diabetes as well. On the other side there are more chances to suffer from diabetes for rich and feudal persons because their lifestyle is different from poor and farmers.

Luxury Lifestyle

The rich and feudal persons live luxury life, where there is no much physical activities and their feed is full of fats and proteins. Due to their luxury life there is no consumption of extra calories and fats that they get in foods.

The rich People living in big cities suffer from diabetes more than persons live in villages or small cities. These people spend all the day in offices and shops. Businessmen and rich people keep move by personal transport and nothing to exercise. They take meals in restaurants very healthy full of fats and proteins having more chances to suffer from diabetes.

So luxury lifestyle without little physical activities is more risk for diabetes.


All the people beware that 70% diabetic persons are overweight. There is great relation between obesity and diabetes. Peoples be aware about their age, height and weight.

Table Weight and Height For Men
Height Weight

Feet Inches pounds

5- 4 130 to 140 ponds
5- 5 133 to 133 ponds
5- 6 136 to 146 ponds
5- 7 140 to 150 ponds
5- 8 144 to 155 ponds
5- 9 148 to 160 ponds
5- 10 152 to 163 ponds
5- 11 150 to 167 ponds

                  Table Weight And Height For Women

Height Weight Feet Inches pounds

5- 4 112 to 120 ponds
5- 5 113 to 121 ponds
5- 6 116 to 124 ponds
5- 5 120 to 128 ponds
5- 6 123 to 131 ponds
5- 7 126 to 137 ponds
5- 8 130 to 140 ponds
5- 9 z148 ponds

There is great relation between obesity and foods and physical activities like exercise and jogging.

Imbalanced Diet

Another main cause of diabetes is imbalance diet. Eating too much in the meals, fatty foods like fast food and bakery products with soda drinks is harmful for human health. Some people are very fond of all these things.

The persons eat foods unlimited full of fats and proteins and do not consume calories, they can suffer from diabetes. You will be wonder to know that 20% diabetic persons can control their sugar level only by balance diet. According the height and weight, a diabetic person must take 1200 to 1600 calories in a day.

The food, we eat daily normally contain carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins. We have to need 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins.

If we consume all the calories, those we get from the diet in a day through physical activities, our weight will not increase. Otherwise these calories will convert in fat and our weight will increase, and in result obesity.

We have to prevent ourselves from obesity to avoid diabetes. Obesity is a main cause of diabetes. We have to remember that sweet products and too much fats increase sugar level in the body. The fruits are best substitute of sweets.


Stress can cause Diabetes

Stress, fever, tension, mental disorders are all human enemies. These elements develop bad effects on human’s mental, psychological and physical health. Man becomes physically and mentally weak and may be able to suffer from diseases like depression, tension, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

The religion advises to avoid from fear and shocks. These all mental problems develop risk of diabetes. Suffering long time in mental problems or attack of sudden shock is also main and basic cause of diabetes. According to the diabetes physicians many people come to clinic complaining some physical disorder, but after some blood tests they found suffering from diabetes.

The stress and mental disorder, remaining long time in stress or tension push the people toward diabetes. This condition called stress diabetes. In stress blood vessels may be able to be shrink, so blood cannot circulate properly in vessels and body organs effected badly.

Sometime, some glands hormones put side effects on other hormones. Pancreas hormone specially also effected by other hormone. In this condition the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin. Insufficient insulin does not control sugar level. In result man may can suffer diabetes.

luxurious lifestyle (Less walk & Exercise

Luxurious lifestyle mean, living with exercise and physical activities. Some people are very fond of healthy foods like fast foods and sweet products. Usually they overeat meals with soft drinks, a lot of calories, but after overeat they do not perform enough exercise to consume these calories that they had taken from healthy foods.

Due to this practice for long time and no calories consumption, they become overweight. Obesity is one of the main diabetes causes and obesity develops due to less exercise and less physical activities. If we do not extra calories, then these calories will convert into fats. These fats will create hurdles in blood sugar circulation in the body. Due to this improper blood sugar circulation, the blood glucose level in the blood increase high. Being the blood sugar level high in the body for long time than normal, it is great risk of diabetes.

