Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2

Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2
Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2

Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2

New research!

Regarding diabetes, let’s say that until recently, according to medical science, diabetes is caused because the human pancreas stops working and the hormone, which makes glucose from carbohydrates in the body, is absent from insulin. Due to its presence, glucose or sugar enters the bloodstream instead of being stored in the body and causes many complications. Insulin is either produced less than needed or not produced at all. It keeps our blood glucose levels at a normal level. However, our wise men and especially the medical experts always said that the pancreas does not stop working but there are some other causes of diabetes. As the Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2 is concern, the pancreas in diabetes does not really stop working.

However, according to the latest medical research, and Pancreas Function In Diabetes Type 2, the human pancreas in diabetes does not really stop working but constantly releases insulin, but a special type of fat molecule like cholesterol ceramide is trapped in the pancreatic ducts and the way to insulin. Closes which leads to type 2 diabetes in which the patient has to inject insulin daily. Evidence from numerous studies suggests that ceramide may play a role in diabetes through at least three different mechanisms: inhibiting pancreatic β-cell apoptosis, increasing insulin resistance, and expressing insulin genes.

If this ceramide is eliminated with the help of medicines, then diabetes can be eliminated and a person can lead a normal life again. Nowadays, experiments on mice are being carried out in laboratories and diabetics will soon hear the good news. Doctors have almost succeeded in making this fat-removing medicine called ceramide from the body and very soon this disease will become a thing of the past. There are also herbs that eliminate ceramide.
Doctors also recommend certain foods to eliminate ceramide.

In addition, doctors have always recommended long walks for diabetics. So just don’t let any unhealthy fat accumulate in your body. Of all the foods we consume, this refined oil is the most harmful and the cause of complex and dangerous diseases in the body. Refined flour, refined sugar, refined oil and refined salt. Get these four things out of your life. Because if you are healthy then all these things are digested and stored in the body in the form of glucose and since glucose which is stored in our liver exceeds a certain amount then it is in the form of fat or fat in the body.

The gathering begins. This fat is what makes fatty liver. Bad cholesterol builds up in the blood, which causes all the arteries in the body to become narrow. Blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are caused. Hakeem SM Iqbal says that there are two causes of all the diseases of the body, that is, either some of the body’s ducts or ducts become too wide or the body’s ducts shrink smaller than normal or some of the ducts become blocked. ۔ We now see that heart disease is caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries. Diabetes is now known to be caused by a blockage in the pancreas. etc.

Wise men treat diabetes because they always carry the theory that the pancreas never stops working.
Now if there is a normal person who eats moderate amount of sweets then he has no risk of diabetes. But if he eats a lot of sweet food and refined flour, then the amount of glucose in his body will inevitably increase. Then this glucose will become fat and then this fat will cause various diseases. Leaf stones are actually cholesterol or frozen fat. Liver cells turn out ceramides, fatty lipid molecules which will cause hypoglycaemic agent resistance.

Eat raw vegetable salad with olive oil dressing, eat all kinds of fruits, especially guava, berry, berry, locust, canoe, grapefruit and pomegranate, avocado, mulberry fig etc. Eat raw broccoli, cabbage, linseed, apple cider vinegar, as well as unleavened bread. Be sure to include millet and barley in your diet. This millet and millet suck cholesterol from the blood like a sponge sucks water. Multi-green flour today contains all of these grains. Black gram flour is also very good. You can make flour by mixing five parts wheat and one part remaining grains. Five kilos of wheat. One kg of millet, one kg of millet, one kg of barley, one kg of black gram and one kg of maize. Mix them all together to make flour. Eat his bread. Use a pink salt shaker. Oil Use only mustard or sesame or olive or corn. If you use sweet sugar or honey in sweets, it is a guarantee of a healthy body.

Eat rice too, but rice that has been boiled and drained. Remember that the most dangerous thing is fried carbohydrates. Such as flour or white flour prathas. Fully, it will go into the whole body and become glucose and fat. Likewise french fries, samosas etc. Eliminate fried or fried carbohydrates from your life. Similarly, palao biryani which is rich in fat along with rice. If you can afford it, use an air fryer in which you can fry without ghee oil. Make it a point to walk for at least 40 to 50 minutes after dinner.

Make it a habit to drink two tablespoons of pure olive oil. It removes bad cholesterol from our body.
The good news for diabetics, however, is that there will soon be a cure for ceramide.

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