Diet and complex diseases

Diet and complex diseases
Diet and complex diseases

In modern age, the artificial foods have given rise to very complex diseases as such diabetes and heart diseases. Our physical and mental health mostly depend on our daily routine diet. You have to know that imbalance and unhealthy diets develop too many health and mental complication in our body, this is the reason, we are submitting article about Diet and complex diseases.

We seem to be as prosperous as we are in this scientific age. We are so worried inside. Despite the abundance of big bungalows, cars, ships and all kinds of inventions, we are not able to sleep sweetly. Every servant is suffering from some or the other complex disease. New inventions have distanced us from nature. We left the things of nature and came to artificial food and we have named it development. These artificial foods have given rise to very complex diseases. Artificial food refers to any food that is made against the principles of nature, for example, high-bread vegetables, grains and meat. Actually these are poisons and chemicals. What we eat goes inside the body and forms our body.

Food is the material of our body, for example, the kind of wood we gave to the carpenter, he will make a chair or something else, this was the food in simple words. Introduction . People of previous centuries used jaggery. This molasses was complete with its own chemistry, that is, it also contained alcohol and acid to alter the sweetness. There were also salts and sugarcane had its own deposits. And all these things used to dissolve their sweetness from their components and thus, with the help of these components, the sweetness changed and became food.

Diet and complex diseases

Refined Sugar and our health

Then sugar was invented which laid the foundation of complex diseases. Sugar mills put the most valuable ingredients in front of their interest and our stupid sophistication and throw away the most valuable ingredients in the form of garbage and only add them to our food in the form of sugar crystals in the form of sweet sugar, thus this white sweet poison dissolves in the blood. It rides on the shoulder of the pancreas. Being empty of its nuclear material or weakened, the pancreas is unable to change and analyze the sweet poison included in the blood, and sugar spreads its corruption in the body by being included in the blood.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, risk of injury and kidney diseases are born from it. Natural foods are very useful for the nutrition provided by nature, like animal fats like ghee, butter fat and vegetable oils like mustard, tarameera or sesame oil etc. It happens and not only with the help of bile in the body, it restores the system of digestion and dissolution of food, but because of bile, the body also keeps the organs soft and keeps the body warm. Now coming to the other side, when the ghee making mills pass the caustic process to purify it, the sulfur of this oil is burnt and destroyed by this process, and when these slimy substances without bile enter the body. If they are, they become food poison instead. Those factors of the liver that are fulfilled with the help of bile. In this way, they cannot be filled with oil or grease without sulphur.

Other than that, the grease begins to freeze due to the lack of heat, and it freezes in the form of clots (clots) and restricts the blood flow system. When it gets trapped in the arteries, heart diseases are born. It is a synthetic toxic oil that causes tumors and all types of cancer to form. Similarly, you take wheat, the same way that the machine prepares flour. Everyone knows that the effective ingredients are extracted. And we are given waste flour which is devoid of nutrition, similarly to other foods, artificial meat i.e. broiler, which was only a thirty-day-old chick, which is made one year old by playing with chemicals. In this way, the preparation of our crops became a high parade.

All the food that was gifted by nature to man to live freely and peacefully has been changed and man has been made dependent on a few companies. And lied in the name of research to get away from natural foods, canned milk is fine, mother’s milk is not fine. Disguised cow’s milk contains germs, this company’s milk-like poison is fine and they say we work for the welfare of humanity – millions of children are killed in their mothers’ wombs and we are controlling population with the grace of science. Today, so much pollution has been created that it is difficult for the body to maintain health. My prayer is that Allah Almighty gives us the reality of things and guides us towards the system of power. We build a big house but we don’t plant vegetables every five feet so we can raise chickens on our roof.. and get rid of broiler.

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