A normal person consumes 1.2 calorie in a minute in relax condition while 5 calories consumes in active (keep moving) condition. Because a man needs extra energy for movement, so he consumes extra calories to get energy. Consumption extra calories is best watt to avoid obesity.

Exercise and body movement keeps the blood circulation better, and body parts consume the insulin well. Heart and blood vessels become clear and strong. The body muscles consume extra glucose through exercise, so insulin demand consume blood sugar in the body and sugar level maintain normal.

Insulin production less than normal

Deficiency of insulin in the body is real and main cause of diabetes. Pancreas does not produce any quantity of insulin, or produces less than required. In a condition pancreas produces insulin but due to some inner reasons insulin could not consumed properly and blood sugar level remain high, this all conditions called diabetes.

Why pancreases produce insulin improper?

Chronic infection, any special virus attack, any mental or physical accident or unknown reason are causes to disturb pancreas function and prevent to produce proper insulin.

Diagnosis Diabetes and Types

If you see any sign of diabetes appeared on your body or appeared in the behavior mood you should consult immediately to diabetes specialist. The doctor may use blood to diagnose diabetes; if result is positive then he will consider which type you are suffering. In the case of unclear diabetes type, then the doctor may to carry out one or more tests of the following: –

Ketone test

GAD auto antibodies test

C-peptide test

Because Diabetes type 1 can develop quickly within children and young adults, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes should be followed by same day referral to a multidisciplinary paediatric diabetes care team.

Diabetes type 1- complications And preventing

Anybody, when he diagnosed that he is suffering from diabetes he asked the doctor that can he get rid completely from this disease? It is clear that when diabetes diagnosed, still there is no way to get rid completely from this disease.

Although the medical science is trying to get success to get rid from diabetes through pancreas surgery or any other way, but still this disease is incurable. But under diabetes specialists by keeping blood sugar normal we can prevent or delay the development of complications.

In this connection we have to observe body and health condition properly, and we have to keep medical check up to watch changing developing in the body. If any complication discover we should start treatment very early before develop any damage or slowing the complication and reversing.

Complications diabetes type 1 and Preventing

The person having Diabetes type 1, can suffer many health complications like kidney failure, blindness, heart diseases and skin problems etc. On the other side by controlling the blood sugar level we can prevent ourselves from complications or can delay the occurrence these complications.

Making healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, and taking your diabetes medications as prescribed can help you manage your blood sugar.If you have diabetes type 1, you can’t get rid diabetes completely but with care and good changes you can live normal life with diabetes.

Don’t be much worry adopt diabetes plan, a healthy diet plan, made duel daily exercise regular (morning and evening) your habit. Because in diabetes type 1, pancreas does not produces insulin, so you should give yourself insulin timely, either by injection or by insulin pump.

If little child is suffering from type 1 diabetes the parents or any responsible person must give him insulin. Everyone who have diabetes, must know, how much insulin he need and when he need.

Here are some ways to help prevent or delay complications from uncontrolled type 1 diabetes.

Preventing Cognitive Issues

Because in diabetes type 1 the pancreas does not produce insulin. Due to insulin deficiency in type 1 the brain vessels become blocked or narrow, so blood does not circulate properly. Due to this problem many changes can lead in brain function, leading to cognitive issue such as confusion and memory loss.

Memory loss problem particularly can be caused by high blood sugar and low blood sugar. So keeping blood sugar level normal is very important. To avoid mental problems, the patient must follow these instructions.

1- Always follow diabetes physician advices.

2- Take insulin properly according the need as doctor prescription.

3- Dually do exercise daily 20-30 minutes morning and evening.

4- Adopt diabetes diet plan.

5- Healthy lifestyle.

6- Avoid stress.

7- Avoid overeating to avoid obesity

Preventing Skin Disorder

Skin problem due to diabetes
Due to lake of insulin the blood sugar level is high. In this condition skin can be affected badly. In the type 1 diabetes more complication can develop on skin including bacterial, fungal and yeast infection and patient has trouble of fighting off infection.

To avoid these skin complications patient must follow these points:

1- Follow the physician advises

2- Try your best to keep blood sugar level normal.

3- Take insulin regularly.

4- Keep your skin clear and moisturized. Patient can use any moisturize cream or lotion.

