Can Covid-19 is possible a cause of Diabetes

Can Covid-19 is possible a cause of Diabetes
Can Covid-19 is possible a cause of Diabetes

It is observed and also discovered after many studies that many persons suffered from diabetes after affected cell in pancreas that make insulin. From this studies questions raise that “Can Covid-19 is possible a cause of Diabetes

Here is result of two studies, that explain that what is the reason of persons suffer from diabetes after catching the covid-19.

A nurse conducting a diabetes test.
A nurse conducting a diabetes test. Doctors are concerned about the number of patients who develop diabetes after catching coronavirus.
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In new search it is discovered that Covid may can develop many complications in the body. It may can effect the pancreas, so the person who has effected by covid can suffer from diabetes.
Research shows that the Covid-19 can only not infect the pancreas cells who produce the insulin but also can change the ir function.
Here is the question that why people suffer from diabetes after catching the virus, although the people are healthy.
The scientist are deeply searching that whu the number of people suffering from the diabetes is increasing either while infected with coronavirus or they have recovered from Covid short period ago.
To search the answer this question many theories have been bring under consideration and try to know what are fact of increasing diabetes suffered people after Covid afected.
Here is one theory that Covid virus infects pancreatic cells via the same ACE2 receptor. The base of this theory was that ACE2 receptor was found on the surface of lung cells. The Covid virus can interferes in insulin production and can reduce insulin production amount who is a cause of diabetes. Because less insulin production is one of diabetes main causes.

The second theory is that during covid treatment, many antibiotics are given to the patient, and these antibiotic can cause less insulin production.

Third theory is that due to exuberant antibody may can response to the virus and it can damage pancreatic cells due to any reason.
Fourth theory is that civid can develop any inflammation in the body who develop bad effects on body tissues and infected body tissues may be making tissues less responsive to insulin.

To investigate and get real cause, the scientists screened various cells and organoids in the labortries. This exrerience was done on lab-grown clusters of cells that mimic the function of organs. The purpose of this experience was to to identify which could be infected by Covid. After experience and result it was suggested that main organs of body such as lung, heart, colon, liver, and pancreatic organoids could all be infected, and due to the pancreatic organoid infection, the insulin production effected and become cause diabetes suffering.
After many experiences, it is revealed that during covid infection, insulin-producing beta cells of pancreas both susceptible. It is fact that once beta cells of pancreas infected, then the pancrease is unable to produce insulin sufficient to control the blood glucose level. Furthermore, the hormones usually manufactured by different pancreatic cells.

Dr, Chen, presented the result about Diabetes in a annual meeting of the European Association, in this presentation, he told that “They are basically changing their cellular fate, so instead of being hardcore beta cells which secrete a lot of insulin, they start to mix different hormones. It could provide further insight into the pathological mechanisms of Covid-19.”

Another development developed in some individual, the medical scientist observed that symptoms of diabetes miilitus appeared in some persons, but with the diabetes the body’s tissues becoming less responsive to insulin. In other words the diabetes was associated with skin disease, specially the Covid infected the pancreas and skin tissues as well.

According to the observation of Mr Chen,
“Here, there that the symptoms of inherited disease global organization agency were appeared due to Covid infection, will keep for the terribly while or will disappear once short time, but is ascertained that the patient United Nations agency were within the medical care unit (ICU) and simply recovered from Covid-19, were terribly unstable blood sugar levels”.
According to the Prof Francesco Dotta at the University of Siena in Italy and colleagues, search during Covid infection, the virus attacked the pancreatic beta cells surface and also attacked on pancreatic beta cells who express particularly high levels of this protein.
Another development revealed that due to inflammation condition, the ACE2 level increased essentially, because diabetic persons already have inflamation with body and pancreas as well and it is a very important condition development.

We can understand by this development that in case of Covid infection, the insulin-producing beta cells are in more risk of destroyence when the person attacked by any inflammation.
This theory could imply that persons who are sofar diabetic or on pre-diabetes stage. These persons are at great risk of suffering any type of diabetes, in case of, they infected by Covid.
Remember that it is not essential theory that diabetic persons are more susceptible to Covid-19 infection. But if they infected by Covid then there are too much risk of developing too many severe complications such as diabetes and metabolic derangement.
Furthermore, it is also possible that Covid infectin may can develop any new type of diabetes in infected persons. It is also possible that Covid infection develop trigger a stress who can possible cause of developing Diabetes type 2 or diabetes type 1.

After above search and a lot of theories and observations, it is clear that Covid attack is a severe cause of diabetes. Where it is a theory, there it also provides reason to believe this is a possibility.

It is aproved by clinically experiences that we’re are observing that in some cases, persons who already suffering from type 1 diabetes, the symptoms of diabetes type 2 are appearing in that persons, due to start express severe insulin resistance.
unfortunately, graet numbers of diabetic persons have been disproportionality affected by Covid-19 and too many numbers of diabetics have tragically died as a result, due to Covid infection.
All the medical scientist, agree that it is approved that Covid infected persons are in great risk of either diabetes type 2 or diabetes type 1. Furthermore, it is possible that Covid can develop any new type of diabetes. Unfortunately we are unable to understand the biological link between Covid and Diabetes.

“This analysis deepens our understanding of however polygenic disorder and Covid nineteen could act biologically. this can facilitate within the development of recent, effective ways in which to treat individuals in danger of – or living with – polygenic disorder WHO have Covid-19. Taking the Covid-19 vaccination, together with a booster once offered, remains the simplest sort of protection from the virus.”

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