5- In the case of any cut or wound, scrapes, and burn keep the skin covered.

6- Don’t ignore treatment for any skin problem.

7- If any skin problem do not heal properly, quickly consult the doctor.

Preventing Eye Problems

Blurred Vision
In diabetes, suffering for log duration, the small vessels blocked and the blood does not circulate in the eye vessels properly, in this condition eye complications may be able to develop.Anybody living with diabetes type 1 much complications can develop like skin diseases, mental cognitive and eye diseases.

It is observed that eye diseases develop in all type of diabetes. Main complication that develops in type 1 is retinopathy. Anybody suffering from diabetes can experience some degree of retinopathy. It is discovered that about 30% of diabetic persons can experience blindness

To prevent to develop eye complications some advice are under: –

1- To lowering risk of blindness keep blood sugar level normal

.2- Blood pressure also play key role in preventing from eye problems in diabetes, if blood pressure kept normal. Person in diabetes type 1 must keep his blood pressure normal.

3- Diabetic persons must consult the eye specialist once in a month if he feels any problem in his vision.

4- Keep the eyes clean by rose water daily

5- Vitamin A, deficiency is one of the eye diseases causes, so keep fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A, in diet plan.

Preventing Teeth and Gum

Diabetes puts side effects on teeth and gums as well. The diabetic persons over 45 years of age with smoking habit are more in risk of teeth problems than young adult diabetic because young persons have much fighting ability against any infection.

The persons don’t care their teeth with having diabetes type 1 may have more times risk of teeth and gum complications as well. It observed that the persons do not keep their blood sugar lever normal their teeth may destroy in early in diabetes duration.

To keep the teeth strong and avoid dental disease by keeping follow points in practice: –

1- The patient must control his blood sugar level and keep under control.

2- Brush the teeth daily twice, morning and before go to on bed.

3- Don’t smoke and don’t keep harmful things in mouth like pan and Pan spari (Indian herbs)

4- Visit dentist once in a month to check up teeth

5- Use mouth wash

6- Keep fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins D in your diet Plan.

Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke

Diabetes puts side effects on all parts of body. Because in type 1 diabetes, pancreas does not produce insulin, so diabetic may be able to suffer more complication than other types. If blood sugar level remains uncontrolled, due to this reason diabetic person is in rear risk of heart diseases, beside this if patient is overweight, or smoker or alcoholic, then he is many times in risk of heart diseases.

According to the latest research, majority of diabetic persons go to death with heart attack. In heart diseases mostly cardiovascular diseases develop. Due to blood sugar level remaining high the blood vessels walls become damaged. Especially the person is found of meals full of fats and proteins. With diabetes type 1 extra cholesterol in blood may not only block the blood vessels but also damages the heart blood vessels. The heart patient becomes weaker and heart attack chances increase.

To avoid heart diseases and heart attack some advices are under: –

1- Keep your blood pressure level under control.

2- Reduce the extra weight in case of the patient is overweight.

3- Avoid fast food and cold drinks.4- Adopt meals with fewer fats.

5- Avoid overeating

6- Avoid smoking and alcoholic

7- Keep white meat, vegetables and fish in the diet plan.

8- Keep the blood pressure under control

Kidney Disease

kidney diseases are very common in diabetes complications.
Most of the people who are suffering diabetes type 1 and they do not keep their blood sugar level normal are being developing kidney diseases.
In diabetes, due to lake of insulin the blood vessels blocked or become narrow with the time being. There is big relation between diabetes and blood pressure.

Because in diabetes, due to narrow, the blood cannot circulate in the body parts properly, so body parts cannot make their function properly. Due to that reason many complications can develop in main body organs. The kidney is very sensitive and important body organ. In diabetes type 1 due to lake of insulin and being blood sugar high for long time kidney can effect very badly. Diabetes type 1 with high blood pressure is more risk of kidney diseases. If blood pressure remains uncontrolled, the kidneys have to filter the blood more than normal.

The kidneys remain under pressure all the time. And with diabetes type 1 the kidneys mat damaged and may be able to fail.In diabetes type 1, due to remain blood sugar level high and problems in blood filtering in kidneys, the albumin can exert in the urine. With the albumin exertion some symptoms of kidney diseases appear like swelling on the ankles and under eye or weight gain.

Prevention Kidney Disease

To prevent the kidney diseases these steps must to take:-

1- Keep the blood sugar level under control

2- In the case of hypertension keep the blood pressure normal.

3- Avoid the alcohol as possible

4- Don’t smoke

5- Drink a lot of quantity of water.6- In case of kidney diseases diagnose, continue treatment for kidney.

7- Keep hygiene principals in your life.

8- Keep low portion diet in your diet plan.

9- Reduce extra weight if you are overweight figure.

10- Continue physical activities in your life.11- Get enough sleep, aim 7- 8 hrs daily.

Preventing Nerve Damage

People suffering from diabetes type 1 may can develop some nerve damage. Peripheral neuropathy can cause tingling, numbness, and pain in your hands, arms, legs, and feet.
Autonomic neuropathy affects nerves that control bodily functions, such as breathing, circulation, and digestion.
Persons suffering from diabetes type 1 with not controlling their blood sugar level are in greater risk for damage to their nervous system. Only one best way to prevent the nervous system from damage is keeping the blood sugar level normal.

Sexual Dysfunction

In diabetes type 1, due to insulin deficiency, the blood does not circulate in blood vessels properly, so the blood vessels blocked or become narrow. By the cause of this reason the blood supply may not reach to genital organs properly in men and women as well.

The diabetes also damages genital organs nerves.In diabetes type 1, due to nerve damage and blood vessels blocking, side effects develop on men and women genital organs, so many sexual diseases develop on both men and women. These complications can prevent erection and ejaculation in men and in women virginal dryness may can develop, cause painful intercourse between men and women.

Testosterone a hormone is responsible to produce sexual desire in men. In diabetes type 1 due to low or high blood sugar level, the testosterone level effected and become low and prevent sexual desire. Men cannot perform intercourse, if blood sugar level is low during intercourse. Keep notice that intercourse also lowering blood sugar level. Man and women in diabetes are twice in risk of sexual problem than normal men.

Preventing Sexual Dysfunction

To prevent sexual problems in diabetes type 1 these steps must take: –

1- In diabetes in normal life keep the blood sugar level under control and especially before intercourse check the sugar level, in case of low blood sugar then take step to keep blood sugar level normal

2- Take any supplement to keep energy level normal.

3- Keep your blood pressure normal range

4- Men must have their testosterone level normal by ant medicine.

5- Women also have to check their estrogen level and keep it normal

6- Men and wpmen in case of obesity, they must lose their extra weight.

7- Physical activities and exercise must keep in life mediatory

8- Don’t smoke

9- In diabetes type 1 check the cholesterol level and keep healthy level

10- Eat a nutrition diet to keep you to maintain healthy weight

11- Under your doctor,s advices keep the medication continue

Preventing Foot Problems

Peoples suffering from diabetes type 1 mostly facing feet problems. It is observed that in many peoples amputations of lower limbs occur with diabetes.

All over the world, many peoples are being seen in feet problems, specially foot thumb. Some people complaint about their feet or one foot is insensitive. Some people also complaint that in the case of wounds or any feet skin problems, cure process is very slow. After inquiry, getting details and diagnose, it discovered that all these persons are suffering from diabetes.Anybody has diabetes type 1, for him, foot care is very important and essential.

In case of keeping uncontrolled blood sugar level and due to not proper foot care many diseases developed with feet like loss of feelings in the feet and any infection may can develop into cancer.

Prevention foot problems

To prevent foot problems, follow these suggestions

1- Keep the blood sugar level in normal range

2- Clean the feet daily by worm water and milled soap but don’t use any lotion between toe fingers. You can use any moisturizer

3- Prevent the feet from any wound.

4- Wear ankle shoes to protect feet from any wound

5- Never walk barefoot

6- It is very necessary to check up feet daily for wounds, blisters, calluses and swelling to catch up early problems early on

7- Check your feet back side ankle, use mirror to see or ask any brother or friend for help

8- In case of any feet problem consult physician as early is possible

Remember Please

The persons having any health problems with diabetes like hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. They must treat their diseases under medical specialist. Beside treatment they should avoid smoking, alcohol, by this care they can reduce the risk of complications

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